SEC Power Poll, final edition

This poll is final in more than one sense, of course.  It’s the one capping the season, but it’s also the last one with twelve teams on the list.

  1. Alabama.  Would the fair thing to do be to list ‘Bama and LSU as tied for first?  Maybe.  But after that total evisceration we saw Monday night, I can’t bring myself to do that.
  2. LSU.  Now we know what Saban meant when he said the Tigers were “probably” the best team in the country.
  3. Arkansas.  It is a measure of how good the top two teams in the conference were this season that the Hogs could get smacked around by both and still finish as high in the polls as they did.
  4. South Carolina.  I know this sounds petty, but why is it that Mark Richt’s coaching effort this season is being brushed off as the result of a weak SEC East, while Spurrier is being hailed as a genius for his?
  5. Georgia.  If second halves didn’t count, Georgia would be ranked much, much higher.  The Dawgs learned how to compete again this season.  Next, they have to learn how to finish.
  6. Auburn.  It’s good to see Chizik continue one of Auburn’s great traditions, serially changing coordinators.  The Tigers wound up with their expected eight-win season, but traveled an awfully bumpy road to get there.
  7. Florida.  I guess it was all Meyer’s and Weis’ fault.
  8. Vanderbilt.  It’s not Bobby Johnson’s team anymore, that’s for sure.
  9. Mississippi State.  MSU played Alabama and LSU closer than Arkansas did.  That and five bucks will get you that mocha latte from Starbucks you’ve been craving.
  10. Kentucky.  Other than bringing an end to the losing streak against Tennessee, it was an eminently forgettable season.
  11. Tennessee.  It’s never a good sign when your offseason is more interesting than your regular season was.
  12. Ole Miss.  How bad a year was it?  So bad that Jimmy Sexton hasn’t been able to find a landing spot for the Nuttster.


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15 responses to “SEC Power Poll, final edition

  1. Spike

    Can’t disagree with any of that.


  2. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Spurrier > Richt = Loss of Garcia and Lattimore

    I am not advocating that as a rationale, simply pointing it out. Given how Shaw performed once he got the reps, I would argue that the switch should have been made in the off-season – and that the offense would have been more balanced as a result and less dependent on Lattimore’s reps and Garcia’s moods.


  3. JayBird

    Senator, I really thought that AU’s win total was supposed to be six…this, according top all the experts we see on espn…it was a very bumpy road, but Chizik & Co beat all the teams, if barely, and one they weren’t (thanks ‘cocks.) Eight wins was pretty dang good for this team (with that brutal schedule) that was put out on the field..the hardest part to accept was how bad the big boys rolled us…and it was BAD. On to next season.


  4. Nate Dawg

    Yep, there should be a tie/split at number 1. See Nov 5th. But I suppose the BCS certainly isn’t into “fair” so why should anything else be.
    Also, isn’t somewhere in this universe 13-1 better than 12-1? Or am I just a radicalist?


    • The Lone Stranger

      You may even be an anarchist with college football thoughts like that—what’s next Nate, voting for Ron Paul?


      • The Lone Stranger

        …and if I had any clue about these ’emoticon’ things I’d give you a nice “winking head”


        • Nate Dawg

          Well thanks, and we may be starting a “Radicalist-non-emoticon-using club”…cuz I’m clueless as well, and frankly a little scared that I’d just click on or use the wrong one time and time again anyway.
          Now…to “google” this Ron Paul fella…didn’t he play bass for Zeppelin or no?


  5. Will Trane

    Lost to South Carolina in week 2. Lost last two of the season against ranked teams. In fact all four losses came against teams ranked in the top 11. Lost first two regular season games. Lost last two with absolutely no running game and no depth on the offensive line.

    I’d still put Georgia ahead of the Hawgs and Miss Chick. In addition, I’d place Vandy behind South Carolina.

    One good thing to come out of the BCS title game. We all know there is an offensive coordinator below Bobo. Do you think Les Miles would consider a change there. After all the Dawgs shut them down completely for 2 quarters and the Bama did it for 4. The Dawgs showed more offensive punch against LSU than Bama did, and did not have the benefit of having played them once and several days to prepare. Just maybe LSU was very lucky to hit the Dawgs when they did re injuries and depth, otherwise I think in those 92 plays the Dawgs had against them…well, I see at least another 21 points on the board.

    The key for the Dawgs is get the freaking rushing game in place this spring and next August. Do not want to hear Mark Richt say what he did season before last…”I’d be surprised if we did not run the ball well”. Well hell, the runnning game has been in the well for awhile Coach Richt, get in the sets, formations, and plans in the playbook and lets get the Big Red Machine rolling in the East.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m worried about the Dawgs getting complacent already. Whether fans want to admit it or not, aubie’s D improved with the hiring of BVG, although losing malzahn was a huge blow to their offense. And FU might could have done a lot worse with their new OC hire. scu is having a very good recruiting year. We need a huge push to finish strong with recruiting. And as always, our offense needs a lot of off season work. Staying on top in the sec east is going to take hard work.