Never take sides against the family.

At Oklahoma, blood is thicker than inconsistent pass coverage.!/DaveSittler/status/157456794267029505

But in the world of college football, when one door gets closed by nepotism, another one opens.!/DaveSittler/status/157457115877867520



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23 responses to “Never take sides against the family.

  1. screw your post I’m buying a Fiat 500


  2. do da bitch come wiff?


  3. William

    Multiple????? Are we including D-IAA??


  4. paul

    Well, he didn’t say those ‘multiple offers’ actually involved coaching football.


  5. Zero Point Zero

    Just when I thought I was out… They pull me back in.


  6. stoopnagle

    Auburn + Illinois if rumors are to believed.


  7. Granite

    DB Coach at the Montana School for the vertically impaired?


  8. Carolinadawg

    Dear god, what if CTG goes to the Falcons and CMR hires CWM back because, after all, “he loves him”.


  9. Probably to some plastic factory WHERE he can more appropriately apply his “BEND DO NOT BREAK” invention.


  10. Cojones

    Wha…? They didn’t say he was fired, but nepotism has won the day. Was D Stoops through with his other job yet? and why was he through with it?

    Really? Aub and Ill? Louisville didn’t offer? Has Jancek’s chair cooled? Who would have thought it would be difficult to keep up with the Dawgs coaching alums?


  11. Hayduke

    Give him a call Van Gorder. You know you want to.
    Better hurry before Muschamp snags him.

    All we need to do is tweet that he’s in the running for the Falcon’s DC, and the above could be a reality ; )


  12. 69Dawg

    Willie’s patented just wave your arms in the WR’s face as he catches the ball over you has cost Willie yet another job. Willie is from the John Fabris school of it’s my way or the highway.