Craig James confesses to being a little bit pregnant.

It’s no big thang, mane.

Former ESPN college football analyst Craig James, jumping into the fray of Texas’ Senate race Thursday, said he accepted “an insignificant amount” of gifts from Southern Methodist University supporters when he was a star running back at the Dallas school three decades ago.

Asked at a news conference whether he’d taken money or valuables from boosters, James said, “It was an insignificant amount that I had when I was at SMU. It was wrong. And I was 18, 19 years old.”

James declined to specify what gifts he accepted and how much money, or from whom.
“It was insignificant. It was never,” he said, halting in mid-sentence. “I said in my book that if someone came up and shook my hand and there were a $20 bill in it, I didn’t have the maturity at that time to turn it away.”

I guess that means a mere twenty bucks wouldn’t turn his head now.


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13 responses to “Craig James confesses to being a little bit pregnant.

  1. The Other Other Doug

    You know times are tough when H&R Block has a celebration in a building that is not heated. Thank you Greece for showing us the destination of the road we are on………….


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    $20? I thought SMU boosters were rich guys. James is lying (Well DUH Hogbody).


  3. Go Dawgs!

    This campaign seems to be circling the drain rather quickly.


  4. Scott W.

    It’s not the activity that gets you in trouble, it’s the lying about the activity.


    • KennyT

      Exactly – which means since he lied about it before and now has changed his stance – the press will continue to try to find out how much money did really did receive.

      All you really need to know about James is that they worst of the worst SMU booster ended up being his agent. This same booster was the one who operated the slush fund to pay players.

      It is nonsense. James got money to go to SMU, he got money while at SMU, and his agent paid players at SMU after James left school.


      • Cojones

        From your description, it would sem so. Due to the fading of the SMU debacle into NCAA regulatory history, doesn’t it still ring true that this was the worst case of player tampering on record? And wasn’t it true that these activities occurred and still occur throughout D-1 ball, but not to the extreme encountered then?

        We all seem to be a little pregnant, Senator, but history reminds us that James was in the 3rd trimester. Denial of quantity here will out the stupid sob before it’s over with, but I hold no hopes that he will ever pay the piper nor be apologetic as long as he mentions age as his reasoning. His foreplay with the Leach firing is evidence enough that he is morally destitute…..wait a minute…..I’m describing the best campaign tactics displayed by the frontrunners in the GOP candidacy race. Holy Moly! He’s in Texas where a “Dumbshit” label can get you elected to office multiple times and cause rise to the governorship of that proud cowpie state. Are their electoral districts still gerrymandered to keep the Hispanic vote in one bag and make them a minority in others? That was Dick Armey’s best work and only claim to GOP fame other than trying to convince Bush, along with another Texan, to take over the Justice Dept. These Texans work by another set of rules, so don’t get too far ahead on the name-recognition vote meaning less than political substance. You could have an Hispanic grad with Law Review credentials running in some districts, but if his name is Santa Anna, he will be doing landscaping in that state.


  5. Bright Idea

    Will folks in TEXAS not vote for somebody because they accepted cash as a college player? HARDLY! They wouldn’t have anybody left. It’s Texas!


  6. Eric Dickerson

    I would like to take this opportunity to announce my joint candidacy, along with Craig James, for the position of United States Senator. Craig and I will be sharing that position, alternating votes based on which issues are most beneficial to our respective constituent bases. In a related announcement, Craig and I will be sharing the same house in DC and we will also be sharing the same wife.


  7. CardDawg