“I know where all of you stand on this issue. You know where I stand on this issue.”

Not that his opinion matters one whit more than does mine, but Mark Emmert is a fan of the plus-one.

NCAA President Mark Emmert would support a four-team playoff in college football — as long as the field doesn’t grow.

After giving his annual state of the association speech Thursday in Indianapolis, Emmert acknowledged he would back a small playoff if that’s what Bowl Championship Series officials decide to adopt.

The reason he doesn’t want the field to grow?  It’s because D-1 players are a bunch of pussies.

… He gave a thumbs-down to a full-blown playoff, which the conferences likewise largely reject.

“I’ve always said trying to move toward an eight-team playoff, (to a) 16-team or whatever permutation, I think is highly problematic,” he said. “Simply because, in my opinion, that’s too much to ask a young man’s body to do in an extended period of time like that. It adds too many games. It intrudes into the school year. It’s just too high a burden, I think.”

His concern is touching.  His logic not so much.  Why isn’t it too high a burden for the five-round FCS tournament?

I bet I know what would change his mind.

… Emmert has long said he expected changes to the BCS system and has repeatedly offered to help the BCS debate if they want it. The NCAA licenses bowl games, but does not run them. It also has no direct authority over the BCS system.

Give the NCAA control over the football playoffs and Emmert will have those kids whipped into shape in no time at all… well, in the time it’ll take to renegotiate the TV contracts.


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9 responses to ““I know where all of you stand on this issue. You know where I stand on this issue.”

  1. AusDawg85

    Emmert further acknowledged that “some” of the criticism of CFB’s failed ethics were true, and that things could be turned around beginning in 2012 as he spoke to the university presidents.

    Mr. Emmert…start in your own office. The cheating and money-grabbing wont’ stop until you fix your own house. Revise and simplify the rules, enact real enforcement that is just and fair, etc.

    /still seething over treatment of AJ


  2. Lrgk9

    Emmert = Mr. Status Quo Shome Demoney


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Was it too much of an intrusion and too much to ask a young man’s body to do when the NCAA added another game 3 tears ago plus effectively added yet another game when it authorized the conference championship games now becoming prevalent across the FBS landscape?


  4. This is pretty simple. A 4 team playoff would represent a crossing of the Rubicon for the NCAA and once the resulting cash bonanza is realized, it will be a short path to expansion. Think of every other playoff: NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA tourney. The trend is always towards expansion & inclusion because it increases the number of playoff games (a premium product) as well as the importance and revenue generation potential of the regular season (more chances to win). The only question I have is the mechanism by which the NCAA will nose in on the revenue. It’s an odd arrangement with the bowls and I’ve got to believe some visionary NCAA head (most definitely NOT Emmert) will find a way to get a piece of the pie, if not run of the whole damn kitchen. But I’d be shocked if we don’t have an 8 team playoff within 15 years, if not 10.


  5. Cojones

    Oooooh, Senator, you are so cynical about these guys. Now they won’t ask us what we think and all our posting will go for naught.


  6. 4.0 Point Stance

    How long is the FCS regular season?


  7. RC

    That’s the one question that I’ve never heard an anti-playoff type- specifically those in college or NCAA administration- ever answer with any conviction whatsoever: Why is a full-blown playoff not a burden, physically or academically, on every other division of college football? You know- the ones where the *real* STUDENT-athletes play? And a follow-up: Why is D-1 college football the only NCAA-sanctioned sport for which the NCAA doesn’t crown a champion?

    And yes, as noted above, it won’t take any time at all, once the seal is broken on this thing, for it to expand to look just like the other divisions, and that’s good from my perspective. And no, it won’t devalue the regular season one iota. No one will ever sell me on that one. Not by a longshot. Like Auburn’s going to think it’s alright to dump one to Bama or LSU, or any other similar scenario you can imagine. College football is not a 40-45 game season like college basketball. Hell yes, every game counts. How could it not if any one game could mean you’ve blown your shot at the playoff? Make no sense at all.


  8. You Know where i stand on this issue. I am for a 4 team playoff & that Is the final & only answer for me. Nothing else works for me.