“I’m as thrilled as I can be.”

Mark Richt’s got reason to feel that way.  All of his rising juniors, Orson Charles excepted, have opted to stay for their senior year.

Some terrific quotes from the presser:

I think it’s okay to get a little excited, Dawgnation.


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57 responses to ““I’m as thrilled as I can be.”

  1. timphd

    This, plus good news on the recruiting front is exciting. I hope the excitement ends up being justified. Go Dawgs!

  2. The other Doug

    It’s 3:30 on a Friday and I’m pounding the Kool Aid baby!

  3. SCDawg

    200 days and change for kickoff? Can’t wait.

  4. DawgPhan

    if we can have another offseason like the last one I will be happy.

    no major arrests or issues for our players. fingers crossed.

  5. Ginny

    I really love that they all announced together. There’s a sense of unselfishness and team chemistry from this group that I haven’t seen in years. Give me more kool aid please!!

  6. charlottedawg

    Hell f@/;%$n’ yeah!!!! key word here is unfinished business. You guys showed the potential to be great in 2011 now go out and BECOME great in 2012.

  7. HVL Dawg


    • Bevo

      Exciting. (a) This gives me real hope that our defense will be as good or even better than it was this season, which is good feeling. (b) It’s refreshing that we have a lot of talented juniors sticking around this season.

      • Bevo

        And also … big thanks and hats off the talented juniors coming back to play college ball at Georgia when they could’ve done otherwise.

  8. Mark

    I don’t every remember this many Juniors staying and saying such things! Wow.

  9. Debby Balcer

    Great news!!!

  10. DT

    These Jr’s have declared their major to be in Unfinished Business!!


    I think we’re looking at a special year… What a great day today; Gurley….

  11. Scott

    Who are the uncommitted stud recruits we are still in the running to get?

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Patterson, Redmond, Young, Whitehead, Harvey-Clemons, Dawson to name the major ones. We have a legitimate shot at all of these guys according to people in the know. Go read Leather Helmet Blog. Best free recruiting site you can get your hands on.

  12. mykiesee

    Any reason to get excited about next year’s offensive line yet?

  13. stoopnagle

    At this rate, kicking field goals might be just fine.


    • Honestly even with a freshman kicker it can’t be worse. We were dead last in the SEC this year so no where to go but up. Add to that the fact the new kicker is not a two time all-american and there is no reason for Richt to over trust him.


    Keeping the bare bones o line injury free will be a huge issue. I am still holding out that a JC stud will materialize from somewhere. Still..you win first with defense and it would be hard to imagine any Dawg fan being anything but elated with the developments on that side of the los in the last year! Woof!


      The “JC stud” reference above is for “Junior College” .. I was worried someone might take it as a sacreligous reference. I would never do that.
      I wonder if there are some Junior College o linemen that could help out.

      • We already signed one out of a JC in Kansas. He is on campus. Beard, can’t remember his first name. That and we redshirted several linemen last year. We will be less experienced but deeper. Also should have two natural tackles instead of guards playing tackle next year. Hopefully that will be enough to make up for losing the experience.

      • Spence

        Jesus was pretty good at run blocking but got beat a lot from the outside when protecting the big guy behind him.

        What, too soon?

  15. Turd Ferguson

    Praise Grantham.

    • Make him the highest paid assistant in the country to help keep him around as long as we can.

      • Zero Point Zero

        I think choke signs and yelling matches at midfield are helping more than anything else. Richt should plant a dime bag in his car next year. That’ll keep the barbarians at bay. Just enough not to get him fired.

  16. DawgGoneIt

    Hot damn!

  17. H-Town Dawg

    Two words combined to make one word for all this: Outstanding!

  18. Red Blackman

    And the concept of TEAM has finally returned to Athens.

    Thank you, Jarvis Jones.

    All it takes is one selfless player to lead by example.

  19. AusDawg85

    /reads post…faints.

    /wakes up, reads again. faints again…but with a little smile on my face.

  20. Go Dawgs!

    Hunker down folks…

  21. HamDawg11

    Man, gotta love the team-first attitude and wanting to play for the guy beside you. There are so many young men out there that put themselves 1st and make decisions out of selfish ambition. It’s truly refreshing to see a selfless group of guys pull together for a common goal.

    I’d say this team has taken its 1st step forward toward being champions!

  22. Brian Dawg

    Gotta wonder if Orson doesn’t feel like a horse’s rear right about now-The only underclassman declaring early? I know he’s about to get paid and, really, he was underutilized-but just imagine if these guys do run the table…

    • Spence

      I hate he left but his draft stock wasn’t going to get any higher. He made the right choice.

      • Russ

        +10 I wish Orson nothing but the best. He was a damn good Dawg, and will play for many Sundays, hopefully into late January.

  23. JasonC

    //Bobo Threadjack

    Here is a quote from top GA recruiting Josh Harvey-Clemmons:
    “I’m probably closest with Coach Dugans at Louisville, but I have a good relationship with Coach Hudson at Florida State and Coach White at Florida,” he said. “With the Head Coaches, I know Coach Muschamp the best and he has come to church with me a couple of times. The most impressive coach is Coach Bobo though. He is just a really cool guy to talk to and knows his stuff.”

    Apparently, JHC doesn’t read any of the forums or blogs about UGA because he would then know that Bobo doesn’t know a damned thing and should be kicked off the staff or at least relegated to only the QB coach. But we’re all geniuses, right?

    Here’s the article in case you are interested:

    • JasonC

      CORRECTION: “top GA recruit” not ‘recruiting’

      • Bevo

        Anyone who doesn’t recognize Bobo’s skills as a recruiter isn’t paying much attention. The guy has a strong record on the recruiting trail.

    • Cojones

      It also proves you can malign a coach that players favor and change their minds. Players will read what’s shoved under their nose by an opponent’s recruiter. One 4-star already chose Stanford over his first choice due to Rumblings about Richt and he wasn’t sure he would be here. These recruits’s words disprove all you have been saying that it can’t affect them. Perception by the player about our coach overides the posting of degrading opinions about our coach from those who don’t know crap and are just trying to be stubborn with assinine Monday Morning QBing.

  24. PatinDC

    What position is he?

  25. Wet Willie

    It’s right interesting that the only offensive player was the very one to leave.