Michael Adams: Mo’ money, less schollies

They’re from the NCAA and they’re here to help.

In its presentation to the NCAA Board next month(warning: PDF link), the Resource Allocation Working Group – chaired by University of Georgia President Michael Adams – will recommend cuts to the number of athletic scholarships that a school can offer in both college football and college basketball. Here’s a breakdown of the reductions:

  • FBS football scholarships from 85 to 80.
  • FCS football scholarships from 63 to 60.
  • Men’s basketball scholarships from 13 to 12.
  • Women’s basketball scholarships from 15 to 13. (Note: These scholarships will be reapportioned to other women’s sports.)

Look out world, the Grand Poobah is in charge!  Like all good leaders, the man knows you need a crisis before you can exploit it.

Spoken like a man whose athletic department is losing money hand over fi… wait, what?

I’m guessing this is Mikey’s brilliant idea on how to pay for those $2000 stipends Emmert is pushing.  And if that proposal doesn’t go through, so what?  He can always spend the extra money on a bowl party.  But for the have-nots, this is little more than a drop in the bucket, as least as far as the money goes.

As for runaway trains, wait ’til Adams gets feedback from the big football schools.


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15 responses to “Michael Adams: Mo’ money, less schollies

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Mike Adams proposing reductions in schollys for fiscal reasons is a bit like Barney Frank advocating firing a few government employees to get rid of the federal budget deficit. Why don’t you address real problems, Mike? Leave the kids alone. BTW, isn’t it bit hypocritical that you, the master of the padded expense account, should be the one to come up with this?


  2. AusDawg85

    At least the scholarship reduction will match the 5% reduction in tuition, tenured faculty benefits, and administration expenses.

    /breaks sarcasm knob again


  3. Larry

    Michael Adams is one of the few people who could screw up a goldmine. The King of Incompetence rises again.


  4. Dawgaholic

    I’m sure I like Adams less than nearly all of you and will be more excited the day he leaves than 99% of Dawgs. However, this is a good negotiating move as they can compromise by staying at 85 and adding the stipend.


  5. gp

    I dislike Adams but I don’t have a problem with this.


  6. JDawg

    Great, that means CMR will average having 70 scholarship players instead of 75 (excluding former walk-ons of course).


  7. stoopnagle

    At least the Athletic Association will have money for his $25,000 bonus over the next three years. Gotta look out for number one, you know.


  8. Castleberry

    Maybe the Title IX crowd can save the day on this one? Not sure I understand the justification for reducing scholarships, but wouldn’t they have to get cut evenly across mens and womens sports?


  9. paul

    I thought the stipend idea had already been shot down. Didn’t they get enough votes to rescind the idea? What happened to that? Weren’t we just talking about how to handle the kids who had been promised the $2,000 during their recruitment vs the kids who would not get it? Did I miss something?


  10. You raise the cost, you get less of it. The laws of economics at work.


  11. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Wedge issue.


  12. Once again, Mike Adams tries to run a public institution of higher education like it’s the University of Phoenix or some other for-profit company.


  13. Dan

    My opinion is if they cut the 5 scholarships from men’s revenue sports but women scholarships are reappropriated to other sports then it should make title 9 compliance even easier.The big 12 and the SEC have been using TITLE 9 AS AN EXCUSE for not having a men’s soccer program and various other schools have had to cut men’s non revenue programs instead of adding a womens synchronized badmitten team.The entire east coast manages to have a football and soccer program so can the south.This makes their excuses even more lame as it is pure greed from schools like Texas who have there own tv network but dont want to invest in non revenue producing male athletes.