Pious baloney, revisited.

Hate to say I told you so (“I bet Obama knows when the title game is scheduled”), but I told you so.


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  1. gastr1

    Yeah, man. +1.

  2. wnc dawg

    The Chair recognizes the esteemed Senator from CFB and notes his quality trolling of commenters of any political speak, no matter how benign.

  3. DawgPhan

    this should be interesting.

  4. DawgPhan

    also how about that Ron Paul? GATA!

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Meh! I’m sure he knows how to speak Chinese too.

  6. JaxDawg

    I don’t think the point is whether or not Obama is a sports fan, it’s that you intentionally derided the Republican candidates for being fake in their actions and comments. And if they were, so what? I guess there are two ways to look at it, (1) we need sports more than ever right now to get our minds a break and enjoy life a bit, and (2) we need leaders that our more concerned with the problems we face than any sports contest. If I had to choose, I would like to be able to relate to my leaders but wouldn’t fault them for being distracted by $16mm in national debt and a multitude of other challenges. The words fake and polticians go together like bourbon and water but it’s certainly not relagated to one party, and this is where some folks asses were chapped.

    • DawgPhan

      slight correction. We need leaders to focus on the problems that Bush Jr. created.

      Sp500 was down 34% during little Bush’s tenure and is already up 36% during the tenure of Obama. Finally ending the Iraq war, killing OBL, and getting the country back on track to creating jobs and getting Americans back to work.

      Obama is the best republican president since Regan. If Obama was a rich white guy he would be crushing the primary circuit with his record. Smaller government, more jobs, and war mongering like the best of them.

      • Normaltown Mike

        He is a rich white guy. He just happens to have an ethnic sounding name and his biological father that he met one time was from Kenya.

        • DawgPhan

          And his record is more conservative than any of the guys running for the republican nomination…especially the front runner.

          • Biggus Rickus

            I don’t think you understand what “conservative” means. Not that any of the Republican candiates are all that exciting from a conservative perspective.

      • retwely

        Wow. Bush derangement syndrome at its finest here. Nowhere did Jax say anything was Obama’s fault or anything wasn’t Bush’s fault.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Insightful talking points. You’ve added greatly to the political discourse.

      • JaxDawg

        Oh you jokster. Nice try. There’s no way you’re as crazy and stupid as you pretend to sound.

        • Cojones

          Are you from Red Rock or Ashburn? You can’t be from Sylvester. By the way, as I read on the previously reposted blog, you were the first to get his ass chapped.

      • Faulkner

        Sorry, but your comments hold no water.
        You want to point fingers, lets shoot one at Bill Clinton for signing the repeal of Glass-Steagall. The bill that prohibited banks from also being investment houses. With his repeal of the act, banks created such wonderful products as derivatives, CDS, CDO’s and MBS etc… All the wonderful products that have screwed our financial system. There is still 50-60 trillion in derivatives outstanding.

        S&P up 36%? Yes, you can thank the kindness of the federal government and the FED itself for trillions of direct and indirect bailouts and cash infusion to banks and other business’s. Without it, S&P and the market would be toast and reflective of the real economy. Where do you think all that money is coming from? The American taxpayer and their children will be paying that interest or eating that default.

        Currently, we have the most people ever on food stamps and the fewest people in 50 years in the working economy. Think about how our population has grown in the past 50 years and then explain to me how that is getting Americans back to work. As well, lets not get into the unemployment rate which doesn’t even count an unemployed person after 100 weeks.

        This is not meant to be a personal attack. However, I get bent out of shape when I hear talking points stated as fact. Do some research, the facts are out there. We have crossed 100%debt to GDP and getting worse. Obama was very critical of debt limit raises before he took office. He called the need to raise the debt limit a lack of leadership. Funny, since he has asked for several during his tenure. At this rate, he will have added more to the debt limit than all previous presidents together. Take a look at Europe and what is happening there. We have real problems that need to be dealt with and solved. However, neither the clown currently in the white house or the clowns trying to take his place show any ability or desire to make the necessary changes.

        The most exciting thing about 2012 is seeing how good the D will be with all the returning players. The worst is knowing that politics will probably fuck up my favorite sport.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Oh both of you guys shut up.

    • ChicagoDawg


  7. CarolinaDawg

    Cheers to him for watching the game. However, I’ll take it with a grain of salt seeing as how this occurred after the idiots in NH were lambasted for well….looking like idiots. Obama’s not one to pass up an opportunity to capitalize on the campaign trail, and that was a pretty good opportunity. Let’s be honest, Obama is a huge (and knowledgeable) basketball fan and that’s great. But let’s not act like he’s the biggest sportsman in office. Kennedy and Ford both played CFB, and George W. owned an MLB franchise.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Seeing as how the President doesn’t have a prayer of winning either Alabama or Louisiana, this seems like a minor thing in terms of the election. Come November, nobody in any battleground states will remember the President Obama has any idea what is going on in college football and that Newt, et al don’t. There’s no way that Fox News is going to allow Obama to look like the more relatable candidate to the average American, sports fan or otherwise.

      • CarolinaDawg

        I agree, but you honestly don’t think the President is capable of thinking that it would be a good idea to one up them. For one thing, he just so happened to call right before Saban was about to go in front of the media. Listen, I could give a crap whether it was a Democrat or Republican, just don’t use a double standard.

        • DawgPhan

          I am sure the president is planning his calls around alabama football press conferences….paww-alll

        • Go Dawgs!

          I’d be more inclined to believe it if he wasn’t already such an outspoken sports fan. The man wore a White Sox hat to throw out the first pitch in Washington because that’s his team. He played basketball with the North Carolian Tar Heels during one of their national championship seasons, and he’s had Andy Katz in the White House every March to fill out his bracket (though it’s become clear from his picks that he’s had less and less time to pay attention to the game with each passing year of his presidency). Maybe he thought there was political gain to mentioning to Nick Saban that he watched the whole game, I have no idea. But I personally don’t doubt that he did.

          • CarolinaDawg

            Once again, I agree with everything you said, except the first sentence. I don’t doubt he said it either, but the man is a politician.

          • ChicagoDawg

            I am not sure I would characterize his first pitch effort as a “throw”. That may have been the most unathletic first pitch in the history of first pitches. I swear he had never picked up a baseball until that very moment.

  8. Gravidy

    What do you do when a very successful off-season attempt at hit mining peters out? Link to it again, by God!

    • Cojones

      Good shot Grav. “Hit mining”. I like that. And the Senator is glorious at it, isn’t he? Hell, he has commentators from 12-hit blogs gravidating here just for someone to read their opinions. Now, I’d call that pseudo claim jumpin’. Something like the guy on the next claim coming over to look into your sluice box to see how you are doing.

  9. M.

    Too bad he’s a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure otherwise.

  10. Dog in Fla

    It could have been him

    But this year it was

    Maybe next year it will be

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I gotta give it up to you Dog!

      • Cojones

        Make that two of us who are slightly worshipful of DIF’s humor and ability to make us feel good with pictures. Not only does he know where the bodies are buried, but he has photos!

        Have I told you the one about the robot bar tender who entertained and had conversation on the customer’s IQ level? Oh, I did, eh?

  11. HK

    This is about as relevant to a candidate’s ability to perform in office as a wopsided title game is to the argument that an 8 team playoff will fix everything.

    Although Obama’s ability to impress people in the media whose expertise lies in something other than politics is something to behold.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      ‘Wopsided’? You think the Italians decided the game, or are you channeling Elmer Fudd?

      • Biggus Rickus

        It would explain why Jordan Jefferson played so poorly. I’m not saying he paid by the mafia to shave points, but he was probably paid by the mafia to shave points.

      • Cojones

        Watch it! Some of my best friends are Chicago Italians and they know where all of you live. Jordan Jefferson told them.

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’ll give the schmuck more credit. Not only does he know about the championship game, he knows who is the most powerful man in Alabama.

  13. Slaw Dawg

    Never be too big to pass up a well earned “toldja so,” I always say. But there is such a thing as a prez being too (allegedly) involved in this stuff, as per this: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/08/the_play_richard_nixon_designe.html

  14. Always Someone Else's Fault

    When a party veers wildly between internal ideological purity and “someone who can beat the current guy,” you get the Republican Nomination 2012, possibly the most entertaining political theater of my lifetime.

    Thank you, Michelle, Ron, Newt, Mitt, Herman, Rick and Donald. What 10 made field goals, five missed and one late TD could not provide, you have provided in abundance. I laugh. I cry. You’re better than Cats.

    Whether you like or hate Obama doesn’t really matter. Better get ready for 4 more years, because this collection of nit-wits has no hope in a general election, absent another monetary crisis between now and then.

    • Normaltown Mike

      “absent another monetary crisis…”

      Ask and ye shall receive.


      • I skipped through half the bs comments here. I got what Senator was talking about the first time and didn’t apply it to a political side, and I thought his post was witty and mildly funny. But…..since it was a flashpoint among the readers here I will comment. My family, and I have even started one myself, own several small companies. We employ a lot of people, and would employ even more if it wasn’t for the uncertainty of this administration. The social programs Obama is trying to instill, is a nightmare for small business, because of the implications and the uncertainty that they imply. Gietner is saving our presidents ass, that also means anyone who votes for Ron Paul is a dumbchit because the gold standard is sheer stupidity, any Econ 2700 book will show you this. The key for bringing business back is to create certainty. If businesses know what is going to happen, they will plan their budgets accordingly. Also, just to let you know, the less taxes and capitol gain taxes there are….the more money that will be spent in the economy. It is a historical fact. Look at Carter/Reagan/Bush/Clinton. One last thing, while I am no Bush supporter on the economy, he actually pushed to reign in Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, it was Harry Reid’s uber liberal ass that wanted to keep them intact. Just saying ninjas in the US, creating a rise from the normal 64% home owner percent to the 68%…..well it caused a global meltdown. Chit happens I guess, I mean it’s not that we have ever had that happen before……………oh wait my bad, it happened in the 20’s as well, yes I know the stock market was to blame, but wait if you look a little deeper there was a large amount of speculation in the housing market then to. Guess as the football world says everything is cyclical. I don’t care if you agree with this post or not, frankly I know a ton of small business owners, they work hard and pay their taxes. But if you aren’t responsible for employees at your company or a small business owner, don’t waste my time by replying with your thoughts, because they’re not pertinent, important or worth my time reading.

        • Faulkner

          I’m a small business owner and feel the same way. We will be using contract workers for the foreseeable future because having full time employees is a pain in the ass when you add in all the regulatory and reporting requirements. For the record, I am not one of those who is against regulation. Just the energy vampire kind.

  15. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Problems are obvious. Solutions a bit murkier. Republicans had Americans sold on some core concepts when it came to solutions – and then all those core concepts got tied to anchor weights known as Bush, Cheney, and Bail-Outs.

    I am not picking a side here, because I’ve watched this long enough to know both sides bear plenty of blame. But I have to go back to Cheby Chase impersonating Ford to remember a time when so many voters held the Republican Party in such poor regard. A stunning reversal, when you think about where we were 4 years ago. And please, don’t blame the media. All wounds self-inflicted.

  16. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Chevy Chase