Why I root for TCU.

I don’t know if Gary Patterson is the most honest football coach in America, but he’s got to be in the top five.

Seriously, how many mid-majors coaches, ADs, commissioners or fans for that matter are willing to admit something like that?


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  1. WH

    Living in Fort Worth, and seeing a lot of things first hand, I think the world of Gary Patterson. And I do think he’s being very honest there.

    The question is whether we could get a coach to have that kind of honesty before the school is admitted to the big leagues.

    Coaches are REALLY good at hedging, especially if they’ve ever been handed a bad loss by an inferior team, wink, wink. I’d expect Chris Peterson to say just this as soon as Boise State finalized that move to the SEC so many of their fans claim they deserve.


  2. Saw a study showing each game vs a top 25 opponent you add drops your chances of going undefeated precipitously. (BTW< that is what made LSU's season so impressive IMO). (And that UGA has the highest percentage of wins vs quality opponents int he country over the life of the program!)

    That is the reason I think BSU, TCU, Utah and others will be exposed as good quality teams, but not the juggernauts they were made out to be. BSU has had 2-3 big games the last few years (at best) ans managed to lose at least one of those the past two years. How will they do facing 4-6 of those school every season? Try playing UF or UT's schedule the past year in October!


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    There are/were teams in the Big 12 for decades that demonstrated they couldn’t play at “the Big 12 level”. There are teams in the sec and other major conferences who are doormats year in and year out. I see no reason why TCU shouldn’t be allowed the same chance to show what they can (or can’t) do.



    Chan Gailey comes to mind :-}


  5. Bob

    W Cobb,

    Couldn’t agree more. For every Bama and LSU, we also have Vandy and Kentucky or Ole MIss and Miss State. South Carolina is not exactly covered in glory either.

    As usual the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Boise, TCU, Utah etc will probably not do as well as their more rabid followers think. But I suspect they will prove to do better than their detractors believe as well. One thing I do know,…Patterson, Petersen and Willingham are outstanding coaches and I would be over the long run, they will all be competitive.


    • JasonC

      Remember, that conferences aren’t only for football and over the long haul Kentucky has been one of the top 5 most prominent schools for hoops and Vandy has been quite strong there too. Also, when you look back at the old southern conferences, you had teams like U of the South, Tulane and others that were in the mix and Ole Miss had their hay days (decades ago).