It’s a Cocktail Party, isn’t it?

Dial up this ESPN podcast to around the 36:25 mark to hear Ivan Maisel tell a Bill Stanfill story about the 51-0 pasting the Dawgs gave the Gators in ’68.

Michael Adams disapproves.

(h/t Mack Williams)


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5 responses to “It’s a Cocktail Party, isn’t it?

  1. timphd

    Maybe this year can be another 51-0 beat down. Nothing would make me happier, and I would buy the whole team a cocktail if they pulled it off, despite what Adams might say.


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    Great story. For those of us who have been going to this game for over 30 years, that is what it was like. And no telling what Jake Scott was doing. It was easy to go on the field after the game. Never forget retracing Lindsey’s path in 80. This game cannot leave Jacksonville. But the idiots in charge will do anything for money regardless of tradition. Great find Senator.


  3. Pumpdawg

    A favorite quote of mine:”In 1968 the score of the Georgia-Florida game was 51-0.Florida was lucky to score 0.”


  4. Russ

    Nice story, but it was painful listening to those two guys trying to tell the story. Maisel has all the public speaking skills required for newspapers, and Beano is just plain awful. I mean (referring to Erk) “he was the bald guy, right?” Yeah, the bald guy that was shown on TV anytime the Dawgs played, and the bald guy that put Georgia Southern on the map. What a dumbass.


  5. Cojones

    “Mr Clean” to be exact and in every way.

    Highlight film of that season was shown in the fieldhouse crammed to the max with UGA students. We cheered every highlight play of each game, but when that game film came up (You knew it was that game because the water from the wild, blowing rainstorm was ponded and reflected the stadium lights such that you couldn’t see the line markers and our players wore tennis shoes to prevent slipping), the entire gym arose and screamed through the entire run of highlights with no abatement in the noise level as scene after scene unfolded; the line with Stanfill leading the charge from his tackle position and Jake Scott covering everything from a 15yd distance behind our D-backs. It was as if we were attending the game again, only shorter.

    Please God, bring back those days to let today’s Dawg fans know from whence the juices flow. And years from now, when they blog or Skype their posts in, they will remember when some of us remembered “back when” and post like naive run-a-muck fans can. Pure joy of watching champions at work , but without the label of champions and known simply as “Dawgs”. And the glee of toasting Southern Bourbon to the football gods on that night.

    I will never forget.