How slobber evolves.

Is there anyone out there who, after reading this chain of e-mails between various members of the media and Auburn’s PR guy during Cam Newton’s rise to glory, wouldn’t answer Dennis Dodd’s rhetorical questions (“Am I sick? Are we all sick?“) in the affirmative?

Gah.  (Especially Joe Schad.)


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  1. 202dawg

    My favorite part isn’t even about Cam…

    “Coach (Chizik) thinks a lot of Jim (Rome) and wanted to send him a text/note saying thanks for having him on the show”

    Well isn’t that just special.

  2. Scott W.

    That is mind-numbingly good!

  3. Ginny

    ” ‘Am I sick? Are we all sick? See you soon.’ College football, in three sentences.”

    Ain’t that the truth.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    That stuff is priceless. The supposedly crusty, cynical, journalists groveling for access. Kevin Scarbinsky is my favorite: “Oh I won’t ask him about the laptop.” No wonder Cam Newton acts like his poop don’t stink.

    The post should have a slightly different title: How Fell___o Evolves”

  5. Biggus Rickus

    Access is God.

  6. Doug

    This goes far beyond college football. Sportswriters, Capitol Hill reporters, celebrity interviewers . . . at some point in my lifetime, they all abdicated their responsibility to seek objective truth and basically offered themselves up as stenographers/memoirists for the wealthy and powerful. Face it, you make enough money these days or acquire an important enough title, so-called “journalists” of every stripe will line up for the right to occupy the same room as you and fawn all over you, willfully parroting every last self-serving half-truth you utter.

    Or maybe I’m just grouchy because Conrad Fink isn’t around anymore to combat all this. RIP, Fink.

    • Miss those eyebrows already. Loved seeing Dr Fink around the J school back in the day. ABJ 02

    • Skeptic Dawg

      The problem is not the journalist/sports writers/reporters, it is the consumer. The reason anyone prints, records, or reports such garbage is becauce that is what the consumer wants. If we were to stop reading, watching or listening to such garbage, they would stop producing it and move on to something else. Yes, very few actually put in the effort to seek out the truth. But these days no one actually cares. That is why the retraction statement/story is buried in the right corner of page 12.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        This is the most profound thing you have ever written SD.

      • ScooBoo

        When someone hungers for information, they trust that it is not poisoned. Do not blame the consumer. They only want the truth, no matter how bad the truth may be.

      • Cojones

        Skep (aka Born Again)- Did you ever send the $10 you lost on your bet with me to Bobo? Or do we just blow it off as a blowhard welsher’s folly?

  7. bob greasy

    Did anyone else notice Scarbinsky has an email address? He’s a wild man I tell ya!

  8. That was a very productive and rewarding nine (9) months of enrollment and playing time for Cam. And Aubrun. And, yes, I know I misspelled Aubrun.

  9. @ Bob Breasy Chris Low and Pat Forde also checking in with AOL.COM addresses

  10. ScoutDawg

    I would have, God knows I tried, spent a lot of good money when I was in college to have a SUCKFEST like that.

  11. Comin' Down The Track

    I’m surprised Joe Schad was able to type that first email with balls in his eyes.

    • Cojones

      ALL of his e-mails. Thanks to the Senator for letting us see the seamy side of some sports “journalists” as well.

  12. Joe Mayo

    The only thing missing from that chain was an emotional email from Tom Rinaldi.

  13. Explains alot about when Fowler interviewed prior to SECCC that the pivotal line from Cammy, where he talked about he and The Rev sitting down and discussing “everything” prior to his commit to Allbarn (when he supposedly knew nothing) wasn’t exploited. WWL was too busy sucking up instead of growing a pair.
    Where is Jeremy Schapp when you need him to lay low behind a bush!!!

  14. Hackerdog

    I wouldn’t put too much credence in those emails. That story is on a blog, after all. I’m waiting for a dedicated professional to tell me it’s a big deal.

  15. ScoutDawg

    Nothing to see here, move along please.

  16. shane#1

    Where in the hell, well, maybe that explains it, is old H’ward Cosell when we need him? He was a pain in the butt and many times I thought “give it up Howard, it’s just a game,” but the man told it as he saw it.

  17. Keese

    ….great example of how idiotic these circle jerk journalists behave. Reminds me of my dogs starting to salivate at the pavlovian sound of dog food hitting the bowl.

  18. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I give up on the idea of sports journalism.

  19. Cojones

    To The Senator and Mike from FU- Could we get a report on the FU angst rolling before and after Bianchi’s initial article on Cam? How many unconfirmed “attrocoties” did Cam commit while at FU? Details of laotop theft proof (besides “I bought it from a guy’s car trunk”), professor involvement on Student Council charges of cheating? It’s not that I like reliving the steaming pile, it’s because everything came to me through the news reports as unsubstantiated/unproven invectives while knowing at the bottom of it all, it had legs. There certainly must be documentation of charges that FU people could refer to for us to see when and where all the reports emanated and how close the hounds were on his trail when he left school.

    This whole eyesore now comes with a speach impediment and hearing loss when reading these sycophancy communications.

    I need a shower.