Closing the borders

Those of you frustrated with Richt and Company about Georgia recruits going out of state to play ball might want to take a look at what’s been happening lately in the Sunshine State.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Yeah, it makes me laugh when Georgia fans bitch about other schools getting stars from our state. If there are more than 25 great athletes in the state in a year, we can’t get them all. Some of them turn out to be truly special. It happens.

  2. Robby

    Few years ago I actually looked at that and found that we are about the same as all the other high profile states in keeping about the same percentage instate. Fla, Ohio, Ga, Cal etc. were all about the same. Many are worse, that year I think Maryland lost 9 of their top ten to OOS schools.

    It really is the norm except maybe for LA and AL, but not always there either.

  3. Scott W.

    Most of the complaints came when UGA wasn’t signing top recruits from out of state (Knowshon Moreno and Stafford aside) and getting looted at home. What is interesting about that article is that while teams in Florida are losing the top ten athletes they are still turning in top 10 classes by replacing them out of state.

    • Bevo


      Losing blue chip recruits is a big deal if you’re not replacing them with equally solid talent from elsewhere. For a while we weren’t doing that on the defensive side of the ball and weren’t really lights out on the o-line either.

      Georgia, like Florida and Texas, will always have more talent than we can sign. The key is looking at where guys who we actually wanted are going and who we were able to replace them with.

  4. Dawgy45

    Interesting to see that in the 2005 class, number 7 on the list was Bryan Evans. I guess he just got a case of the Willies.

  5. 81Dog

    I remember an article in SI about 20 odd years ago about recruiting in Florida. It noted that for the previous year (1991?), Florida high school produced almost 300 athletes who signed Division 1 scholarships. If Florida, Miami and Florida State get 75 of them, that still leaves over 200 prospects who someone sees as a D1 player. I’m sure that the population of Florida is a little bigger now than it was 20 years ago.

    Not everyone on a top 10 list, or top 100 list, pans out, but there are so many athletes down there that you can do pretty far down your list and still come up with some stars.

    • you remember SI articles from 20 years ago..damn you must have played basketball in short shorts. Really who read the article to you? cause I know people from Sharock can’t read to good/well Dekalb Co public edu.

  6. Skeptic Dawg

    Recruiting is the lifeblood of any college program. However, this star rating is garbage. The stars are determined by the schools recruiting the kid, not the kid’s actual talent. That being said, it is more important to coach the kid up once he arrives on campus. This has be the biggest issue with the Dawgs over the past several years. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. We are witnessing CTG correct this problem. Now if CMB can take care of his side of the ball, along with Friend.

    • Cojones

      Does this mean you’re not going to send the $10 you lost to Bobo? That old saw is about worn out. Dissing Bobo is now considered ignorant sport, but you of course want to continue on with your welshing siliness.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        My line about Bobo was not intended to be negative. If Bobo and Friend have the same developmental success with the offense that we have seen from Grantham and co., we will all be in for a treat in 2012. That being said, it is no secret that one side of the ball is better than the other.

        • Fact Checker

          “That being said, it is no secret that one side of the ball is better than the other.”

          Even a dumbass like Cojones would recognize a simple fact like that. Well, maybe…

          • Skeptic Dawg

            While I am not always (or ever) agree with Cojones, or you for that matter, I would not resort to name calling. I fail to see why that is neccessary on this site. If you know him personally that is one thing. We all can debate our stance, but why call someone a dumbass? If you do not agree with someone’s opinion, ignor it.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree that there are some conflicts and abuses with the recruiting services. But, it has been shown that highly regarded kids are more likely to start and be all conference or all american than kids regarded less highly.

  7. Dave

    Wow – that is Bruh-Tal

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Skeptic Dawg is absolutely right about coaching players up once they arrive. But I also think the complaints with UGA are a result of not signing the allowable number of players. Without looking it up, I think a recent class was about 17 recruits (or less). Considering injuries, attrition, etc., the Dawgs simply can’t afford to have the pipeline partially full. I have no problem with recruiting from out of state, as long as the talent measures up.

    • Bevo

      I agree that we face a disadvantage. Despite our usually solid recruiting, our MO hurts us when we face competition that essentially signs 5 classes for our every 4. It really adds up over time. Imagine if we had an extra/bonus recruiting class every four years. Well, some SEC schools do.

      In 2005 Texas signed 15 recruits! Saban would wrestle Mike the Tiger before he’d do something crazy and self-destructive like that.

      • Alphadawg

        Bama signed 107 players in the past 4 years, UGA signed 88. Bottom line is Bama signed a full recruiting class more than we did over the last 4 years.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Thank you, thank you, thank you WCD and Bevo. You are absolutely right. Now get ready to be hammered by the recruiting namby-pambys on this blog who can’t seem to grasp that simple fact. Oversigning is exactly how Satan…er…Saban turned Bama around and how he continues to reload every year. That is why Bama never seems to have a problem position like UGA always seem to have (i.e. RB and O-line this past season). Bama signs 107 to UGA’s 88 over 4 years. Self-inflicted limitations keep us down more than our rivals do.

        • Faulkner

          19 extra players sure helps in the depth department. You are basically rolling out a whole extra team to try out and see who plays the best.

    • Bevo

      Btw, that 15 in 2005 that Texas signed came on the heels of 20 in 2004 and 18 in 2003. The 2002 cycle was much larger at 28. Grand total of 81 for 2002-2005.

      Compare that with a four year cycle under Saban, for example, and you’ll get something around 100.

  9. charlottedawg

    @ W cobb Dawg: nail. head. Not signing as many recruits as you have space for is idiotic. period. I’d go as far as to say Georgia should over sign by a couple kids considering we always seem to lose a few players or recruits to attrition each year. Even a two star player is better than an unused scholly.

    • Cojones

      They aren’t unused. Each year they have signed he allowable for the spaces open. When spaces have opened up after recruiting, they look for a worthy recipient among walkons. I have no problem with that.

      • Bevo

        “Each year they have signed [t]he allowable for the spaces open.”

        Not true.

      • Bevo

        We don’t always max out the allowable numbers. Witness this recruiting cycle, for example. If I’m not mistaken we have 27 allowable. I doubt we will sign that many.

        • Dawgwalker07

          I’ve always read that we probably won’t sign 27 this year more due to hitting the 85 limit than the 25 limit.

          Even if you sign a bunch of guys you still have to have a scholarship for them and we don’t and won’t pull a les or a nick and screw a kid. I’m okay with that even if it means we lose out on some talent. Football isn’t everything, and messing with an individual’s future so that we can win a few more games is petty and not worth it.

  10. Bob K in NC

    The problem is the AJC. Everytime they write something it is negative to UGA. They say this school or that school got a kid from Ga meaning UGA did not. Most of the time it is someone who we are not even recruiting. UGA is carefull to offer only after evaluating talent and charactor of the athlete so sometimes they wait too long. That is better then getting a kid like Yuri Wright who tweets dirty stuff. Thanks

  11. S.E. Dawg

    Regarding the State of Georgia: Win championships and the borders will close. I know we can get them all but we would most likely get the best of the best.

  12. Another thing to take into consideration when looking at the top 20-25 kids in a state is how many fill a need your team has. Obviously a guy like Trent Richardson is a need all the time but some players do not. If you simply take the top guys in the state in order to “close your borders” you are going to be great at some positions and not so much at others.

  13. WH

    From TFA:

    Florida traditionally has served as more of a battleground state than other Southeast recruiting hotbeds.

    “I don’t know if it has to do with the results of the in-state teams or that Florida just seems to be kind of an open-season place,” said Chris Nee, a Florida recruiting analyst for “It’s not like some states. In Louisiana, the majority of kids go to LSU if they’re supposed to be at that level of football. In Alabama, it’s Alabama or Auburn. In Georgia, it’s Georgia. Florida’s more of an open playground.

    Uh…say what? Because Florida produces more overall talent, the “open playground” effect on the in-state schools is lessened. I would argue that when out-of-state schools pull a similar percentage of D1-level players out of Georgia, it’s much more noticable because of the smaller talent pool.