Musical palate cleanser: Terry meets Julie.

I think I’ve mentioned Terry Reid here at some point.  He’s the obscure British rocker whose main claim to fame was turning down Jimmy Page’s invitation to join Led Zeppelin when Page was putting the band together and recommending Plant as an alternative (the rest, as they say, is history).

Anyway, I came across a clip of Reid covering what may be the most gorgeous song of the British Invasion, the Kinks “Waterloo Sunset”, that’s worth sharing.  (You can read the background on it here.)   There’s a fine line between maudlin and sublime that he manages to navigate successfully, especially in the way he closes.

The video isn’t the best, but, damn, that’s nice.  I lurve it.  You gotta love the ice cream suit, too.

Bonus tuneage:  don’t miss the free Squidbillies download here.  “(I Like) Driving In My Truck” is worth the price of admission alone, but Lucinda Williams’ cover of the Squidbillies Theme is pretty awesome.  There’s plenty of other goodies you’ll get a kick out of.


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17 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: Terry meets Julie.

  1. paul

    I’ve yet to listen to a song by Lucinda Williams that I didn’t love. This is great. I like Driving In My Truck will definitely be on my playlist at next years tailgates.


  2. Marshall

    Amen on Lucinda! She puts on such a great show, too!

    And I haven’t seen you post anything on Terry Reid, Senator, but I should have known that you’d be familiar with him. Yeah, dude’s got his own thing going for sure. That’s a pretty good band he’s got backing him, too.


  3. AusDawg85

    David. Allen. Coe. Priceless.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Freaking fantastic.


  5. +1000 – kudos to the honorable Senator.


  6. Tommy

    Saw Ray Davies at an Austin City Limits taping a few months ago and was really counting on hearing Waterloo. Being denied that was the night’s only disappointment. One of the most sublime, ageless songs ever written.

    This is twice I think that you’ve pimped Terry Reid. I’ve got to get on the bandwagon. Great band behind him.


  7. Gravidy

    Thanks for posting that Squidbillies link, Senator. I was going to do it yesterday, but I didn’t want to hijack a thread. There’s lots of good stuff on there: George Jones, DBT, Jason Isbell, etc…


  8. UGA70

    Love the Reid clip but it allowed me to revisit some of the old songs by the Kinks, Zombies, Yardbirds, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Jimi Hendrix–man those were some wild times.


  9. DawgVegas

    I saw Ray Davies in November at Center Stage, and Waterloo Sunset was a musical highlight for me – got to (finally) cross that off the bucket list. Anything you post from Terry Reid is welcome. Nice solo from Waddy in the clip, and I loved the extended ending. That was sublime – thanks!

    Also – great link to the PowerPop blog! What a fantastic find – that’s all right up my alley. Senator, as always, I am grateful for you and your blog….


    • Steve Simels was the pop music editor for Stereo Review back in the seventies. I can’t begin to list all the artists he led me to.


      • DawgVegas

        I’m not going to get any work done for the foreseeable future as I pore through his work here. Oh well – at least it’s a good way to get through the off season…


      • Chadwick

        me, too. He has a great ear for great music and a style of writing that made you want to hear the tunes he was writing about. He got me hooked on early Squeeze. For that I am grateful.

        “Waterloo Sunset” is the best pop song of the British Invasion.


  10. NRBQ

    Damn you’re old Senator!

    (still owns every Reid album on original vinyl)

    For my money, he’s a better singer to this day than Plant was in his prime, not to mention a stellar songwriter.


    • Marshall

      What? Come on, dude!


      • NRBQ

        Yeah. Never liked his dependence on that falsetto cater-wauling.

        Saw them both live in their hey-days (LZ in ’69).

        BTW, whenever I see you post, I think of one of my favorite 80’s acts, Marshall Crenshaw. His first two albums are well-worth a listen.


  11. Matthew

    Thanks a lot – just spent last hour listening to / creating a Terry Reid youtube channel . . .