“He was hands-on, controlling and (some say) egotistical.”

Some would also say Vince Dooley engages in some score-settling with the man who pushed him out of the AD position in his new book.

But this is probably the least surprising news you’ll read there:

… Before Adams made his final decision not to renew Dooley’s contract, the UGA president suggested that Dooley could get the UGA Foundation to call off an audit of Adams’ spending habits and management, according to “History and Reminiscences.”

“There was no doubt Adams was proposing to strike a deal,” Dooley writes.

Bet that was a fun meeting.


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25 responses to ““He was hands-on, controlling and (some say) egotistical.”

  1. heyberto

    What a douche that Adams is.


  2. gastr1

    Gee, I didn’t know Steve Penley wrote as well make hideous, cliched paintings. You’d think Dooley could do better than hire a hack visual artist as his ghostwriter.


  3. The other Doug

    Why do we let Adams stay around? He is an embarrassment, and lowers the value of my degree.


    • Alphadawg

      Money…Our coffers are full, thats all that matters. He’s an ass of the biggest class, but fund raising requires that ‘Car Salesman’ sleaze and MA exudes it. I was really hoping the NCAA would ‘steal’ him away.


      • Dawgbro42

        Respectfully disagree on that point – the university’s endowment is roughly $572 million currently. When compared with our academic “weight class” – schools like Florida, UNC, etc. – they all have endowments of greater than $1 billion. Hell, even Tech has an endowment over a billion. While I understand and appreciate the effort that has gone into getting the school’s facilities upgraded to a competitive level to compete for top researchers and students, for a university with the alumni base of UGA, the endowment is a glaring failure for Michael Adams.


  4. I strongly suggest anybody that has a degree from UGA or has contributed money in the past to read this report from 2003. Pretty damning stuff in there. I’ve never understood how Adams kept his job after D&T released this report on their investigation. My only conclusion was that he has naked pictures of members of the Board.


  5. HVL Dawg

    Yes. I’ve always been amazed too. How does anyone survive that? My ass would have gone to jail for that kind of stuff. Maybe the regents wanted someone to rein in Vince Dooley.

    I’m not your typical Adams hater. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a goof. I guess I’m unduly influenced because I was at a UGA basketball game his first day on the job and he was at the game 10 seats from me eating a hotdog while watching the game.

    Even though I was raised to worship Dooley I kind of took sides with Adams in the Dooley affair. I guess I never really forgave Dooley after he said he was going to coach at Auburn.


  6. Joe Mayo

    I’m definitely not a Mike Adams fan. However, I’m glad Dooley got the axe. He’s an egomaniac. The fact that he continues to harp on this crap years and years after the fact just continues to illustrate that.


  7. Derek

    Not hiring Erk was “perhaps” the biggest mistake in UGA football history?? That may be the biggest understatement in history of the English language.

    Think about the impact of that bone-headed error beginning with the fact that there is no way that spurrier comes in and dominates Georgia with Erk as coach. I firmly believe that we would have been competeibg with the nebraska’s and miamis of the world in the early to mid 1990s had Erk been named coach. That guy got people to run through fucking walls. Hell, tommie Frazier might have been a dawg considering he’s a Florida kid and the offense we would have run. Who knows what we would have become. Knapp’s call on Erk will haunt me forever. While Adams is a huge douche, he never made a decision that bad.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Maybe “hiring Jan Kemp” is the other side of that perhaps?


    • Jim Harrick totally agrees with your last point.


      • Derek

        We could hire Jim Harrick AGAIN and it wouldn’t be as bad as leaving Erk at the altar.


        • Not hiring Erk didn’t devalue my diploma.


          • Scorpio Jones, III

            I’m not sure who he is blaming for not hiring Russell…the deal, I was always told, was pretty much done till a couple of people ran their mouths, and because Russell’s tenure at Ga Southern would not transfer to Georgia. I was told at the time Erk had already begun to gather a staff that included Pat Sullivan as offensive coordinator.

            Dooley was NOT involved in the hiring of his successor, which may be unfortunate.


              • Scorpio Jones, III

                Taking credit is a stretch…he acquiesced, after the “search committee” had fumbled twice…and this was after the deal was done, and after Dooley had worked out his AD deal.

                Given the choices at the time, Goff looks better than George Haffner in terms of fitting in with the program.

                The real mistake was letting Erk slip through their fingers. Dooley came very close to NOT being AD at all….there were big Dawgs who were furious with him for wandering off to Europe in the middle of the transition.

                Dooley is certainly no poster child for controlling one’s ego…but the idea the stadium cannot carry his name is still one of the silliest situations in college football. And, I believe, creates a kharmic debt of some magnitude.

                Vince and Mike Adams are an interesting pair….Vince knows more about football, but Adams is at least 2-0 vs. Vince in the political arena.

                From one of the best of the gone old Dawgs…”Hell, we made him a millionaire, what does he have to complain about?”



  8. Dawgaholic

    Adams handled Dooley in a similar manner to how he handled many other department heads on campus. Some, if not most, of these department heads did not need to be removed.


  9. Spike

    As long as Mr. “it’s no longer the wlocp” is in office at UGA, they will get no more money from me. Period.