One-man flipping crew

One complicated paragraph from Andy Staples’ piece about recruits changing their commitments in mid-stream:

… Meanwhile, Kiffin’s brief tenure on Rocky Top caused quite a bit of chaos in this sample. In addition to causing [Tajh] Boyd’s flip, Kiffin flipped receiver Nu’Keese Richardson from Florida, safety Janzen Jackson from LSU, tailback Bryce Brown from Miami and defensive end Corey Miller* from Florida State. Later, Kiffin’s abrupt departure to USC would cause defensive end Brandon Willis to flip from Tennessee to North Carolina. (Willis would later transfer to UCLA, then back to North Carolina, then back to UCLA. He has yet to play a down, but he is expected to play for the Bruins in 2012.) At USC, Kiffin would sign former Tennessee commit Markeith Ambles, a receiver who has since left the program. Of all the players listed above, only Miller — who never actually played for Kiffin — is still with Tennessee’s program.  [Emphasis added.]

And to think Junior was just getting started when he left Knoxville.


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8 responses to “One-man flipping crew

  1. Robby

    All part of the plan…


  2. WFdawg

    He’ll flip ya, flip ya for real.


  3. Bevo

    What an amazing tenure.

    Thanks for the laughs, Lane. And thanks for setting Tennessee back a few years.

    The only problem is that Lane’s team kicked our ass. 😦


    • Cojones

      Yep. And that’s why I hope we meet them in the big one next year.


      • Yes; me too Cojones; But don’t see why the “NCAA”, or other ‘Powers That Be’ do NOT put in a rule that once a recruit signs on to a particular Institution they would have to remain there unless they are removed by staff or NCAA or would that be against their ‘So Called Rights?’ “BUT”; guess they would then claim that {RULES} ‘ARE LIKE PIE CRUSTS’; “MADE TO BE BROKEN'”


  4. Scott

    Joe Paterno has reportedly died. Sad that it ended for him the way it did.