Change the locks.

Derek Dooley continues a Tennessee tradition:

… The Volunteers landed some secondary help Saturday, when four-star cornerback prospect Deion Bonner committed while on an official visit to the UT campus. The 5-foot-11, 185-pound Bonner, from Columbus Carver High School, is the fifth Georgian to commit for this class.

Bonner had numerous scholarship offers from schools such as Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia and Southern California, but his recruitment took a downturn following his involvement in the theft of items worth nearly $2,000 from the Georgia locker room during an open house in April. Bonner was charged with one count of theft by taking, which is a misdemeanor.

Best of luck, Andre Lott.


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15 responses to “Change the locks.

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tennessee sucks. Bonner is a kid with talent who nobody else would touch with a 10 foot pole. Dooley knows this is likely his last year, so why not throw in all the chips?

    Tennessee’s greatest success came with derelicts like Leonard Little, Dwayne Goodrich and Albert Haynesworth there. Dooley has nothing to lose.


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      And Dante Stallworth, how could I forget him? That’s murderers for those keeping count at home.


  2. Macallanlover

    TN has a long tradition of overlooking ANY transgression, regardless of how egregious, if it helps their football team. Their code of ethics is the closest to The aU of all their SEC brethren. Winning excuses everything, it did under Foolmer, and has continued under SOD. I still cannot believe even they could have embraced Junior. The guy came in and replaced UT pictures with USC photos, refused to continue their pre-game “creed” recitation tradition, and they totally sold out in supporting him. I hope Bonner steals Dooley’s orange pants, and sodomizes Smokey and the recruiting “ho”-stesses


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Bonner then stole the pen used to sign his letter of intent.


  4. WVMtnDawg

    We DO of course remember this kid is Crowell’s good buddy right? Not slamming Crowell, but any character issue that may have surfaced I hope gets worked out with both of them.


  5. $2000.00 theft is a misdemeanor in which State? I know there are 1000 lawyers on this cite and we all know that is $1500 over a misd.. I suggest that as long as he was a UGA recruit possibly it might want to be handled as a misdemeanor but now that he is going to UT that is either a felony or possibly conspiracy to commit a felony theft (also a felony) Someone forward this to that goofy Clarke co, DA.


    • CLT Dawg

      He wasn’t the only one involved, and the overall total was $2000, hence the misdemeanor…


      • see the reference to conspiracy , the act of one attributable to all, vice versa, blah, blah blah.. in any event he’ll look good wearing orange doing is community service on the side of the road. good riddance.


  6. fishookdawg

    When Dooley took over at Tennessee, the 1st thing he said he was going to do, was to “change the culture” up there. Two years later and things like losing, must have changed that idea with the offer to Bonner. Hopefully when his visit is over, nobodies missing anything.


  7. Joey

    Don’t forget Jason Respert.


  8. Al Wilson(another Tennessee player back in the 90’s) killed a lady while driving drunk so Rocky Top has TWO killers.


  9. Joey

    I think that was Leonard Little.


  10. Dang. Tennessee plays at Sanford this year. I hope we assign them a “minder” for the duration of their stay in Athens.