If you prick Nick Saban, does he not bleed?

Justin Taylor’s coach hears from Saban’s sensitive side:

Did Saban mention anything about the public reaction to the situation?

“Yes. He said he caught a lot of flack for it and took a lot of criticism. He wasn’t mad at Justin for anything. He said stuff like this is just the nature of the beast. That’s really all that was said about it.”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that sensitive.

Seriously, though, read the rest of the Q&A and tell me if you see anything there that amounts to a binding commitment on Saban’s part to sign Taylor next season.  I didn’t see word one about anything being put in writing and it sure sounds like there’s a huge back door if the kid’s knee doesn’t ever pass the smell test.

That all being said, it sounds like Taylor is certain about what he wants and he can’t complain at this point about not knowing the lay of the land.  More power to him and I hope it works out for the best.


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8 responses to “If you prick Nick Saban, does he not bleed?

  1. Lrgk9

    Bless his heart…


  2. Macallanlover

    “prick NicK Saban”….redundant.


  3. charlottedawg

    Does it say something about Saban and winning in general that even though everyone knows he will cut you when the arrangement doesn’t suit him, all these kids are dying to play for this guy and when they are on the team leave it all on the field and don’t make many mental errors? contrast that with CMR’s being an upfront and decent guy who motivates his players and makes people want to play for him out of love and respect, not fear. Not saying richt’s way is the wrong way just that for every john wooden type there’s an adolph rupp, and both sides of the coin can be effective.



      Ruthless people will usually fare better…..in THIS world…
      If the question is….”Which is the more excellent way?”,
      I’ll take CMR and his standards and morals.


    • Hackerdog

      Ruthlessness has always been a very effective strategy for success. As for kids wanting to play for Saban, I think it speaks more to the hubris of youth than anything about Saban. Every D-1 prospect thinks he’s the next four-time All-American.


  4. PCPUP

    Can’t believe you used “Saban” and “prick” in the same sentence.


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