It’s always springtime at Georgia recruiting.

Whatever else you might say about Mark Richt and Mike Bobo on the recruiting trail, you can’t say they won’t go the extra mile trying.

Dinner, church and jail – all in a day’s work.


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25 responses to “It’s always springtime at Georgia recruiting.

  1. Spike

    A long day, indeed. I hope it pays off.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Chico’s Bail Bonds………. let freedom ring!

  3. Sneaky Short

    Aaron’s Bail Bonds of Athens where its always spring time! I used to have the tshirt. There was a rumor if you got arrested with his tshirt on, he would cut you a deal. Never had the opportunity to find out.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    Good ol’ AJC, never afraid to throw a misleading headline out there.

    • hell .they’re not afraid to throw out a misleading headline , I’m convinced they relish the opportunity. You can now google Richt recruits in Jail and get a hit and that is about all the confirmation many journalists need.

    • Remember the Crowell missing bowl practice story that amounted to him getting treatment on an injury so he didn’t arrive until after the open portion where reporters watch was over? The one they quickly pulled down once it became clear they were full of it? Misleading headlines are nothing when you’re willing to put out entire articles that are 100%, grade A, bull plop.

    • Bevo

      Gotta get ‘dem “clicks”

  5. Big Shock

    I’m just hoping that his experience as a bonding agent doesn’t come in handy with his teammates in Athens…although since he’s a future owner of the business, it would have made a good recruiting pitch a couple of seasons ago.

  6. Will Trane

    Read the story. It told me more about Josh and his family. An outstanding young man and a great supporting family. Close to each other. Like that. Need his leadership and go-getter attitude on campus at UGA. Valdosta and Lowndes County always had outstanding young men and women. A great place and a great community to live and to raise a family. Super, super people. Miss living there even though I go back there often for many purposes. Reading the AJC story just brings you right back . Would be fun watching Josh play in Red and Black even though I have seen him in the Lowndes colors several times.

  7. AJC is just sleezy, etc.

  8. Dog in Fla

    “Ray Lewis is supposed to be on campus this weekend. Josh is excited about meeting one of the all-time football greats” who knows a little something about the business

  9. Cojones

    Is it true that as they visited the jail, they observed writing carved in the wall “Mett was here”?

  10. I understand and enjoy most of your posts but this is a tad obscure, (Mettzenberger was arrested in Milledgeville ,I thought

  11. Boz

    From the other AJC article on Muschanp going to church with JHC: “It created quite a stir when Florida’s coach showed up at church last month. “We gave everybody a heads up, and they were surprised to see [Muschamp],” Clemons said. “And the collection plate was equally surprised.”

    Somewhere, Cam Newton and his pops are smiling…

    • Dog in Fla

      So is Julie Roe Lach as she prepares to unleash the enforcement powers act to determine whether Mark or Boom, or both, gave an offering and, if so, who gave the greater amount. That is an egregious act up with which tNCAA will not put.

  12. Evan

    Interesting that the Valdosta headline is about JHC taking his visit to Miami, rather than Richt’s visit.

  13. Scott

    How are we looking in recruiting? I don’t follow it. Anyone commit since Gurley? Are we still expected to land a few more?