About a love that was sure to end

Antonio Crawford and Paul Johnson are headin’ for a showdown.  Cue the strings:

… Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson heard about Miami’s flirtations and had a 20-minute phone conversation with Crawford on Thursday. Crawford said his Georgia Tech scholarship will be jeopardized if he boards the plane to Miami on Friday.

“Coach Johnson basically said ‘If you’re looking around, then we’re looking around,’” Crawford said. “He said if I take my visit to Miami, they are bringing in a guy at Georgia Tech this weekend for a visit. If that guy commits, then he takes my spot.”

It takes Paul Johnson twenty minutes to tell a kid “if you make that trip you’re dead to me”?  The man’s communication skills are clearly overrated.

Is Crawford willing to take the risk? “I’m still visiting the University of Miami this weekend,” he said.


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28 responses to “About a love that was sure to end

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Paul should know his threats only work on his normal recruits, the guys whose only other offers include the likes of Middle Tennessee State, Troy and Sisters of the Poor.

    • Yup. He’s basically telling this kid, “If you go to Miami to sample the beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and wide-open opportunities to advance to the NFL, you’ll be throwing away an opportunity to spend four miserable years taking calculus and playing under a cranky old bastard!” It may have taken Johnson 20 minutes to have that conversation, but I’ll bet it didn’t take the kid even 1/4th of that time to make his choice.

      • Hell, it sounds like, if anything, Johnson reinforced the kid’s decision.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Yup. Unfortunately, the Johnson doctrine is less than effective against kids with a bit of reasoning power. “If he’s so scared that these other schools are good enough to steal me away, maybe I should go see why these other schools are so much better than Tech.”

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Get this picture…you are trying to get your 18-year-old son to take out the garbage…..you say “if you don’t take out the garbage I will get somebody else to do it.”

          • gastr1

            Not only that, people just don’t take well to being threatened. It’s not really a way to make a good impression…right when you’re competing with others making good impressions.

            I think Tech will eventually get rid of CPJ. They will tire of this kind of stuff along with 7 wins a year.

            • I hope they do not. UGA needs a practice squad for this option offense every now and then. Those buzzards are also somewhat a sure win most of the time vs CPJ. He actually makes for an interesting subject to comment against most of the time. He has no redeeming quality in him. LOL.

              • gastr1

                I concur with all of that…he is the perfect foil. Wins just enough against everyone else to incur no pity and retain his arrogance, yet is too full of himself to ever change his ways to be good enough to beat us….a Loser with a capital L.

  2. If the kid does take the trip to Miami but still ends up at Yellow Tech. won’t that be a pleasant situation for him on North Avenue!

  3. Chris

    Funny since Coach Man Boobs, just yanked the scholarship from a guy that had been committed for 11 months due to grades.

  4. timphd

    Johnson is such a dink. He cuts the offer if a kid takes a visit, but he continues to recruit “committed” kids like crazy. No double standard there.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    “If that guy commits, then he takes [Crawford’s] spot.” According to one blog, Tech has 17 commits including Antonio Crawford. Paul the Johnson is a johnson.

  6. Spence

    This is a modification of the Penis Doctrine. Used to be his scholarship was gone, but now it’s only a possibility. Perhaps Johnson is just excercising one of several options.

    • Puffdawg

      This is what everybody is overlooking. I love how he’s changed his tune. Now he only revokes the scholly if he can find someone else to replace the kid.

      • SCDawg

        +1. This guy must be a better player than the one he revoked under the previous Johnson Doctrine.

      • Spence

        What’s even more interesting is that Tech is only at 17 and likely won’t fill up, so Penis Boob’s threats are really just a bunch of hot air. Which makes it even more confusing, cause why would you make empty threats to an impressionable 18 year-old that is about to go to Miami?

        Then again, why would you ever coach at Tech or have any affiliation to that school?

  7. Me

    Johnson didn’t threaten his #1 recruit,Francis Kallon, and the tech unfaithful tried to rationalize that by saying his visit to auburn was not an official visit, so that visit didn’t count.

  8. Spike

    What a douche. I hope the kid gets on the plane to Da U. It would serve CPJ right. Call his damn bluff.

  9. Irishdawg

    Why would anyone want to play for this jerk off?

  10. Alphadawg

    Tech also has an OL commitment taking a visit to Auburn this weekend.

    I would love for CPJ to pull the OL’s offer and for Bobo and Co. to sign him?

  11. Comin' Down The Track

    I was born on Jeff Lynne’s 21rst birthday.

  12. sUGArdaddy

    This is why tech won’t get elite recruits under johnson. The best of the best are going to shop around. They only get this opportunity once.

  13. Cojones

    A stiff Johnson has no conscience.

  14. DawgPhan

    Again and again…Tech and CPJ prove that they deserve each other.

  15. Just Chuck

    So little confidence that the Tech experience sells compared to everyone else. Why would anyone who’s visited another school ever want to go to Tech?