The 2% man

You want to know how toxic a candidate Craig James is?  Chernobyl-level toxic:

“If you ask the average Republican voter… he’s remembered for the scandal at SMU and using his position at ESPN to get a wildly popular coach fired. He is by far one of the most hated men in West Texas.”

That’s not hyperbole. Last year Stefan Hankin of Lincoln Park Strategies threw Craig James into a statewide poll and found that James was less popular in West Texas than Barack Obama.

“It’s not that people in West Texas don’t like him,” said Mayes. “It’s that nobody likes him.”

Which, again, makes you wonder what the WWL sees in the guy.

(By the way, if you want to hear what Leach’s attorney said on Finebaum’s show about James, here you go.)


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21 responses to “The 2% man

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I wonder if any of this is sinking in on Craig?


  2. ChicagoDawg

    I weep for the 98% who live in a land where 2% of their fellow citizens long for the leadership of Craig James.

    2%??! One can only assume that James has an enormous extended family, who happen to be likely voters.


  3. orlandodawg

    In what kind of delusional world must James live in, to think that he was even remotely electable?


    • JudgeDawg

      The deludional world where folks are interested in watching at halftime video of him working out.


    • Stoopnagle

      I’d like to agree with this, but I live in Paul Broun’s district.


    • Go Dawgs!

      That’s my question! It seems impossible that someone would commit to a run for the Senate without first doing some polling to find out of one is among the most hated men in the state. While much of the funds for the campaign are donated, James also has plenty of his own skin in the game. Why waste it when you’re completely unelectable? Was this one of the promises SMU made to him when he committed? That they would get him elected to the Senate one day?


    • gastr1

      I still think it was simply a parachute for getting axed by the WWL. Come on guys, WWL ain’t that stupid. You got a guy that gets you a lawsuit, you get rid of him.


  4. Craig James could hire an entire PR firm to smear Mike Leach and get him fired, but apparently never did the minimum of polling or focus-grouping it would’ve taken to find out just what a fool’s errand his Senate run would be. Amazing.


    • KennyT

      Why is that amazing? Our political history is filled with all kinds of stories of candidates who over-estimated their own popularity with the public. Plus this is the same PR firm behind all of the Swift Boat info/propaganda on John Kerry. Perhaps they sold James on his “popularity” with the fine people of Texas and convinced them that they could work their magic on James’s opponents.

      Very little should surprise us in American politics anymore.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    I wonder how much of James’ obvious popularity we can transfer to any other World Wide Order of Weasels personality. You reckon it has dawned on any of the deep thinkers at the network that James is a problem for them whether he is working for them or not?


  6. OKDawg

    There is a poetic justice in the fact that James hired a PR firm to oust Leach, but there exists no such firm capable of getting him elected.


  7. HK

    But he was a part of the pony express. I mean thats a great nickname from football and its fun to say. We can’t let all the hard work of whoever came up with that go to waste. Lets make people keep listening to him.


  8. Dog in Fla

    “That’s not hyperbole.”

    But this is: “I get what is going on in the real world and I’m going to bring a fresh ‘real street’ perspective to Washington, D.C.,” James said. “When I go to Washington, D.C., you can rest assured, that I’m going up there to kick the skunks out of the bushes.”


  9. Cojones

    Last I heard, ponies express pony shit. Jesse James needs to pony his shit up about cheating big in college thereby demeaning the game, but what does he do?; he uses his boss, ESPN, and spreads shit all over college coaching as if he has no good regard for the college football game or his alma mater.

    After thoroughly ruining two Texas Us, he embarks on a delusional campaign to take a Texas political icon’s place. That means there are no women who would vote for him and to compound the issue, he has his photo taken during a joke about women’s boob sizes.


  10. Skeeter

    Craig James will not rest until the murderer of those five hookers is found.