Urnge Love Story

Shorter Mike Hamilton:  Hiring Junior means never having to say you’re sorry.



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7 responses to “Urnge Love Story

  1. TennesseeDawg

    The rest of the SEC also agrees that Kiffin was a good hire.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    I hate to admit it, but reading that interview made me dislike him less.


  3. South FL Dawg

    Yes well he may be a nice guy but if you’ve ever hired people you assess 2 things that he missed…how likely he is to not jump and how well he fits with the culture. That’s to say nothing of following rules which Lane failed miserably at. His recruits didn’t last either. What exactly does Hamilton think made Lane a good hire? Nice guy but he can’t admit he made a mistake.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “There’s a sign that hangs over the football locker room door that the players touch on their way out onto the field that says, ‘I will give my all for Tennessee today.’ Not to sound too hokey, but I had one of those signs hanging over my garage door to remind me every day when I left for work what I needed to do.”

    Derek gave Mike another sign as a reminder



  5. Cojones

    Notice that he didn’t reply to the Fullmer part of the question?

    Hell, I outright like this guy in this story . Far be it for me to criticize anyone who has his priorities and has acted on them. Makes me feel like a little sad coward to say anything snarky about anyone with a human side this big. Does anyone here feel they have anywhere his level of guts and ardent beliefs to make these moves at this age in your life? Says an awful lot of good things about his wife and partner as well. I will never think in the same manner about Hamilton as I have been led by my selective reading of the past. I would be no more astounded than if I read that Kiffen was going on mission tomorrow to Apalachia accompanied by his wife and brother-in-law.