A single, hazy event.

After seeing some of the images from JoePa’s funeral, the question I wished somebody had asked Paterno was whether he would allow any of his grandchildren to spend unsupervised time with Jerry Sandusky.  An honest answer to a question like that might have done more to bring a sense of closure to the sad mess at the end of his life than the pap those with access to the man served up.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Sure Paterno would let his grandkids hang out with Sandusky. Remember, Joe had never heard of child molestation. Joe also didn’t seem to care when Sandusky continued to hang around Penn State football facilities even after he knew of the accusations nor is there ever been any evidence that Paterno confronted “his longtime friend” after hearing these allegations.


  2. Scott

    Surprised you didn’t travel up to there to beat up his corpse.

    And to answer your question, I wouldn’t let my kids hangout alone with any adult male unless they were family. I am sure most of us, including Joe Pa, feel the same. That doesn’t mean we think any of our adult friends are child molesters.


  3. Always Someone Else's Fault

    JoePa didn’t want to believe what was happening. Fans of JoePa don’t want to believe that JoePa could talk himself into ducking what was happening. “I wasn’t sure,” “I didn’t know that grown men could do that sort of thing to a boy,” “I turned it over to the next guy up the chain….”

    It’s tragic, sure, so I can feel for the guy and his family. Sucks having a mortal sin exposed so late in life that contradicts everything you claim to stand for.

    But that’s what happened.

    It doesn’t erase all the good that Joe did. But the good doesn’t erase the evil in it, either. And yes, what Joe did was evil. Good people occasionally do evil things, if the stakes are high enough, and they talk themselves into believing those things weren’t in fact evil. Basic human nature, unfortunately.


  4. Indemnitor

    Hmmm….joepa claims to be a scholar of Greek and roman lit from an ivy league school but is not familiar w “man -boy rape ” ?? Give me a break gramps. ! Bury him face down I say


  5. Spike

    “… for good men to do nothing…”


  6. Oh me; will some of you folks ‘Get A Real Life’..
    Suppose Jesus/God never forgave some of us for things we have done and are still doing!!..