Take this for what it’s worth.

Mel Kiper likes the senior talent on Georgia’s defense this season.


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  1. Tim K

    I guess he didn’t get the memo that Jarvis Jones is returning


  2. Tim K

    My bad…seniors only…


  3. Cojones

    Let’s see: Freshman: at USC, Sophomore: was transferring and sat out season at UGA, Junior: played for Dawgs. Why isn’t this his Senior year? If he turned down going to the NFL, wouldn’t that be after his first year for pro eligibility; his Junior year?


  4. Will Trane

    I don’t know why but I like the talent on offense.

    Crowell, Marshall, Gurley…Murray, Mitchell, King, and the TDs keep coming into vision.

    Corwell, Marshall, Gurley…and company. Keep seeing numbers, hash marks, side-line, TD. Scorched turf. Marshall, yes, the Clark County Fire Marshall might want to put up signs around Sanford Stadium…Fire Danger and Explosions.

    Think the line will be a lot stronger, quicker, and more athletic. Believe these guys are going to create and to set up running lanes across the field for these RBs

    Can not imagine a more dnagerous running game in the country with these 3 TBs. They get 15 carries a game each, it would not surprise me if each could not have an average of 100 per game. Plus they get to protect their bodies and legs for better pro contracts.


  5. Bevo

    I do to. I expect our D to be excellent, again.

    I expect our offense and ST to cost us some games.


  6. Our D not only has to be good, they’re gonna have to score for us. Our O-line next year keeps me up at night!!!


  7. southerndawg

    well this was our new o-lines firft year so I am willing to give him that chance


  8. southerndawg

    first year sorry …. as for the D they should be the best in the sec if not the nation … there are 9 coming back out of the 3rd rank def in the nation


  9. Rebar

    Barring injuries, I like our defense too. Duh! Replacing Boykin will be a chore, but I think these guys are coming back to play for each other on what could be a great run next year.


  10. beau

    I think the D will be great, but if Bobo doesn’t change his play calling in the second half of games they are going to be on the field the entire time.


  11. Take this to the bank and cash it…..The O line will be very good giving the RBs gaps and second tier ops…the tight ends will be well utilized both in blocking and receiving…the WR/slots will be excellent, Murray will be better and more consistent, FBs will carry the ball and block effectively, the Special Teams will be much better in returns of punts and kickoffs, the Dline and LBs will dominate, the DBs will prevent and intercept more than last year. Bobo will get advice from the HC and other offensive coachs and be more varied in his calling….the Dawgs will win the East and with a winning record carry thru the SECCG and on to the MNC…I’m selling this so who’s buying in?? Get on a positive start and GATA Dawgs!!!



    Even if Georgia gets to the SEC championship game undefeated, they will need to put a real lickin on the West’s entry.
    There are going to be cries of “weak schedule” and “imposter” coming from all sides and that may be the only way to quiet them….even if Georgia accomplishes THAT, there is such a backlash against the SEC’s recent domination of the MNC, that Georgia could very well get screwed out of the chance to win it all..(see “Jealousy of the SEC in the heartland” to be promoted by the wooden indian and his crew on ESPN)……Best scenario….win them all and hope there’s not two other undefeated teams. Or hope that SC and FL and AU have amazing years except for their loss to Ga…and last of all but very important…beat the living hell out of every team you face….And all of that, is a pretty tall, yet doable order.


    • CharlotteDawg

      Same could’ve been said of Auburn in 2010 and their east champ made the Chick-fil-a bowl. The west champ will be highly ranked and if we beat them with an unblemished record we’re going to Miami. The schedule or for that matter anything outside of Athens GA is not Georgia’s biggest challenge.

      Georgia’s biggest problem is themselves. Georgia can be either be the greatest team Richt’s ever coached or supremely disappointing in 2012 (like 2005 Tennessee disappointing) it is completely up to them. They have the talent and players to burst onto the scene as the new money program in the SEC but it’s going to depend on if this group gets a big head when they haven’t even won anything yet or if they recognize the opportunity in front of them and seize it recognizing that opportunities like this don’t come along often.


      • UGLYDAWG

        CharlotteDawg, I agree with all that you said. My premise was that IF the
        Dawgs run the table, they will still face prejudice from the voters. I suspect that even as we dream of what might be, some “voters” are conspiring to rate the Dawgs far enough down that they can’t make it up “against a weak schedule”. My prescription is to wil them all and win them big.
        It’s a long shot at any rate, but one we can hope for.
        Yes we have seen this show before. Who can forget the whipping Alabama gave Georgia during the “blackout”. Handling the hype is job one. On field performance will follow if heads are in the right place.
        When we see “hunger over hype”, we will see what we have been longing for.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If UGA wins all its games, including the SECCG, the team WILL be in the BCSNCG. You can take that to the bank. Look at Okie State’s schedule. If they hadn’t lost to Texas Tech they would have been in the BCSNCG this season. Look at Bama’s schedule in ’11–almost the same SEC schedule as Georgia when you include UGA playing LSU in the SECCG (the Dawgs missed Arkansas but Bama missed USCe, a team that beat ’em last year) and the Dawgs had a harder OOC schedule. Those pencilneck ESPN talking heads can say anything that they want but if UGA wins all its games in 2012 they won’t be badmouthing the Dawgs much because then the ESPN folks will look pretty stupid if the Dawgs keep winning. They won’t want to risk that and the attendant loss of face that would cause.


  13. Zdawg

    Wow, an entire day without a post from the Senator. This concludes an impressive outpouring of multiple posts on consecutive days (??). Honestly, I don’t know how he keeps doing it. If I don’t hear from him by tomorrow, I’ll check over at Heirloom Market to see if he is pulling off a multiple day BBQ bender….


  14. You’re excused; Senator; but just “Go Dawgs”..