Name that caption, recrootin’ edition

This is simply too good to resist.

(Todd J. Van Emst - AP)

Let ‘er rip in the comments section.


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52 responses to “Name that caption, recrootin’ edition

  1. JasonC

    Cecil found the bag!

  2. We got the delivery of the pre-paid Visa cards.

  3. Spike

    Trooper, you never have to tuck your shirtail in as long as I am head coach here. All in, baby!

  4. Bulldog Bry

    TT, you can wear your hat backwards as long as I’m here!

  5. Spike

    Thanks for the coffee, home boy.

  6. SCDawgFan

    $200,000 going once…twice…sold!!

  7. JayBird

    UGA’s are still pissed we won the crystal!

    • Scott W.

      UGA’s are still pissed we won bought the crystal!
      Fixed that for you.

    • Puffdawg

      Seriously, you guys cheated and got away with it. They only people who are stupid enough to think otherwise are Auburn fans and the NCAA. There is not another school or fanbase in the country who believes you deserve that trophy. Now go away.

      • Macallanlover

        The NCAA knows it too, only the AubieCanes are too dumb to figure out what happened, of course, in Trooper they believe. The only good think to come out of 2010 is the whole nation now knows they are the new SMU and Miami in CFB. Their faux title gets put in the same trophy case with Barry Bonds’ record. Might have well taken that $180K and bought 6 of those crystal balls, same level of respect, more tee shirts to sell.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The problem is, however, the AubieCanes DO have a crystal football and haven’t been stripped of the BCS title, the SEC Championship or all the games they won with a player they bought and paid for. Hell, the bastard even got the Heisman. Cheatin’ works, unfortunately. That’s why cheaters do it.

          • Macallanlover

            Both Emmert and Slive’s lack of action is a black mark against all of CFB. I said then, and still feel, ignoring the obvious violation by not enforcing the rule has undermined future punishments from these two bodies. You cannot selectively enforce rules and maintain respect.

            • Scott W.

              They aren’t after respect but money. Something they’ve made abundantly clear.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Agreed, Mac. Plus, before it is all over this may result in a mass exodus of D-IA teams (at least the ones that matter) from the NCAA into another organization. One can only hope. It would certainly serve the NCAA right if that happened. As for the SEC I have long said we should throw the cheaters out and reform the conference with teams that do not cheat.

  8. Irishdawg

    Troop, my bookie came through after I took the Giants and the points; give it up! Now, get that kid from Mobile on the line, he’s got a new scooter with his name all over it, baby!

  9. Eric

    “Hey, hey, hey. I have someone in my office that will lessen your fear of getting caught. Hey Cec, mind talking to this kid for a minute?”

  10. Puffdawg

    “They bought it! We’re clear!”

  11. Normaltown Mike

    The wire just hit his account!

  12. “Trooper, they found your towel.”

  13. Coach Hewitt...

    Allright Troop!…Dentist said he could see me Tuesday!!!

  14. Dog in Fla

    A celebration happens when Chiz says*, “Don’t worry, they haven’t shut the Broward Pipeline down yet, we’ll get you a new one!”

    *After Trooper asks,“Who stole my hat?!”

  15. ChicagoDawg

    Score! We just landed another round of venture capital to plow into acquiring headcount….start up the plane, weeze going shopping.

  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    “I just heard the bag man was killed in a car accident.”

  17. a convo between 2 morons

    “Trooper, I see you’re wearing the new Carolina blue Auburn shirt that just came out. Nothing says Auburn like Carolina blue baby!”

    “You said it G-chiz!” (chucklin)

  18. Danny Sheridan IS the bagman. AMIRITE!

  19. Mean Machine in Red and Black

    Yesssssssss!! I just pre-ordered the entire Twilight series on Blue Ray!!!

  20. Faulkner

    Damn, at first glance I thought it was Charles Barkley. My first thought was Barkley’s comment about Chiziks hire being racist since the job should have gone to Turner Gill according to the round mound of rebound. How attitudes change when you acquire a championship.

  21. Puffdawg

    I found a movie about this whole Auburn thing you guys might want to check out. Enjoy!

    Getting Away With Murder (1995 2010)

    A well-meaningpaid man discovers the downside upside of taking the law recruiting rules into your own hands in this black comedy. Jack Lambert Gene Chizik (Dan Aykroyd Tom Cruise) is a college ethics professor coach who lives next door to a kindly old sleazy young man of German Texan descent named Max Mueller Trooper Taylor (Jack Lemmon Cuba Gooding Jr); Jack Gene is also in love with a attractive doctor junior college football recruit named Gail Cam Newton (Bonnie Hunt Will Smith), whom he plans to marry. One day, a FBI agent Yahoo! Investigator approaches Jack Gene with some rather surprising news — Max Trooper is actually Karl Luger the son of John Blake, a escaped Nazi war criminal failed NCAA football coach known as the Beast of Burkau Bamboozle and responsible for the deaths failed observance of thousands of people recruiting rules during World War II the last quarter century. However, Max Trooper has avoided prosecution on a legal technicality the ineptitude of the NCAA, which deeply offends enhances Jack’s Gene’s sense of justice loyalty. Outraged Impressed, Jack Gene poisons the apples on the tree in Max’s yard delcares “All In,” and before long Max Trooper has succumbed to the tainted fruit temptation of free reign. However, Jack Gene then learns that the FBI agents Yahoo! Investigator had the wrong man, and Max Trooper wasn’t really the (son of the) Beast of Burkau Bamboozle after all. Wracked with guilt concern for his job and the season, Jack Gene wants to do something to make amends it go away, so he calls off his engagement with Gail and instead Mike Slive and they begin to court Inga Jim Tressel (Lily Tomlin Steve Martin) and Lane Kiffin (Seth Green), Max’s frumpy and socially inept daughter one former and one current football coach familiar with recruiting violations cover ups.

  22. Dawg19

    “It’s official, Trooper! They removed Georgia from our schedule!”

  23. FortWorthDawg

    Hey,do you believe it? ESPN asked me onto their halftime show because they think I can coach!

  24. The Rodfather

    When did Al Bundy start wearing suits?

  25. Cojones

    “Julie Loe Rach was fired!”

  26. Indemnitor

    Gene: “you just drank from my spit cup, dumbass ”

    Trooper : “I thought my gin & juice had gone bad ! ”

    dissolve in laughter and high five’s..

  27. Coondawg

    “Auubrn head football coach, Gene Chizik, teaches Venezuelan Dick’tater Hugo Chavez the art of the High Five”

  28. wnc dawg

    “No, honest to God, I’m about to high five Hines Ward RIGHT NOW.”

    • Nate Dawg

      Damn – I came all the way down the comments list to find you stole my fire. Dude looks just like Hines in that pic, but with less class (even after the DUI). Very funny sir.

  29. Atlchris

    Hey Gene, Yeldon flipped to Bama so that means we get to keep that quarter of a million this year!!

  30. The other other Doug

    We gonna get paid……….suing Dominoes for using Cheesedicks likeness in a cheesy commercial.