The center cannot hold.

This strikes me as being a fairly big deal.

The NCAA will look this summer at retooling its Division I governance structure amid what some officials say is growing sentiment to further split its top football-playing schools.

Now there’s some mealy-mouthed bullshit falling from Emmert’s mouth about how this has nothing to do with changing the competitive format of D-1, but let’s face it – if the big boys are given free rein to govern themselves, does anybody really think that’s good news for San Jose State?  Just do the math.

… The NCAA has operated in its current structure for nearly 3 1/2 decades. The more than 1,000 school association formed Divisions I, II and III in 1973, and separated the football-playing members of Division I into what now are known as the bowl and championship subdivisions in 1978.

Disparities in the 120-member bowl subdivision have grown increasingly pronounced since then. Individual schools’ athletics revenues ranged from $3.8 million to nearly $144 million in 2010, according to the NCAA, prompting the less wealthy to lean more heavily on student fees and other institutional subsidization to try to stay competitive.

Once the split becomes official, look for major changes in how D-1 football operates, since the major conferences will be free to act on several fronts without worrying about sharing with the small fry.  (Then, the $64,000 question will become what happens to the basketball tourney, but I’ll leave that for others to fret over.)


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6 responses to “The center cannot hold.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve never understood why the basketball tournament can’t just stay the way it is and let football go off and do its own thing. There are many examples of schools that are solid Division 1 powers in basketball that don’t even deserve to be in the same room once the discussion turns to football.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Refine that a little, Dawgs. Somebody like Wake Forest, with 3000 undergrads, could be D1 in basketball and a lower teir in football, the best situation for both sports.


    • Cojones

      Really? Thought the classification was for “Sports” in the NCAA. This is a question based on my ignorance. Can you have two Divisional categories at the same school? Can that be changed easily back and forth?


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I don’t think it’s possible now. I was saying it seems worth discussing if the NCAA is ‘looking at retooling.’


        • Cojones

          Gotcha. Sounds like a reasonable idea, but those are not what the NCAA is known for yet.

          Would attendance to football games take a dump if Unholy U was playing their football team instead of ND? If income was mainly derived from BBall or other sports, then yeah, there might be a financial arrangement. Tailoring Divisional changes to the primary sport would differ wildly from program to program, but could represent an idea whose time has arrived. How do you get such an idea before the NCAA?


  3. Cojones

    Thanks for cleaning the children off the gtp site, Senator.