Hell hath no fury like a momma scorned

Landon Collins’ mom definitely ain’t happy with Nick Saban.  Her heart belongs to The Hat.

In an interview with a website called MomsTeam.com, Justin expounded on her distaste for the Tide as Collins’ choice, saying that “[Alabama] want[s] to redshirt – or greyshirt – him and they want him playing nickleback instead of safety. He is the top safety in the country and he will never play a game his freshman year.”  At the choice of school for her son, LSU, “coach Les Miles is offering to play him as safety during his freshman year.”

She also claims that her son’s girlfriend has been offered a job in Saban’s office, the implication being that his school loyalty is following his little head around.  (Shocking to think that could happen, I know.)

But for all that, you have to wonder if the woman is a little clueless when she says things like this:

“His (Nick Saban’s) goals don’t meet the criteria of the family; they meet the criteria of Alabama,” Justin added.

She has to be the only person in America who finds that to be a profound observation.  And if she thinks Saban is unique in that way, she’s even more clueless than I already think she is.


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14 responses to “Hell hath no fury like a momma scorned

  1. bad parenting 101

    That woman is batsh*t crazy. It’s really not surprising that her son wants to get away from her.

    With that being said, she may have some valid points. But she has no idea how a parent should attempt to get those points across to her son.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Saban ain’t got time for his Momma’s shit.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    She needs to shut her mouth, on many levels. For one thing, the more a momma runs her mouth like this after a kid makes up his mind, the more I wonder if there wasn’t some sort of side benefit waiting for momma had her son signed with LSU. Maybe a booster who wanted to offer her a job, much like the one girlfriend got in Coach Saban’s office? For another, she’s going to alienate her son if she keeps running her mouth. But, no, this is momma’s 15 minutes of fame and she’s going to gobble up every bit of it.

    Shut your mouth, lady.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Incidentally, given the choice between Nick Saban and momma, I’m going to defer to Coach Saban on all matters involving where a player should play.


  4. RB

    It’s amazing that parents who pull this kind of crap don’t realize the damage they are doing to their kids’ minds.


  5. Will Trane

    Why do parents, high school coaches, friends, and etc of D1 prospects and recruits put this kind of stuff out there? Serves no purpose. You have to let young men and women make choices in life. Too many parents want to share in the lime-light with their offsprings…that’s good, but stand in the back ground and be quiet about it. Why attack a program and its coaches? Whether it is GT, Bama, LSU, Carolina, and etc., it does no good. I would not want this kind of stuff directed at the Dawgs coaches. People want to create an enviroment that all coaches are bad. If you have a beef with a program keep between you and the coaches. Do not put it out there for the public. Way, way too damn much of this today.

    Keep recruiting Dawgs. Close out strong.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Okay, I’ll play devil’s advocate. Maybe a Momma with limited means and no experience dealing with a process like recruiting on a national stage is doing all she can think of to keep her son from making what she believes is a huge mistake. She’s right about a couple things, the kid could get a legit shot at starting safety for a lot of schools, instead of nickel at bama – without the redshirt or grayshirt.


    • AusDawg85

      And maybe she just wants him to get to his junior year of eligibility ASAP and chase those Pro $$$.

      Just saying…


  7. Dog in Fla

    This just in from Jonesboro


  8. BMan

    Two thoughts. The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw the shirt was that this must be what Derek Dooley wears around the house.

    Second, from what I’ve read about this story, the mom seems like she’d be the type that will be demanding a house when her son gets out of school in a few years.


  9. Silver Creek Dawg

    Found out a couple of interesting things about this situation.

    First, the mama is apparently trying to horn in on her son’s newfound notoriety; Collins lives with his grandparents and she has had little interaction with him for a while. He invited her only because she lived close by in Orlando.

    Second, the girlfriend is barred by a 2010 NCAA rule preventing anyone involved with a prospect to work in an athletics office for the two years prior to him enrolling in school to two years after they leave school. It’s the athletics office only; she in theory could work anywhere else on campus and it’s kosher.


  10. DawgyinNC

    2 items:
    1- the NCAA rule that Silver Creek Dawg is referring to only applies to basketball. That sneaky Saban……
    2- Have you guys seen the pics of Landon Collins girlfriend. I would follow my little head too.


  11. Spike

    Has she met Mitch Mustains’ mother?


  12. LCDAWG

    where did she go to College? What’s that…she didn’t finish high school,,oh o.k. never mind.