And heeeeeere’s signing day!

Filter today’s craziness through Paul Myerberg’s summary:

For now, the fast and quick guys are going to U.S.C., Alabama, L.S.U. and the like. The fast but not quick guys are going to B.Y.U., Kansas State, Missouri and the like, programs that seem to be doing fine with the hand they’re dealt. The not-so-fast and not-so-quick guys go to the Sun Belt. That’s signing day in a nutshell. Now we can ignore the recently-committed recruits until they step onto practice fields in August.

All the rest, as the wise man once said, is commentary.  The thing is, we like the commentary… we need the commentary.  For that, Groo’s got some handy links for us here.

And remember, sometimes it’s about the food.





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26 responses to “And heeeeeere’s signing day!

  1. Puffdawg

    “I Blame Bobo”: OC’s struggle for resepct continues, Josh Harvey-Clemons style.!/Mark_Schlabach


  2. Cojones

    Clemons. Josh Dawson. Now if Avery and a couple more just step up………



    There’s some goooooooooood stuff goin’ down today!


  4. Normaltown Mike

    I love Christian’s tweet.

    Every year when the camera pans the crowd at Butts-Mehre, I notice 2 or 3 men in their 70’s wearing a red Georgia logo wind breaker standing around.

    If that’s me in 40 years, somebody shoot me.


  5. Nate Dawg

    Speaking of needing Avery to come on down, anybody know any injury status on Dallas Lee? I don’t recall seeing him play in the bowl game although I hope I’m wrong. Man he was playing well until the broken leg…anyone know anything about his status for next year?


  6. Cojones

    Looks like that’s not the half of it. According to CSS, JH-C’s guardian will not sign the LOI to Georgia; – after the kid commits and signs on tv and it appears that the Guardian did also.

    CSS reports that the G-Unc wants him to go to FU instead. That would go back to the report that the G-Unc didn’t want him to redshirt and Richt couldn ‘t promise he wouldn’t. My paranoia now goes to the church meeting where the G-Unc gets a call from jail and instead of taking care of business himself, sends JH-C and his sister to cover the bail Bondsman action. Although Richt went by the jail and met some more on his way out of Valdosta, doesn’t the whole scenario smell like rat to prevent adequate contact between Richt and JH-C? And the player, being true to his heart, picks UGA (much to the surprise of G-Unc) anyway while the whole world watches. Now it seems that Muschamp is in the running for JH-C as well and the matter isn’t resolved…..yet.

    Instead of taking the high road here and saying FU doesn’t want someone whose heart is with another team since it conflicts with the interests of FU’s team and the player, JH-C, Boom is waiting for the G-Unc to haul JH-C off to FU against his will. Where the fuck is the NCAA when you need their ass? Maybe the Collin’s case has a mother about to be shaded by a bigger mother. Remember now, the G-Unc has been public about his intention for the player to get part of his bail bondsman business later. Attempted bribe or pressure to ensure he goes where G-Unc wants him to go? Ain’t that against the rules? Maybe Fu will call only G-Unc when their sweethearts get thrown in jail; therefore, isn’t that an implied benefit if JH-C stays in Fla? Just think of the business that FU can throw a bail bondsman’s way. Hell, he could go national.

    The smell of this thing has to have made it’s way to Nap Town by now. This ain’t just against momma’s wishes now, it’s bringing influence against the best interests of the player. It’s also plain to me that Josh played along until in front of the nation. Could it be that he objected to the church incident also?

    Ok, Barristers, what can be done legally to reverse the Guardian’s power?


  7. NRBQ

    Don’t know who “G-Unc” is, but JHC’s legal guardian is his grandfather, Woodrow Clemons.


  8. Cojones

    Rivals ranked UGA at 10th when Josh announced and we are now back to 19th in their rankings. They also said it now is up in the air between UGA and FU. Rivals also shows us with 18 in the class. His LOI is not listed as received. We went to 9th on Scout at his announcement and now are at 13th. CSS lists our top 5 and JH-C wasn’t listed.

    Granpa won’t sign as long as Josh is naming UGA.


  9. Scott

    Here is a memorable play from a former 2 star Rivals athlete: Mikey Henderson