Sticking around

A lot of folks (including me) saw the parallels between Tennessee and Auburn back in 2009 – both programs flushed out successful head coaches, both brought in replacements without the greatest track records, both spent wads of cash on assistant coaches, both crowed about the recruiting prowess of their new staffs…

It turns out they’ve got something else in common.  In what sounds eerily like what’s happened to Junior’s only recruiting class, Auburn is also going through an impressive rate of attrition.

… Remarkably, 43 percent of Auburn’s 2009 and 2010 signees are no longer on the team, or never joined the program in the first place. That’s a brutal percentage, especially as Auburn sits with the SEC’s fewest 2012 commitments and two new coordinators who inevitably will weed out some veterans…

… The missing signees are spread out among positions. They include six offensive linemen, four wide receivers, four defensive backs, three linebackers, three running backs and three defensive linemen.

They’re not just fringe players. Forty percent of Auburn’s four- or five-star signees listed by from those years are gone. That doesn’t include five-star offensive lineman Shon Coleman, who hasn’t played while fighting cancer and remains in the program.

Maybe that’s just a coincidence; Auburn hasn’t lost a single kid from its last class.  But it’s a weird one.  Does it take time for a new staff to shake off some of the mercenary vibes before settling in?  Or do Trooper and the Laner have something more in common?

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  1. Avery Young

    Now that signing day has happened is this item relevant any more? Auburn seems to have answered the above.