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Come for the football. Stay for the Beacon Drive-In.

Something tells me this is going to be a hard sell.


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Already trying to fit in.

I certainly can’t say this guy’s representative of his ilk (although it is approvingly linked by Rock M Nation), but between the typos and the almost-drunken level of confidence, this post is as proudly delusional as anything a Gamecock fan would have posted during the Holtz era.

Welcome to the SEC, friend.  If you can’t dream during the preseason, when can you?



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Envy and jealousy: silver lining edition

Seth Emerson has the last word on yesterday’s triple dismissal:

What’s the most cynical, ironic statement one can make about all this?

For all the rumors, three freshmen have been dismissed from the team – and none of them were named Isaiah Crowell.

Nicely played, sir.


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