Already trying to fit in.

I certainly can’t say this guy’s representative of his ilk (although it is approvingly linked by Rock M Nation), but between the typos and the almost-drunken level of confidence, this post is as proudly delusional as anything a Gamecock fan would have posted during the Holtz era.

Welcome to the SEC, friend.  If you can’t dream during the preseason, when can you?


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  1. JayBird

    Uh, yeah, right. You’re gonna have to “show me” Mizzou, ’cause I am laughing at that crap. I think this guy is soon to learn about big boy football.

  2. Robby

    Look up “Delusional” in any major dictionary and this article is exhibit “A”

  3. BMan

    Did my third-grader or my fifth-grader write that piece? I need to find out so I can appropriately punish him for becoming a Mizzou fan, and for writing so horribly.

  4. gastr1

    Love how MIssouri is going to put up 42 on next year’s defense. They might be able to do that in three games…

    • SouthGa Dawg

      My first thought too. Grantham’s D giving up 42. I don’t think so…

      • Cojones

        Yeah and SC is “5-star” vs UGA “3-star” and they will put one more pt on the bd vs SCs “great” D than they will vs UGA? Bama is a “4-star”, Fu is a ‘5-star”? Delusional doesn’t begin the conversation. Ignorant fits better.

  5. Darrron Rovelll

    Wow …. I mean uh …. Wow

  6. Turd Ferguson

    It’s going to be fun watching as two new teams — and two new fanbases — are introduced to an entire season in the nation’s toughest conference. “What is this ‘defense’ thing they keep talking about? Why won’t they let us score? I don’t like this one bit.”

  7. TennesseeDawg

    Franklin is going to have a big day rushing against Georgia. This guy makes a Gamecock fan look reasonable.

  8. JasonC

    Start SPREADing the news Mizzou iz gonna be champs fer shure!

  9. charlottedawg

    Say what u want about thhe schedule but at least one if not two teams will be significantly better than anticipated. although my money’s on auburn or the gators not mizzou. Georgia can run the table but they’ll need to bring their A game , every game, which includes Mizzou.

  10. TomReagan

    That’s a 39.7 scoring average in conference in case anyone was wondering.

  11. fetch

    OK first thoughts. He has USCe and FL as HARDER games than UGA and ALA. wtf? 42 on UGA, 43 on USCe, & 35 on LSU. Has this guy ever seen an SEC game?

  12. The Original Cynical in Athens

    The money quote from the entire piece:

    Well ll it is Missouri’s first home game and their first in the SEC. More than likely place will be more than sold out. So Missouri will have a 12th man in the crowd that shows up.

    They have no idea what they are getting into. I would not be shocked if they beat us, but by the midway point of the season, their depth will be severely depleted and they will lose most of their last handful of games.

    • Boz

      I like how talks about the game being sold out, like that’s novelty.

      • Seriously. Their 12th man is likely as loud as Kentucky’s. What’s there stadium, 60-70k? *Yeah*, that’ll be a problem.

        I too can see us losing the game, but not because of anything like he describes.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I will be severely shocked if MU defeats the Dawgs — the team must arrive composed and with a solid plan for that QB though. No more early season, hype-deflating flops for these ball players, it has been taking the edge off the college football year for me.

      And this Green-Beckham kid will probably turn into some kind of receiver, but a five- or six-man pass rush can limit that.

  13. Bob Greasy

    Please, oh please let all of their fans be just like this guy.

  14. Chuck

    Back in the mid 80s I was a member of Toastmasters, and every year, when I was scheduled to speak before baseball season began, my speech would explain why the Braves were going to win their division that year. Eventually, I was right.😉

  15. Nate Dawg

    How ironic he’s talking @ winning the SEC yet he rated & talked about us like we’re any ol’ avg Big 12 team, which we are neither – not Big 12 & not avg.
    In other news, Mrs. Patterson, my 2nd grade teacher, would kick his ass over this grammer & punctuation.

  16. Number 14

    That was the funniest thing I have read in quite a while.

  17. Cojones

    Sshhh! Think of the bets he’s setting up for some of us.

  18. Hogbody Spradlin

    And he screens his comments too. Real big man.

  19. El Dawgo in El Paso

    Need to invite him over here for a dose of SEC reality. Never before have I pulled for UTK, USCe, UK, Vandy, UA, and UF against another team in the same season but there is always a first. Cannot wait to read his postseason analysis after running the gauntlet that is the best conference in college football.

  20. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Stupid, yes. Delusional, no. This is a program that has averaged 9 wins a season since the arrival of Gary PinkIe. I have Missouri going 9-3 next season and 5-3 in the SEC East. If Missouri gets an upset in 1 or more of the games it is supposed to lose (i.e. UGA, USCe and Bama) theoretically it could win the SEC East. If it could get to the SECCG it has a puncher’s chance to win the SEC Championship. Stranger things have happened. We’ll find out about Mizzou when the Dawgs play them second game of the season at Missouri.

    • Cojones

      In the meantime and just for the sake of consistency, let’s up their status to “Rivalry”. That way we can have a hardon from start to finish this year.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Any team in the SEC East definitely qualifies as a “rival” IMHO.The Tigers are a conference and division foe.

    • fetch

      Is it theoretically possible. . yes. But he talks about it like it’s Divine Providence and it would take a complete reversal of the laws of physics to not go undefeated and play for it all. I mean, they haven’t ever won the Big 12, there last conference title was the ’69 Big Eight title. They’ve won 10 or more games in a season 4 times in their 120 year history, yet he thinks they will go undefeated in their inaugural SEC season?

    • Georgia Roads Scholar

      I agree that it’s possible that we come back from Columbia with a loss, and the “writer” is right that we aren’t always on our A-game early in the year. But….

      … if we lose, it’s not going to be because of defense. The spread in not a new innovation in the SEC, and Grantham has it under control. None of the teams we lost to last year ran the spread as their primary scheme (I’m pretty sure). And it’s not going to be because of the crowd, as even if Missouri gets 70K in there, that’s still smaller than 8 of the 11 other SEC stadiums we’ve already visited.

      If we lose, it’s going to be because we shot ourselves in the foot, as always. But if we come in mostly focused, we win.

  21. To be clear…we didn’t “approvingly link” to it at Rock M — somebody just posted it as a fanshot (and was called wildly optimistic). I had never heard of this site until somebody linked to it.

    • I’m not knocking the post (okay, except for the grammar, maybe)! I enjoy the guy’s enthusiasm, crazy though it may be.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Not as crazy as it might have been in previous years. Florida and UT are both down. UGA, while coming off a 10 win season lost its last 2 games last year and Mizzou gets the Dawgs early and in Columbia. USCe has never been a power, has been doing it with mirrors the last 2 years and should start to fall back to earth soon, IMHO. Vandy and Kentucky are, well, Vandy and Kentucky. I remember when the old SWC let Houston join and Houston won that conference its first 2 years in the conference. Arizona State won the PAC-10 shortly after being admitted to that conference. There is precedent out there.The key for Missouri is that it MUST beat UGA to really have a chance. Florida and UT just aren’t good enough yet to win the East and USCe is a pretender. If the Tigers can get the tiebreaker over the Dawgs, then Missouri has a chance to get to the SECCG.

      • UGLYDAWG

        Man, you know Grantham might have written it! The D definately needs to see it…again and again…

  22. RMN

    Yeah, as Bill referred to, FanPosts contain the following disclaimer:

    “FanPosts may be posted by any RMN member and may not reflect the views of the management staff of Rock M Nation or SB Nation.”

    I don’t speak for everyone, but I’d imagine it would apply almost perfectly here.

  23. Hobnail_Boot

    Was this on XBox or Wii?

  24. Dante

    And everyone needs to keep in mind this is the less delusional of the two teams we welcomed into the SEC this year.

  25. waynebradley

    Psychosis…definitely a psychosis of some sort.

  26. Jaws

    Sounds like a SEC fan to me lol. But he’s gonna get his eyes opened 2nd game of the season.

  27. WH


    But, allow me to rebut: At no point during your inane ramblings, did you utter anything like an intelligent thought. Everyone here is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Seriously though, I think 4 losses to East teams next year would be a good introduction for them.

  28. cousin eddie

    USCe finally has some competition in for preseason championships.

  29. Spike

    How can I find the locker room bulletin board?

  30. peligroperro

    I seem to remember folks on this site deriding Okie State and Boise as not ready for big boy SEC football. That didn’t go so well for us.

  31. Tenndawg

    The overall theme of winning everything is a bit crazy but beating Georgia early is not. This staff has yet to have the team ready early in the season. See USCe, Ok State, Colorado and Boise. I am still waiting to see our team come out and dismantle teams like Bama does in openers.

  32. GADevildawg

    I just cant stop laughing…..this guy makes Gamecock fans seem realistic. Love some of the rationalizations on the Alabama and UGA games…..interesting he gives the Vols so much respect but i guess he is has been drinking the Dooley kool aid being a local. This blog was started in Jan of 2012 by a Mizzou fan who resides in TN who despite living in SEC country shows he doesn’t know much. Any monkey with a computer could put out a better analysis but not one as entertaining.

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