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Hines Ward’s ultimate dream

All I can say is that the fan base would go nuts if this ever happened.  (h/t Jim from Duluth)


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A long, innocent Sunday question

For those (and judging from the comments I’ve read on message boards and blog comment threads, there are plenty of you) pointing to this week’s dismissal of three members of the Dream Team as evidence that Georgia signing less than the number of scholarships it had available is a serious flaw which must be addressed by recognizing that any given class will have some kids doomed for failure and thus adjusting the offers extended accordingly – embracing the inner thug, so to speak – could you live with the “thUGA” label sticking to the program as the price for that?

Bonus questions:  are there particular positions more prone to bad behavior/stupidity than others?  I mean, if it’s best for Richt to plan ahead, how detailed should those plans be?

I’m not staking a position on this – I’m as disappointed as anyone about this week’s developments – but I wonder if the dismissals are the best reason for throwing stones at Georgia’s recruiting strategy we can find.



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Coach Franklin, I don’t think we’re the ones who are worried.

Presented without further comment:


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Sunday morning buffet

Jump right in:


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