Coach Franklin, I don’t think we’re the ones who are worried.

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19 responses to “Coach Franklin, I don’t think we’re the ones who are worried.

  1. adam

    Something about that just makes me think Franklin is a homophobe. I’ve heard Richt say things like that about players before, but he’s never felt the need to say anything about his sexuality after doing so.

    Though, I guess calling Franklin insecure would be like calling the ocean damp.

    • Doug

      Prime example of what I’m talking about when I diagnose Franklin with an acute case of little-man syndrome. Not secure enough in his sexuality to just let the comment go, had to tell everyone how hot his wife was. Yes, James, I’m sure she’s a dead ringer for Christina Hendricks (with a body to match), a four-star chef in the kitchen and the brains of a nuclear physicist.

      Ten bucks says Franklin drives either a loaded full-size SUV with bigger tires and a lift kit or a Corvette with a vanity plate alluding to the length of his penis.

  2. X-Dawg

    Did Rex Ryan have a love child?

  3. mwo

    WTF? There is no context I can think of which would make that an appropriate comment by Franklin!

  4. NCT

    When they blur out the bare bottom of a five year old on America’s Funniest Videos, they make it dirty where it otherwise would not have been. Franklin just rendered a non-sexual remark sexual by adding sex to it. Creepy.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    Does Franklin ever know when to shut up?

  6. heyberto

    Sounds a little Sanduskyish to me. Creep.

  7. Mike Cooley

    James Franlin is the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. Mike Cooley


  9. Cojones

    Some of you just can’t bring up Franklin’s successes can you? He has succeeded in single-handedly perpetrating a large payback rivalry with a Giant of the East that approaches the payback fervor of last year’s Auburn game.


    Franklin seems to be a man given to excesses of expression. He often takes things much further (farther?) than is necessary for a situation. For example, after the UGA game. During comments on recruiting. Comments on his rising program at V..And now….this.
    I’m sure there are other examples, but not wanting to be like him, I’ll stop.
    But you watch….he’ll go to far…Maybe he take Biden’s place.


    I should have simply said….”Franklin tends to get carried away”. : }

  12. That dude ain’t gonna last long in this league.

  13. El Dawgo in El Paso

    “Don’t worry about me…” Too late, coach, too late.

  14. Reptillicide

    Dude is such a creep.

  15. Clearly James Franklin does not understand kids today …