Stats are for LOOSERS.

[Ed. note:  Yes, I know that’s a typo in the header… which is more than I can say for about a quarter of the people who post on message boards.]

In today’s edition of “I Blame Bobo”, Patrick Garbin painfully tracks a comparison of Mark Richt’s and Mike Bobo’s terms as offensive coordinator in twelve different statistical categories, scores it overwhelmingly in Bobo’s favor, notes that Georgia has won at a far lower rate with Bobo as OC and concludes:

… It’s no secret that many in the Bulldog Nation (including yours truly on occasion), during Georgia’s last few seasons of mediocrity, have been quick to point the finger at Bobo’s play calling as a major issue.  However, at least comparatively speaking, I’m beginning to believe that Bobo isn’t necessarily a problem but maybe a scapegoat, and something else besides his play calling, or lack thereof, should be focused upon.

BWAHAAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…  wait, what? … he was serious about that?


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  1. Jason

    What is wrong with what he wrote?

    Seriously, you’re going to have to spell it out to me b/c I don’t get it. But I will admit that I’m dense sometimes.

    • Sarcasm.

      There’s nothing wrong with what he wrote. Go tell that to the folks who want Bobo canned or demoted because… well, because.

      • Zdawg

        I blame Bobo for Jason not understanding.

      • Jason

        I don’t understand why pointing out that Bobo as OC has been statistically better than Richt as OC is reason for saying that it’s ridiculous to can Bobo. What if you didn’t think Richt was that great as an offensive coordinator to begin with? Is it crazy to want to can Bobo and bring in someone from outside the program to be OC?

        • What makes you think Richt would do better the next time around?

          • Jason


            I don’t think he’d do better. That’s why I’m talking about bringing in someone from outside the program to run the offense.

            • I meant with the next hire, not him taking the reins back. If Richt won’t change his overall coaching philosophy, what difference would a new hire make?

              • Jason

                Well, 2 out of his 3 defensive coordinator hires have been successful. I think he does a pretty good job when hiring from outside the program.

                As far as his coaching philosophy goes, if he brings in someone from outside and gives them what I’ll call “almost autonomy” (like what Grantham has), then his philosophy doesn’t matter as much anymore. He’s more of a CEO at that point.

                • 81Dog

                  ummm, Richt is a head coach with an OFFENSIVE background. It’s pretty plain that his preferred offensive philosophy is to run a pro-style offense. If you want a head coach who’s just going to toss the keys to the offense to his OC and let him run the spread, or the west coast, or the wishbone, you’re probably never going to be happy with Mark Richt.

                  What the numbers show, in a pretty clear fashion, is that the offensive production at UGA is as good as ever, probably better than ever. I suspect if one charted out the defensive stats over the Richt era, the reason UGA has less wins during Mike Bobo’s tenure as OC than under CMR’s turn as playcaller would be pretty obvious.

                • Richt is an offensive-minded coach. He approaches the hiring of his two coordinators differently. I don’t think your assumption is realistic.

                  • Jason

                    That’s very possible. He may hire someone who is similar to him. But similar doesn’t necessarily have to mean Richt II or Bobo II. The new guy could still run a pro-style offense but have a different philosophy on how to utilize it. Think about how many variations of offense there are in the NFL.

                    But I get your point that he may not be willing to hire someone even as different from him as what I describe above. But it doesn’t mean we can’t analyze it and call it necessary as fans. Hell, for the longest time a LOT of people thought he wouldn’t fire Martinez and that he’d go down with that whole in his ship. People can change…even Mark Richt.

                  • DawgFaithfull

                    Totally agree. I have argued on this post before about how Bobo is certainly the scapegoat as is the OC in many other programs when things start to go south and I got ripped. Bobo calls the game the way Richt wants him to. Bringing in another guy wont change that. Richt is an offensive guy and this is his philosophy. He calls games like an NFL coordinator. People who dont know shit about football aren’t worth arguing with. You know like the people who cant figure out why Bobo calls a run on 2nd and 10 after an incomplete pass on 1st down. People, it’s very common to make that call. 3rd and 7-8 is alot easier to convert than 3rd and 10. Its not so much conservative as it is good football sense. NFL coordinators make this call all the time. Then there is the 3rd and 17 from our own 16yrd line situation where Bobo calls a draw. Again, very commom. We do not have a lot of plays in the playbook for 3rd and 17. You’ve got a young QB and you are backed up in your own territory. Good football sense says to call a conservative run and set up a good punt, play defense. LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. Better than a pick in your own redzone. It happens all the time. ITs smart. I love it when this happens and the guy sitting next to me starts cussing Bobo. I just want to reach over and slap him because he is such a retard and probably never played football. ITs pepole like this that blame Bobo for everything. Bottom line… If our defense keeps improving on last year, it almost doesnt matter WHO is OC. We’re gonna have success. Stop blaming BoBo people. Look at his numbers as OC. The proof is in the pudding

                    • Edawg

                      How about a draw play on 3 and 15 from our own 45? I saw that little gem dialed up this year. They (Bobo and Richt) are not beyond criticism. Not even close. So get down off your soapbox, Johnny Knowitall.

                    • DawgFaithfull

                      I’ll say it again. We dont have many plays for 3rd and 15. In this instance from our own 45 you call a conservative play for the same reason. You dont want to turn it over at mid field when you have the 3rd ranked Defense in America and your QB has struggled with throwing picks. You live to fight another day by pinning them in their own redzone and trusting your Badass defense. It puts pressure on them. Dumbass. You sound like that retard who has never played a down of football.

                    • Edawg

                      Hey DawgFaithful/Knowitall,

                      This was in the second game of the season. You know, the one where we gave up 45 points? The game following the game where we gave up 35? Ring a bell? We didn’t exactly have the 3rd ranked defense at that point.

                      You’re a clown.

                    • Edawg

                      Also, how much do you stand to gain by moving up the 5 yards that you typically get on a long draw? You move from the 45 to the 50. At the 45, you can tell Butler to just boom it. You can’t really do that at the 50 b/c if he catches it clean, it’s in the end zone.

                      Again, you’re a clown.

                    • DawgFaithful

                      Yes the SC game. I was there. They had 3 defensive TD’s(picks and fumbles by inexperienced QB) and a special teams TD, Blair walsh missed 2 Fg’s and we lost by 3 pts. I’d say the defense did a great job of keeping us in that game until the 4th quarter when Lattimore finally broke a couple of runs. Dumbass. Im not saying that you should run a draw on every 3rd and long idiot. Nobody does that. There are many factors in the decision like, the score, time left in the game, the way your defense is playing, or they way your QB has handled situations like this in the past in games and in practice. These decisions are all calculated. Bobo never just calls a draw up the middle because he cant think of anything else to call. Sometimes we get aggressive in that situation. I dont remember the specific play you are referring to but there was definitely some logical reasoning behind it. Its not about trying to get 5 more yards and then punt. Its about TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. Also there are other options rather than booming it into the endzone. Have you ever heard of a directional punt? Did you watch the punter for the Giants last night? You are the epitomy of the ignorant ass UGA fan that I was refering to in my original post. Maybe you should be alling the plays. Me… I’ll leave it to the experts. And if I dont really understand something, I dont go around sharing my opinion like its Gospel. Long live Bobo and Richt. To hell with Tech and ignorant fans like you

                    • Edawg

                      The defense gave up 24 points that day. Not terrible but not great. Oh, and they gave up 400 total yards.

                      Again, this is the week after we gave up 35 to Boise.

                      One final time, you’re a clown. Keep trying to convince yourself otherwise though.

                    • DawgFaithful

                      They gave up 24 pts but 7 of those came on a QB sneak after a fumble was returned to the 2 yd line. Technically 24 but In my eyes they actually scored 17 pts on our Def. It shows your ignorance that your 1 example of Bobo’s bad play calling came from Georgia’s 2nd best offensive output of the entire season. 42 pts. and we missed those 2 Fg’s. How many pts should Bobo’s Offense be scoring? That draw didnt hurt us to bad did it?

                    • DawgFaithful


                    • DawgFaithful

                      42 pts on the 6th ranked pass Defense in the country. Great game to reference there buddy. Youre making a strong case

                    • Edawg

                      You’re a real piece of work. You can’t justify the one specific play that I brought up, so you put words in my mouth telling me that I’m complaining about scoring 42 points.

                      You’re a clown. You’ve proved it. There’s nothing left for me to say. But go ahead and respond about 5 more times making crap up if it makes you feel better.

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I didn’t get it either. And I’m not dense.

  3. heyberto

    Re: the Bobo situation… I think you can make a case that Bobo’s situational play calling is where the problem lies, not on it’s overall effectiveness. But I’m not one that’s on the blame Bobo bandwagon.. for no other reason than I just don’t believe it would be any different if Richt were calling plays. I think the problem has been more of a lack of an effective defense.. which we got back this year after several years absence. I’m just saying that I get the argument against Bobo, but I do think the notion that things would be different if he were removed or left is ridiculous.

    • Jason

      Agreed…unless Richt brought in an outside guy to run the offense. Then I think things would be different.

      • Dog in Fla

        She says no, things would not be different,

        that it’s time to get on the bus and

      • Dante

        I firmly believe that’s what needs to be done. The best way I can think to articulate my position is that right now in Richt’s mind Richt IS the offense, even with Bobo at OC. Like when Richt decided to roll the dice to set up a FG during the Michigan State game, he told the press he believed in his kicker. What that tells me is that it never occurred to him to believe in his offense. And that’s because he IS the offense. He needs a separation. Richt needs an advocate there who’s pushes Richt to keep his foot on the opponent’s neck offensively. He needs someone who will push him to think of the offense as its own separate entity. I still think Bobo’s play-calling is where it probably should be for a decent SEC OC, but he’s too much of a protege to get in Richt’s face and demand respect like a proper OC should. I think they would both be better coaches apart from each other.

      • Hackerdog

        I doubt it. As others have said, Richt’s philosophy is to play great defense, good enough offense, and rely on your kicker to win games. If we have a lead late in the game, we start milking the clock rather than trying to score.

        This philosophy comes up short when you play mediocre defense, or have a mediocre kicker. This year, our defense was really good, but our kicker was mediocre. But the only game that Richt recognized that was the Florida game.

        Whether his philosophy is right or wrong isn’t the point. It is what it is. We could bring in Petrino as OC, but if Richt tells him to start milking the clock in the third quarter, we won’t be scoring as many points as possible. If Richt tells him to play for the field goal, then a mediocre kicker can end up costing us a game.

      • heyberto

        Jason, i don’t see Richt ever doing that. He’s an offensive coach, he’s always going to handle some portion of that. Any O.C. under him will not have complete autonomy to do what they want… Richt will gameplan with whoever he hires, he’s just not hands off like that. Maybe one day he’ll get to his mentor Bobby Bowden’s style of ‘CEO head coach’, but I don’t like that approach because when coordinators get hired away for other jobs, you have to rebuild (like when Richt and Amato left FSU) almost from scratch. If Bobo left, Richt could replace him with little disruption.

  4. Ginny

    What I find so great about this is that it’s so logical. The numbers are right there in front of you. I am no Bobo apologist but it blows my mind sometimes how much is put on him. I mean just absolutely reaching for straws to somehow find a way to put whatever is wrong with the team on him. I just have to laugh sometimes. I guess blaming Bobo is the trendy thing to do.

    • 81Dog

      come on, Ginny. Why let actual facts get in the way of how some people feeeeeeeeeeel about Mike Bobo? If the other facets of UGA football (defense and special teams) had done their job the last few years as well as the offense…..and last year, the defense was the strength of the team….we’d have a few more wins. Bobo may not be the best OC who ever lived, but he’s pulling his weight.

  5. Alphadawg

    I’m guessing the Senator forgot to use the Sarcasm button on his key board?

  6. Derek

    The disconnect between perception and reality is Bobo’s fault.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Something like what Huxley wrote about cleansing the doors of perception so that Man would see everything as it is, infinite? Sorta like the last nearly infinite 20 years vs. the Gatahs. I like the other reality where the Dawgs run roughshod in Jacksonville and generally make a nuisance of themselves!

  7. sUGArdaddy

    Simply put, it’s because people don’t know football, especially as a whole. Bobo is our best recruiter and it’s not even close.

    We simply forgot to play defense most of those years. Is he perfect? Heck no, but no one is. I’m hard-pressed to watch CFB games and find offenses I want to run more than ours. I like what okie St and Stanford do, but I’m not convinced it would work in our league. What bobo did with our o-line and train wreck of a running game this year was nearly a miracle. Sadly, mo’s UGA fans just don’t get it. He dialed up some doodies in the first QTR versus the best team in the land and our guys dropped the ball. It’s football. That’s the way it goes, but people want to blame someone.

  8. paul

    Okay, okay, okay. I give up. I’ll stop blaming Bobo. At least publicly. I reserve the right to blame him in my heart of hearts even if I know it isn’t fair, isn’t true and makes no logical sense whatsoever. Bourbon does that to me. See what I did there? Someone or something must be blamed. Bourbon or Bobo, it makes no difference to me. Either way, I promise to stop doing here on your site.

  9. we have won less with bobo because the defense has sucked most of the time he has been oc.

  10. I Wanna Red Cup

    I am amazed at how fans critisize single plays. You can always second guess, particularly when the play does not work. The other team is trying too, and many times a good play call does not turn out right because of execution.
    I’ll never forget when the Dawgs beat then # 1 ranked Florida 21-3 by running Henderson and Worley up the middle for about 300 yards. The next Saturday when we opened with the same play against our opponent (I am thinking it was Auburn) some moron behind me started booing and lambasting CVD for running the play. Luckily I had friends among me who prevented a fight when I told the guy he ought to just wear orange and keep his mouth shut.
    The other night I watched the FLA game again, and what struck me was what a good game Bobo called, Many of the plays that were successful were runs up the middle. The great calls he made that did not turn out well was mostly because of lack of execution ( i e Orson Charles running wide open for TD and Murray just missed him ). And I recommend watching that game again to remind yourself of how good Crowell played when he was well.
    Bobo is not perfect, but alternating booing and cheering depending on the success of a play is ridiculous. We have way too many fans who have their heads up their asses about this.

    • NRBQ

      But it is notable that UGA predominantly ran the traditional I formation (with the tailback deep) in that game. Then reverted to running mostly from the shotgun the rest of the season.

      I expected someone to have a “see the light” moment from the UF game with respect to alignment of the TB’s.

  11. JaxDawg

    Bobo’s offense is going to look a whole lot better paired with Grantham’s defense.

    • ***DINGDINGDING*** We have a winner!

      Although better special teams play wouldn’t hurt, either.

    • adam

      If he (and/or Richt) continues to shut the offense down to sit on a lead when the defense is playing well, then Bobo’s numbers may actually look worse. That could be the difference. When Richt ran the team, we didn’t score as much and didn’t have to to win.

      This is not me arguing numbers or trying to discredit Bobo though. It would be interesting though if his numbers went down and our win percentage went up, just like when Richt was calling the plays. The big difference was they Richt could count on the defense and never had to score 40+ to win.

      • adam

        “the big difference was *that*”

        Odd typo…

      • SRQDawgs15

        The problem with this is that a halfway decent OL/RB combo turns your “shutting the offense down” into controlling the ball and shortening the game. As was mentioned earlier in this thread, we beat LSU if not for a couple of dropped passes on great play calls from Bobo and we beat Mich St and probably SC if our OL could have blocked even a little bit. I know these are kids but the players should also be held accountable.

        • SRQDawgs15

          PS…..we also beat Mich St and SC if Blair Walsh doesn’t completely lose his (previously) AA kicking game and Mike Bobo has absolutely nothing to do with that

  12. AthensHomerDawg

    “Hijo”? Care to leave a comment here?

  13. TL

    There is one potential issue here with the comparison, and that is the overall surge in offense in the latter half of the decade as compared to the early half of the decade. I seem to recall something along those lines being discussed with the Willie Martinez debacle — that overall scoring went up so he got some slack in the 2006-2008 timeframe. So, I would want to see statistics that “normalize” these results to a baseline of apples to apples — essentially, solving for the overall scoring/defensive context in each year — before I stop saying that Mike Bobo is a problem.

    So, call me not convinced.

  14. Skeptic Dawg

    Is it possible that Garbin is claiming the Richt and his offensive philosophy is the problem? Many claim there would be no added advantage to hiring a new OC simply because that person would still run Richt’s play book.

    • I don’t think he’s blaming a specific target. He’s just arguing that the numbers suggest we should be looking beyond Bobo to figure out why the record has been disappointing over the past few seasons.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Fair enough. But it did seem like he was attempting to go somewhere with this other than a poor D (see Willie) and/or unspecial teams play.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The real problem is that someone has been making really bonehead decisions at the end of games. This problem probably existed going back for years but was covered up by superior personnel (particularly on D years ago and on O in later years) performing in the clutch and getting the win anyway. But starting in 2009 and accelerating to train wreck speed in 2010 someone’s bonehead calls at the end actually started costing the Dawgs wins. I don’t know exactly who made the calls as I was not standing on the sideline next to the staff when the calls were made but I do know who is ultimately responsible. The “F/U” factor cannot and should not be ignored. CMR needs to get somebody onto the staff to fix this problem or it will raise its ugly head again at the worst possible time.

  15. Have not read the comments yet.
    Richt is hands on with every aspect of the offense.
    Richt works with the QBs & attends the QB meetings. He helps develope the O Game Plan.He wears a head set during the game. He also helps evaluate the players after a game or after a practice. I believe he also evaluates the coaches after a game & after a practice.
    If he is satisfied with the job Bobo is doing, then so am I.
    Personally I thought Bobo’s best job results, marginally better, was the year Cox was QB & the D was terrible. 24 TD passes & 8 wins.
    Finally after watching a game , I check out the criticisms that I know are coming about Bobo & the play calling. I then rewatch the game using those criticisms as a guide line. Basically I never agree with what the critics are complaining about Are we watching the same Games?. I have to again agree with Richt that Richt & Bobo are combining to do a very good job with the Offense. I Blame Bobo..

  16. AusDawg85

    I think the Senator actually does get it right with his headline. Garbin rightfully notes that the Richt led offense has a definitive advantage in the ultimate statistic…wins / winning %.

    Sure, poor D, poor execution, etc. can be pointed to in the CMB losses (but not CMR’s?!). But some of the specific team readiness and play calling in our key losses over the past 4 – 5 seasons permit reasonable minds to ask a reasonable question…is Mike Bobo the best OC we can get?

    Ok…to avoid the wrath of Cojones and others who will now question my “Disney” credentials, can we phrase the off-season debate this way…”What would we like CMB to learn to become a premier OC as measured by his peers?” For me, this starts with game management and not just development of plays that frustrate a defense, but the wisdom to keep using them until the D shows it can adapt. (See BSU for examples.)

    • The Lone Stranger

      And maybe I can follow up your post by surmising that Bobo ought to be prepared to deploy his offensive players to best advantage since he did the recruiting. By almost all accounts, he knows the recruiting side of the game and if he knows his players as best he can then creating viable gameplans should flow from that insight.

      Maybe my point is that since nothing stays the same (trends, conditioning, even player dispositions from day to day), an OC has to be willing to recreate his philosophy a bit. It seems UGa has done that on D; why can’t the O shake up some more diversity.

      • adam

        If Bobo is really a great recruiter (as many people say he is), we really should start getting him to focus his recruiting ability on gettin us some amazing offensive linemen every year.

        • The Lone Stranger

          True dat…well, there is ONE in for 2012, so I suppose the Dawgs will build on that momentum.

    • Jeez,maybe I’m missing something but it seems to me that the complaint about not sticking with something that is working has been the one ongoing and consistent complaint that you can find on the site. I’m not inclined to go back that far but I recall that was one of the areas the Senator wanted to see improvement in at the beginning of the year was to see if Bobo would stop going away from plays at the end of the game that the defense has seemingly not figured out yet.. Your right ,I think that Bobo could be criticized for that in the Boise State game but I didn’t see it the rest of the season..

  17. JaxDawg

    I’ll also mention that until our OL can block tier 1 DL’s like Michigan State’s, Bobo’s play-action offense isn’t going to anywhere of significance.

    • The Lone Stranger

      …which makes the continual unpreparedness/flimsy nature of the OL all the more stupefying.

      • adam

        When’s the last time we had a good offensive line?

        Have we ever had a line at UGA comparable to the recent Bama lines?

        • The Lone Stranger

          No to that, though between ’07-09 the running game averaged over 4.5 tpc which is very healthy for the SEC. And outside of 2003 when Greene was on his back like 47 times, the OLine has not been shabby in protecting the QBs. Of course, the flood of negative plays this season was ludicrous and who knows what ’12 holds with two starters returning.

  18. charlottedawg

    I think in general Bobo does a better job than his crtics suggest and think that he is an overall decent OC. I think he’s different than willie in that willie was consistently getting worse as opposed to Bobo who’s at worst inconsistent because he intermingles great moments with WTF moments. However let me play devil’s advocate for a minute. 1) Richt vs Bobo is a false comparision. Richt as UGA OC wasn’t that great. real question is can our offense do better if we brought in an outside OC? 2)why has nobody else come around looking for Bobo as an OC? In my humble opinion until the NFL or another school poaches away CTG the biggest thing Bobo amd special teams need to do is “first do no harm”. It doesn’t matter if you score 42 points against the gamecocks if you also score 28 FOR them via special teams and turnovers. take care of the damn ball and make sure that if our opponenets do score it’s after they had to drive the length of the field against a top 5 defense. do that and we’ll be fine.

    • 69Dawg

      Amen brother.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I have absolutely no inside knowledge into UGA football, but I simply don’t believe that no other program has ever expressed interest in Bobo. If Neil Callaway and Steve Addazio can get head coaching jobs, then there is some other factor besides job performance keeping Bobo in Athens.

  19. The other Doug

    Is the Richt/Bobo offense just too predictable? 10 years is a lot of film.

    Also, I wonder how great Bobo would look with a decent Oline?

    • 69Dawg

      If it is executed a D has trouble stopping it but if we screw up even one play per possession we have to punt. Sometimes I think our O is just too complicated for 20 hour a week guys.

  20. 81Dog

    One thing that amazes me is the assumption some people have that it would be the easiest thing in the world to hire someone as OC who would automatically be better than Mike Bobo. If it was so easy to replace productive coordinators with better, or at least, EQUALLY productive coordinators, explain how we regressed after Brian VanGorder left town.

  21. shane#1

    When the great Norm Chow called a brilliant game to begin Fulmer’s downfall a few years back he was called a genius. When the remainder of the Bruin’s season went south Chow became an idiot. I suspect Coach Chow is neither an idiot or a genius, its just easier to look smart with USC’s athletes as opposed to UCLA’s.

  22. 69Dawg

    Richt doesn’t run a pro style O he runs an FSU O. He always has and always will. The only change he made to the FSU style was to somewhat utilize the TE. FSU never used a TE except to block. We hire FSU’s TE coach and the TE’s disappear for games. If this team ran a New England stlye O with the TE’s we have we would have been unstoppable. Richt makes Bobo run the 1980-90’s version of FSU. Our O works best when our O has better players but the scheme breaks down against good D’s then the D has to save us over and over.

    • 81Dog

      given the productivity of New England’s offense, and the fact that the skills needed to run it would seem to match up nicely with the type of offensive players UGA recruits, I have wondered if maybe we shouldnt be trying to learn from them. I know the pro game is different (hash marks, time between plays, more practice time), but it sure seems like we could find something useful there. I guess you could call it a freshening of our offensive approach, rather than a wholesale retooling.

  23. Dovedawg

    The one thing that Richt had as a play caller that seems to be missing is the knack for calling the unexpected play at the right time and having it work. E.g. the Haynes play 2001…the AU 4th and 12 in 2002…the David Greene fake handoff and long bomb v. LSU 2004…I miss those unexpected delights. We saw some in the FL game this past year when we went for it on 4th down 2x…but maybe because Richt was forced to gamble in a situation where everything was on the line…and I believe it was Richt who called those plays himself. Maybe Bobo can develop that knack this year

    • The other Doug

      I remember Coach Richt saying that Bowden used to leave him alone for almost the entire game, but would out of no where interject the unexpected play.

  24. Chadwick

    Really, this boils down to OL play, coaching and recruiting. Bobo operates within the criteria the HC wants, what has been frustrating is the lack of o-line depth, and the resulting competition for playing time. Injuries, poor evaluations, lack of numbers have contributed, along with a coach that didn’t seem to have the right stuff. I think we will be satisfied in the future.

  25. NC Dawg

    For the past decade, UGA has displayed the best sustained offensive production in my considerable memory. Has there been a REALLY bad year, offensively? There have been some sputters, sure, and some times we didn’t have a top QB at the ready, but on the whole …