“This is a bad place to have a personal vendetta, I can tell you that.”

If a couple of hillbillies got into a big enough pissing match over their two beloved college teams, you could expect blood to be spilt.

That’s not quite how it goes when such folk happen to be members of the United States Senate (h/t Dr. Saturday), probably because liquor isn’t involved.  But it’s close.



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10 responses to ““This is a bad place to have a personal vendetta, I can tell you that.”

  1. Spike

    Our tax dollars at work.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Let we still continue to elect these idiots from both parties.


  3. Partisan divisions on Capitol Hill being what they are, isn’t this basically a case of, “No fair, he stabbed me in the back before I could stab him in the back first”?

    And yet, as TennesseeDawg said, both of these guys are sure to be re-elected by massive margins.


  4. Scott W.

    Just because they are Senators doesn’t mean the pig changes it’s spots…er something like that.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    The political rancor is out of control now a days.

    Did you hear Dan Quayle shot and killed Robert Rubin in a duel at Weehawken?

    Yeah, a former VP shot and killed a former Treasury Secretary over a personal dispute. Outrageous.

    It’s Rupert Murdoch’s fault of course.


  6. Dog in Fla

    On the other hand, the more time they stay involved with the Hatfield v. McCoy feud and renaming the Gulf


    the less time they will have to be involved in matters of the vaginae


    Meanwhile, The Kenyan, who has an impersonal vendetta against people and a rooster still continues to put a spell on them by using an invisible teleprompter