Don’t you have, like, a school or something to run?

Nothing like another university president showing his ass over the football postseason:

Arizona State University’s president is calling for the end of college football’s Bowl Championship Series, pushing for an eight-team playoff that would leave the best teams out of the Fiesta Bowl and other BCS games.

Michael Crow appears to be one of the first presidents from a major university to publicly denounce the current system, which guarantees large annual payouts…

That’s bound to be a popular approach.

All you need to know about the man’s attachment to reality can be summarized in one sentence.

Crow said the current BCS system places too much emphasis on money and not the student-athlete.

What a profound revelation.  Perhaps he should clue his own conference commissioner, who’s pumping for a new, long-term TV deal for the BCS, in.  And while he’s at it, he might want to share his thoughts with the NCAA, as it’s currently pondering reducing the scope of the already less-than-whopping $2000 stipend proposed by Mark Emmert.


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7 responses to “Don’t you have, like, a school or something to run?

  1. Dog in Fla

    Larry Scott, regarded by some of his enemies to be Bad for the Universe*, is expected to invite the ASU President to an informal Come to Larry re-education camp to be held at a black site somewhere in the Mojave



    • Cojones

      Zack Jerome, The Bearfighter, talks my football passion heat against the bad guys. Larry Fucking Scott doesn’t have a chance. Wow! Jerome is the Senator with a hardon.

      Thanks, DIF. You dunnit again.


  2. Bob Greasy

    I am reminded of a Ned Flanders quote from an episode of The Simpsons. He goes to heaven and sees Homer there: “looks like heaven’s easier to get into than Arizona State.”


  3. The Bodyguard

    So Whitney Houston dies. Everyone saw that coming a mile away. We were fooled for a while, but she was just another idiot in an end less string of idiots. Marrying Bobby “I’m a ngga” Brown didn’t help.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, here’s a real question. We, me certainly included, whack the leather-patched elbow crowd for whining about athletics wagging the dog, but does the average university’s academic side actually profit from say…football revenues? Other than the often-quoted increase in enrollment from winning.
    And the money the athletic departments pay to the school for scholarships.

    Does any of the money go from say….TV to the university’s general fund?

    This is not a snark, I really don’t know.


  5. AusDawg85

    Ah…the universal university presidents’ mantra, “It’s about the student athlete…”

    Adding 3 games to create a 16 game season for the two championship teams, with associated travel and practice, certainly would seem to be helping them.

    And how many coaches would ESPN have to get on the set at one time to shill for their team’s inclusion as the “8th best and most deserving team”?

    And to Scorpio’s question…how much of that extra TV/playoff money would go back to further the educational charter of the universities?