Every day, every day, every day Corch writes the book.

And you can feel that next chapter coming on.

“I was very angry that would even be brought up, and there were fellow Big Ten coaches who were angry as well. And the commissioner was very angry, so there was a lot of…to have that make the presses, especially when it’s inaccurate, legally you’re not allowed to do that. That’s slander. To use someone’s name in terms like that is very wrong, but we moved on.”

Yeah, right.

Friendly word of advice for Bret Bielema:  the next time you face the Buckeyes, you might want to keep an eye on how they’re managing their second half timeouts.


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27 responses to “Every day, every day, every day Corch writes the book.

  1. AusDawg85

    He’s moved on, you can take Corch’s word for it. Just ask his daughter.

  2. Zero Point Zero

    Corch without Tebow may just need those timeouts. I sense mediocrity coming.

  3. Dog in Fla

    Irvin get angry, Irvin get mad, give Bielma the biggest lecture he’s ever had. They want a cave man, they want a brave man, Irvin show them that you care, really care for them. So Irvin, in a pledge of allegiance on a plaque to himself, says that this will be on his mind and on the minds of all of the players he flipped until they gradulate or are otherwise suspended for semi-automatic weapons violations from Horseshoe U.

    Go Buckeye!

    • Cojones

      That’s the first time I’ve read that speech she gave to congress. Were those really all verbatim words in her speech, including “malice to Tebow”? And “defensive play”? Incredible. I hadn’t paid close attention.

  4. pantslesspatdye

    He’ll be back to his old tricks in chapters 4, 5, & 6.

  5. travis

    I hope wisconsin runs it down his fing throat.

  6. garageflowers

    I’m not a fan of Meyer nor Ohio St, but Bielema and Dantonio sound like a couple of babies. And they did it publicly. Not sure I’ll be pulling for Meyer, but definitely not for those whiners.

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh grow up Corch. You’re impossible to slander.

  8. orlandodawg

    This is a very big deal to Irvin Myers and he won’t forget it. Bret Bielema is a bad guy.

  9. OKDawg

    Yeah, we know Urban has a short memory. Right. What the conference coaches’ should not forget and should continue to publicly expose is that Meyer was given the opportunity to focus solely on recruiting while the outgoing staff handled the day-to-day operations for the current team. That is a joke. Did Delany also wipe Urban’s ass for him during the recruiting rush so he could stay focused on the important stuff?

    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s a big mention, too. The B1G is squarely cutting corners for tOSU to clamor up out of mediocrity. You would think a conference, much like the SEC, would aspire to more parity — but that has never been the midwestern football way.

  10. 81Dog

    Bielma is likely to wake up with a Badger’s head at the end of his bed one morning this spring. I would personally be willing to OK Irvin leaving a Bulldog’s head at the end of Bielma’s bed, as long as the head was previously attached to Michael “It’s All About the Benjamins” Adams.

  11. Urban Meyer

    This is a bad deal. This will forever be in the mind of urban Meyer. When urban Meyer handles it it’s going to be a big deal.

  12. Urban Meyer

    Urban Meyer’s sandwich is going to be a big deal

  13. fanaticdawgfan

    These two may be babies, however didn’t #15 and Burbon Liar cry those big gay-dar tears on National T.V. no less, they should form up and have circle jerk!

  14. I am sure he will have a special chapter in his Memoir II in regards to the disrespect he always feels he is getting, just like that so called dancing in the end zone. He seem to have a skin so thin. If he did not leave FU, his Memoir II will likely contain something on Franklin on the way he reacted to Vandy’s decommits.

  15. The Lone Stranger

    From the League of Gutless Hypocrisy what would any of us expect, in using the media as a communal mouthpiece. Whichever side you take up with, Corch’s or the following rabble, tOSU clearly will not be doing any self-policing any time soon so the other 11 schools best strap in for hardball.

    After all is said and done, Irvin is still only an amoral slut. Not to put too fine a point on it!

  16. Mike

    It is a good thing the Richt put photos of Meyer calling a timeout throughout the Bulldogs’ locker room. Imagine what his record against Meyer might have been had he not done that!

    • The Lone Stranger

      The Richt! —- I like that, it’s a new persona and more potent than Evil Richt. And his record would have been about even had Corch employed similarly moral recrootin’ and disciplinary tactics.