Missing in action

Sanders Commings gets slapped with a two-game suspension to start the 2012 season.  Should be fun in Missouri for the rest of his cohorts.


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  1. why?

    So I guess Richt knows whether he’s guilty. Nice to know that he’s ahead of the court of law.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lemme tell youse guys….I saw Missouri live…that’s a pretty good football team, better than three or four teams on our schedule last year, we have more quality depth…or we did, and I don’t expect to get beat up there in the Zoo, but it will not be easy or dull…trust me.

    • Bob

      Concur. They are good and will be a load. We need to be at our best as their passion and emotion will be at a crescendo for that first game in the conference. Hope to be out there for the game.

  3. The Tick

    Unless a lot changes betwixt now and then, Georgia should still beat Mizzou by two scores.

    • NRBQ

      Mizzou has the fewest returning starters on O in the conference, and tied for least total returners overall. It shouldn’t be too tough.

      On the other hand, UGA beat Vandy by 4 points last year…

  4. Macallanlover

    I am glad CMR handled it and got the suspension out there for the team to work with. I have to say Mizzou is the one game I wish he were available for. I think UGA looks to be better but they are wide open on offense, and I expect that opening SEC game to be something they will point for all Spring and Summer. Glad our coach doesn’t play games with when punishment is handed out.

    • adam

      They did go 7-5 last year and lose a bunch of contributors and some starters.

      And we did win the SEC East last year…

      • Macallanlover

        True, I am not conceding the game to them at all. I do think Mizzou will be emotionally high for that home game, which means anything can happen as the best team doesn’t always win. The bigger point is with Commings and Boykin both not available, we will be playing, arguably, the best passing attack on our schedule with both of our 2011 starting CBs gone. Bad timing.

  5. dawgohol

    This is ridiculous. I’ve read nothing so far about the situation that has warranted going ahead and suspending him for games set to occur 7 months from now. Suspending him from team activities for the time being might be appropriate but this is overkill. It may be appropriate to issue this suspension (or worse) at some point but that is yet to be determined.

  6. Hobnail_Boot

    This makes zero sense. Either:

    a) He put his hands on his girlfriend and he should be kicked off the team, or
    b) He didn’t put his hands on his girlfriend and he is asked to remove the unstable component from his life between now and the Buffalo game.

    • Hackerdog

      c) He put his hands on his girlfriend in a very mild manner, so that she wasn’t injured, and deserves some kind of a punishment in between nothing and the death penalty.

      • SCDawg

        +1. Everyone should calm down a little bit about the suspension.

        • Whatever happened to running a kid’s butt off on the Sanford Stadium aisles until his nose bleeds every morning at 6AM for how ever many days it’s deemed appropriate to fit the “crime”? Football players love to sleep-in and hate to run, so that would get the point across. We’re killing ourselves with this loss of playing time. I know there needs to be punishment but we suspend one heck of a lot of guys every year. (Or so it seems…just sayin’).

          • dawgohol

            +1. Great points.

          • Hackerdog

            I’ve seen too many cases of “internal punishment” to believe it’s anything other than a cop-out. It’s kind of like a coach suspending a kid for the opening series of a game. It’s pretty weak.

            Suspending players for games aligns the players’ motivations with the coaches’ motivations. The players want all the playing time they can get, and the coaches want the best players on the field.

  7. E dawg

    I think Sean Connrey had it about right in regards to what women sometimes need from their man.

  8. NRBQ

    I think we’re dealing with a boisterous drama queen here.

    Per S. Emerson:

    One of the witnesses named on the arrest report also wasn’t reached, while another stated she did not see the incident, but picked up the girlfriend and that she “did not have any marks, but that she was very upset and crying and yelling.”

    Two other witnesses who were with Commings did speak, including former football player Jeremy Longo, who retired from the team last year because of injuries. Longo told the investigator that he, Commings and a third witness, Kyle Green, were leaving Magnolia’s (a downtown Athens bar) when Commings’ girlfriend “walked up and started talking with Mr. Commings … she grabbed his jacket and said ‘you are not leaving without me’ or words to that effect.” Longo then said he stepped between them, and the girlfriend again grabbed Commings’ jacket.

    “Mr. Longo said that Mr. Commings knocked her hand off him and pushed her away, but not in a hard manner,” the report reads. “Mr. Longo said that when she was pushed, that she did not fall down, but did not know where on her body Mr. Commings pushed her.”

    Apparently, Sanders just wanted to get away from her while she tried to cling to him.

    If no charges are filed, the suspension doesn’t smell right.

    • HVL Dawg

      I think Coach Richt and Sanders Commings have talked about this in detail. I don’t think Seth Emerson has talked to Sanders Commings.

      • NRBQ

        No, he hasn’t.

        The comments after the quotation marks are my own.

        I live in a “diverse” Georgia community. At my neighborhood convenience or grocery store, or general public atmosphere, I often witness confrontational behavior by loud, obtrusive young women that used to be unthinkable.

        Weighing what evidence we are privy to at this point, I think Sanders is a victim of an “Oh no, you didn’t!” moment.

        Apparently, UGA has no set punishment policy for such incidents, and I suspect Commings may be gettin’ hosed on general principle when he was just minding his own business.

  9. HVL Dawg

    When I read Seth’s article I drew the same conclusion as you- this is headed for a dismissal for Sanders and maybe charges against some women. So now I think Sanders told CMR something that he couldn’t ignore.

    I just don’t believe that CMR is going to suspend a player based upon what you and I have read so far.

    (Obviously, I’m a Richt loyalist.)


    I cannot remember a time when CMR was not fair with a player. The story right above this one, dealing with how CMR handles player transfers is a perfect “case in point” of the man’s goodness and fairness.
    I trust he is doing the right thing without unnecessarily airing the involved people’s laundry for all to see..
    He’s earned my respect and admiration in his handling of this type of thing.

  11. OldDawg55

    Perhaps, Richt feels compeled to do “something” due to the alleged transgression involving a female. Or he knows more than the police report or witnesses have said. One game, maybe…two, on the face of it, excessive. Come on, Richt…make a statment and clarify this. Cummings needs it going forward.

  12. Dawg19

    Georgia missing a key defensive player in a big SEC game…

    Gee, that’s new…

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  14. Mike

    Good thing he didn’t text her “Time to die, bitch.” Had he done that, he might have received a five game suspension.

    • Nate Dawg

      Well probably only one game. We need him back for all the big games, and Mizzou constitutes that, right?

  15. dean

    Sanders Commings gets slapped with a two-game suspension…
    I see what’cha did there. Well played.

  16. I would think there is a possibility this suspension is reduced, pending the how the legal part plays out. I’m reminded of when Boling was busted for DUI – I can’t remember the specifics, but Richt announced a suspension shortly after it happened. When the charges ended up being dropped (well, reduced to “wreckless driving”), Richt dropped the suspension from two games down to one. So I’m thinking Richt is announcing this suspension to get ahead of the situation, but could always reduce it if Sanders ends up being as innocent as he claims he is.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Methinks you have devined the true strategy, Rev. (Pun intended)

    • William

      If that’s the case, Richt is a moron.

        • William

          Because the activities that he’s being suspended for are half a year away and the outcome of this investigation is still in doubt.

          If Richt feels that he’s a distraction and needs to be suspended from team activities for the time being, fine. But this course of action doesn’t make any sense.

          • AthensHomerDawh

            Billy. Really? CMR is a moron? You had to post that? I hope your wife reads that and smacks u.
            Bless your heart.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Then your wife will get suspended for 2 games based on recent precedent. What position does she play? I hope not DB.

          • I would think suspending him from team activities would be potentially a more detrimental punishment. Richt can always take back or reduce the number of games he is suspended, but wouldn’t be able to take back all the missed conditioning and so forth that Commings would lose if he were suspended from team activities right now (as we know, this is a pretty critical time of year for strength & conditioning). Announcing the games suspension rather than just suspending him from team activities actually gives more wiggle room – to the benefit of the player.

          • Dawgy45

            That half a year also allows time for the outcome of this investigation to be reached at which point Richt can adjust the punishment according to what the exact legal outcome is, just as he did in Boling’s case. Why should Commings be punished now for something that is, as you say, still in doubt? Besides, the biggest asset Richt has to either offer or hold from a player is playing time. You may still think he is a moron, but I think he is just being fair at this point.