Name this caption: motley crew edition

Mike Slive and the SEC Fourteen (h/t Team Speed Kills):

I’m really digging Franklin and Richt posed next to each other. Was that staged, or did they choose that?

Anyway, let’s hear from you in the comments.



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65 responses to “Name this caption: motley crew edition

  1. The Lone Stranger

    Apropos of nothing really, except that this photo strangely inspires my imagination of what would shake out if this crew were tangled up in a bar brawl scene: whichever good Dawg it was who casually mentioned Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” album some weeks ago, you have my regards.

    That record has all the visceral grit of a down-on-the-floor drinking binge. On stretches of it, the vocals nearly sound as if delivered from behind a bar at around 2 AM! Just down-and-dirty stuff that I had yet to discover (I had covered ’70-74 Young fully).

    As for the photo: “Look around men — next year at this time at least two of you will be down the road.” (and I think we’ve got more intrigue coming from Pinkel –look at that windbreaker style)

    Sorry to threadjack right from the go.


  2. pantslesspatdye

    Where to start? WTH is Chizik doing?

    I have no idea who the A&M and Mizzou coaches are.

    The only two people who appear to be giving their everyday, non-nervous appearances are Saban and, oddly enough, Miles.


    • Newt

      Looks like Chizik has his left arm in a sling. He’s also the only one wearing tennis shoes.

      What an uncomfortable looking bunch. Seriously, as many times as these guys get their pictures taken, you wouldn’t think half of them would look like they’re taking the awkward middle school yearbook photo.


      • Chizik had shoulder surgery.

        What kills me though is every one else at least tried to dress up a bit, and freaking Chizik is in a track suit. LOL. Will “the fonz” Muschamp is looking dapper also. Miles looks like that special needs kid that bags groceries down the street.


    • Dog in Fla

      “WTH is Chizik doing?”

      Thinking he’d rather be doing his act at Talledega?


      • pantslesspatdye

        Always quick with an apropos jpg. Nice.

        After further study, I think Chizik is about to unfurl a retractable wire rigged in his jacket from which dangling, “hot” costume jewelry will bedazzle the soon-to-be bamboozled NCAA.


        • Dog in Fla

          Trinkets…excellent! Julie Roe Lach would be pleased. This comment from Mark Mandingo @ Team Speed Kills is good too:

          “its official The Chiz has a spacesuit for every occasion.”


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Wow. Richt is a trend setter. He showed up in warm ups last year, and this year, everyone dressed down.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Muschamp is wearing jorts!


  5. wnc dawg

    “Tell me one more GD TIME to put my hands on my knees and see what happens, son. We are REBELS!”


  6. I’m surprised Saban had time for this picture. Muschamp looks like a chubby child molester in need of a haircut. Is that a black leather jacket he’s wearing? Come on.

    Dooley looks constipated. Spurrier looks retired. James Franklin’s face makes me want to BASH IN JAMES FRANKLIN’S FACE.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Chizik looks like he just broke wind and Spurrier loooks like he just got the first wiff.

    Caption ” The reason why Urban Meyer Moved North.”


  8. Dog in Fla

    “This year’s krewe looks like they’re on a funeral house visit. Apparently, Houston took the red sweater vest with him when he was runnoft.”


  9. Peter Venkman



  10. Comin' Down The Track

    Coach Saban, stand up!

    Oh, you are standing up.


  11. DamnGoodDawg

    CheeseD@ck: Oh, it was a joke? I thought you guys were serious.


  12. Doug

    Who put James Franklin almost all the way over on the right like that? And next to Mark Richt, no less? James Franklin wants you to know how disrespected he feels. He’s not gonna forget this.


    • +10000

      That guy has a lot of things, you know, to remember. It’s not for him to say who will do the forgetting, see, but that football team of his has a lot of heart, and a lot of, you know, memory. And when they start feeling disrespected and begin thinking memorably about some of the things that have been said, and he’s not going to say who said what or did that, but some other teams should remember this in their memories, because disrespectedness is no longer part of the culture at Vanderbilt University. And having not said anything at all, that’s all he’s going to say. So remember this day.


  13. adam

    These guys are multi-millionaires. Why do so many of them have terrible haircuts? Dooley’s clothes don’t match. Miles is wearing horrible brown shoes that don’t match.

    Why can’t these grown men dress themselves? I was pretty disappointed that Coach Richt was wearing that windbreaker last year, but this is a pretty terrible looking bunch. Chizik is dressed like crap and is wearing tennis shoes. Kick him out of the conference. The only guys who look like they’re rich at Saban, Sumlin, Joker, and Spurrier. Muschamp looks hilarious. Freeze looks like an idiot.Petrino looks like he just got blasted in the face with a bunch of cold air. Mullen (underdressed) and Richt both look a little awkward. And someone please punch James Franklin in the face.

    To sum it up…

    Underdressed guys who look stupid: Muschamp, Mullen, Freeze, Pinkel, Chizik

    Guys who obviously can’t dress themselves: Dooley, Miles

    Guys who did well or alright: Richt, Petrino, Joker, Saban, Sumlin, Franklin, Spurrier

    Worst Dressed: Chizik by a mile.
    Best Dressed: Probably Saban
    Needs to be punched: Muschamp, Franklin, Chizik


  14. Mike

    Either Spurrier shit his pants or MIles farted.


  15. Cojones

    Notice Richt has his fingers in his pocket. He doesn’t want to find some missing after the flash. Tenured coaches are in the know, you know.


  16. Mike

    Pinkel looks like he might have had a bit too much to drink the night before.


  17. Cojones

    I didn’t realize until now that we had a black coach, a pretty-much black coach and a kinda black coach in the SEC.


  18. Hobnail_Boot

    Boom looks like the high school bully who shows up to his 20-year reunion in the same clothes.


  19. Normaltown Mike

    If I’m Dooley or Petrino, I’m checking over my shoulder every 5 minutes to make sure Franklin isn’t about to chop my knees from behind.


  20. Normaltown Mike

    2 more thoughts:

    1. Why is Billy Gillespie standing between Franklin and Slive?

    2. Chizik wearing a fucking wind suit. Awesome!


  21. Bogey Dawg

    One of these men will lead his team to a National Championship Next Year Part VI.


  22. Did anybody noticed a COCKroach right in the middle of the picture. LOL


  23. Chizik is full of wind so he has to wear the appropriate suit of jacket for it. Or is it an astronaut suit? He’s probably bringing his players to another dimension in outer space.


  24. Matt

    Muschamp, Leather bomber jacket. What a hick. Australian for traitor.



    Senator, this thread is aboslute proof that you have the cream of the crop as posters on GTP!
    These guys all made me LOL!


  26. Valentine

    Anyone up fr 6 in a row?


  27. Dante

    [after seeing pic of Big 10 coaches]

    and THESE are the Campbells…


  28. dhodawg77

    Franklin is trying to smile and play nice so Richt doesn’t sic Todd on him in front of the other coaches.


  29. BMan

    Hatfields in front, McCoys in back. Now everyone smile and say SEC speeeeeeeeed.


  30. Dawg19

    “Birmingham Warriors -1982 Division Champs”


  31. Smitty

    The Ole Miss coach looks like he works at an auto parts store.


  32. GTornadoes

    “ok, National Championship contenders, to Spurrier’s right, the rest of you to the left with Richt please.”


  33. dawgohol

    I just saw this and I can’t stop laughing.

    I think my favorite part is Hollywood Muschamp wearing the leather jacket.

    Best picture I’ve seen in a long time.


  34. dawgohol

    Dan Mulllen really needs to see someone about his posture.

    And is Petrino wearing a turtleneck under his dress shirt?


  35. CarolinaDawg

    “Mr. Franklin, could you pass the grey poupon?” -Petrino
    “Grey Poupon is not a man of honor”
    – Hypocrite
    “Fellas fellas, don’t worry with this 8 game SEC schedule you’ll only see each other every 20 years, so it’s like you’re in two different conferences…..Chiz, I told you not to wear the bookbag in the picture.”
    – Slive McSlim

    Happy Mardi


  36. sniffer

    Saban is NOT that tall. Shoe lifts?


  37. Jason

    Franklin – (spouting typical BS).

    Saban – “James, I really wish you were in the West. I’d throw up a West Coast hand sign, but my hand is too heavy from my 3 national championship rings”.

    Miles – “Guys….guys, guys. Let’s just all go ahead and get them out and measure. Let’s just get this over with.”