Emerging from an athletic complex

Jimmy Williamson wants to make it clear that if anyone got caught pulling this kind of stunt inside Butts-Mehre, he would be so busted.


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12 responses to “Emerging from an athletic complex

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Charges would include emerging from a hallway

  2. I imagine Coach Boom is going to have a defensive tackle running stadium steps at Florida Field until his tongue is on the ground, and Elam might be right there with him just for being dumb enough to tweet out a picture of it.

  3. Cojones

    Mike may know the answer to this: What exactly does a diembodied head of a gator do for the players? Wouldn’t it be more of an awesome display if a giant bull gator is on display? Where would you get one, you ask? From Fish an Game poaching confiscations. They freeze them until trial and afterwards can sell to manufacturers for their hides. Large ones are sometimes killed, instead of catching for release, when found in highway construction projects in Ga/Fl.

    Maybe it’s just me , but the severed head of your mascot doesn’t seem to inspire the awe needed. What if we started the rumor that we ate the rest of him and photograph our players wrapped in his trophy hide before taking the field in Jax each year? I’m sure that could be arranged through a timely purchase of Ga/Fl G&F Depts’s frozen evidence lockers. Or let every player display a gator penis bone on a keychain, or tanned, gator leather codsacks, or award a gator tooth each time we take them down (this could become a tradition for the most gator teeth displayed by each player class at UGA), or……suggestions?

  4. AusDawg85

    Gator education…can’t read. Thought it was a road sign for “Gator Way”. Thinks handicap parking is the bathroom.

  5. ajc poster


  6. GADevildawg

    I like the gator teeth idea.

  7. SSB Charley

    Is that a Phineas and Ferb reference, or am I just watching too much of it with my kiddo?

  8. Cojones

    You know that’s a mighty fine scooter. How much investment do you think it represents? It looks a great deal like our 3-F (Friggin Fine Fing) Scooter, Model 2010. Our model sold for 18k that year. Wonder what this gator model brings and how they are paid for? Interesting.