Unrequited love in a mercenary age

I feel for you, brother.

And it is a mystery to me how these college coaches – demonstrating their own selfishness in such a public way – are ever going to convince players that they should play for school pride or the betterment of the team, instead of first thinking about themselves.

The answer to that is, oftentimes they don’t even bother.


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7 responses to “Unrequited love in a mercenary age

  1. In reality only those GT fans and alums still try to fool themselves with their claim that athletes come to their trade school for a degree. Yeah, most get their degree because most do not get an early opportunity to be NFL players. They are so delusional. LOL


  2. Booby Petrino

    So. What’s the problem?


  3. South FL Dawg

    Dirty sexy money. Few can turn it down. The more of it there is, the less people who’ll turn it down.


  4. Cojones

    If we are looking for the Coach and staff to fulfill the love of school and pride of team, we need look no further. Except that quality is unappreciated by some fans who are not alums and criticize what we have. Some fans maintain that Bobo and others are not gone (as they wish) because of lack of offers. I disagree. I think it is because there is a bond with a Head Coach who exemplifies all the qualities desired by the author. Richt has made no bones about his unswerving loyalty to Georgia while green pastures await him and anyone who would desire to join him in other places.

    Most of us know what we have and won’t be mollified by those who don’t. Some would have you think that it’s his religious character and piety that causes us to feel thus. They are mistaken. It is because of his loyalty and the stability he brings to our pride of team that represents this University. That quality, tied to his football acumen, his support of the finer side of individuals recruited, his studied stalwart stance for the team representing our school in the face of socially devisive issues and his unapologetic loyalty to our school’s virtues of honesty and integrity are the reasons we want his stamp and leadership on our teams.

    Richt is the reason we don’t have to apologize about sleazy and uncaring treatment of young men playing college football and wearing the “G” proudly. Those who would doubt him or these qualities desired by our University are sadly mistaken and fail to see the finest coach in America standing before them.

    Proof of this influence on the team and loyalty of purpose is evident in the personal sacrifice of monies by players electing to stay and play beyond their time of personal future NFL gratification; the most notable player being Jarvis Jones (who has experience in the Kiffin School of Coaching Hypocrisy) and his leadership in influencing others to do the same. He is the perfect reflection of those qualities imbued by his present coaches and Head Coach in the name of our University. All Georgia fans should stand in pride of them all.


    • Cojones

      And Adams , the Board of Regents and Mcgarity can go suck an egg for not having his and other coaches’s contracts sealed and delivered from an appreciative Georgia Alumni. Dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s should never take this long. And I won’t forget.


      • Macallanlover

        Glad you brought this up. The conversations seemed to about done in December but haven’t been signed yet. There is no reports of issues with either CMR or CTG’s contracts,so where is the beef? Is the contract with CTG necessitating more coaches on the staff to have theirs re-worked to keep harmony? Perhaps Bobo is holding the gun to their head based on the outpouring of love on the Senator’s blog.