The Johnson Doctrine is dead. Long live the Richt Doctrine.

Aside from attitude and verbosity, is there any difference in how the two coaches respond to Michael Carvell’s question about how each treats a recruit with a longstanding commitment who decides to take a last-minute trip to another school?  I’m not hearing it.

One thing’s for sure:  Paul Johnson’s no longer braying “you’re dead to me, kid!”.  Funny how reality intrudes upon principle sometimes.


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5 responses to “The Johnson Doctrine is dead. Long live the Richt Doctrine.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Paul the Johnson is saying: Principles are great, but let’s not get carried away here!


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    What’s with the Johnson smarmy handshake post game pic?


  3. Doug

    Looks like someone finally figured out Georgia Tech is not exactly the kind of place you can afford to scare kids away from. (Probably because the campus does that just fine on its own.)


  4. The interviews suggest that Johnson has a lot more splainin’ to do than Richt.


  5. WVMtnDawg

    Depending on what events were going on at the other campus, it might be fun to take a trip–even if you are a “lifelong” commitment and didn’t even question where you would go to college! I’ve certainly heard past UGA players say they did this… Especially when the event is getting to watch a UGA away game!!