Welcome back to “I Blame Bobo”.

Today’s episode looks at a couple of metrics from the good people at Coaches By The Numbers (h/t LHB).

CBTN tracks coaches by a formula which measures the average percentage of points and yards they accumulated per game with respect to the opponents’ normal points and yards averages.  (It’s similar in concept to Matt Melton’s SDPI, although more broadly applied, in that it incorporates points and non-conference FBS games.)

Anywho, if you look at this chart from CBTN ranking the performances of last year’s SEC offensive coordinators, you’ll make the shocking discovery that Mike Bobo didn’t totally embarrass himself.  (Before you ask, the defensive coordinator rankings are here.)

The point here isn’t to say that Bobo is the bestest at what he does in the wide, wide world of sports.  (Hell, he wasn’t tops in the conference, so it’s not like we need to go anywhere near there.)  But I think it does reinforce Patrick Garbin’s recent point that perhaps we should be searching for other scapegoats to pin Georgia’s 2011 shortcomings on.

Me, I’m still voting for special teams.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    If you blame turnovers, then I guess you have to blame Bobo, he coaches those, right?

    Maybe this is overstating the case, but if you remove 10 or so turnovers from Bobo’s stats in the charts, he might BE the number one OC in the conference.


    • Bevo

      Last time I checked, coaches coach execution. Turnovers are bad execution.

      So, yes, there is unavoidable blame for folks on the offensive side of the ball (not just Bobo).

      Then we have special teams. I’m not sure which is more to blame, but our offense and special teams sucked badly in our losses this season.

    • Hill Dawg

      I’m thinking that Bobo doesn’t coach turnovers. Hope nobody at UGA coaches turnovers.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    And on the other side…Man, that damn Chief…and from the booth most of the time.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    Charlie Weis ranks 9th out of 12 SEC O-Coordinators?

    YOU LIE!

  4. Go Dawgs!

    Special teams? I’ll second that.

    If Blair Walsh makes field goals, we flip two losses into wins automatically. And who knows, maybe the complexion of that Boise State game might have shifted slightly as well?

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    There are 3 types of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics. The problem on offense is that somebody is making bonehead decisions when the game is on the line that costs the Dawgs winning the game. Are there problems on special teams? Sure. But in the last 3 years, when the end of the game comes and someone has to decide what to do on offense to win the game, a decision that loses the game–rather than one that wins the game– is made. Last season’s bowl is a good example. UGA was one first down away from winning against Michigan State and didn’t even TRY to get a first down. Who is doing this? Bobo? CMR? I really don’t care. I just want it to stop.

    • Cojones

      Once again I will remind you of Grantham’s statement. He said that the D took responsibility for allowing MSU to drive 85 yds in the waning moments of the game to score. Where is your outrage? Richt, Grantham, the D, the Team and the fans want THAT to stop as well. But the blame IS spread (whether you like it or not) to the entire team, not selected for a team component nor any specific coach. Why don’t you wail against that wall instead of selective persecution of a coach(Bobo, Richt) or a team member(Walsh)?

      And I will repeat;if you watched the game you should have some form of admiration and sportsmanship to give the MSU Team and QB (who is post season receiving deserved attention from the NFL) credit for driving the field vs the fifth-ranked D in the country and winning.

      • Cojones

        The slippery slope of blame used last year is outdated and anachronistic. The watchword this year is “Optimism” based on Coaches and Team.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Here’s the problem Ball Boy–somebody has to be the one to make the decision what to do. Then the team members are supposed to bust their asses to try to make that decision work. The problem comes when the decision is shit. Then the team members bust their asses for naught. So YOU want to collectively blame the team members who busted their asses for naught for losing the game when it really was the shitty decision that lost the game. How fair is that? The “slippery slope of blame” is how we got rid of Willie. Without the “slippery slope of blame” we still would have 5’10” DBs who can’t cover and LBs who won’t wrap up. So you just keep on being the Disney Dawg Cheerleader. I’ll keep on telling the truth no matter what you think about it. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.

          • Cojones

            Can’t help reading it because it’s in the way of the other blog posts. So you are wanting to put most of the blame on Grantham? And you are basing it on the assumption that you fired Willy? So far there are two major college teams and a former highly regarded UGA D coach that disagree about Willy’s talents that you take credit for dismissing from our team.

            By the way, it’s Mr. Hispanic Balls to you. I wear the Disney Dawg label proudly and unashamedly, but won’t take the Senator’s nor other Fan’s time to get into a personal labeling game. Angst from a typed message is a terrible thing to waste.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Sorry. I did not mean to get personal. I put almost no blame on Grantham for the bowl loss although, like the man that he is, Grantham has accepted same himself. The bowl loss was a continuation of bad end-of-game management decisions that have cost the Dawgs several wins over the last 3 seasons. The Dawgs should have run out the clock in the bowl and their D never should have been put in that position. Moreover, after MSU to their credit rallied to take the lead UGA still could have won the game but the clock and field position situations were mismanaged on O once again to lose a game that UGA should have won. ’09 LSU and UK,’10 Colorado, Arkansas, Florida and Central Florida, ’11 South Carolina and Michigan State–and those are just the ones in the last 3 years. If the other team beats you (Boise) that’s one thing. But to give away games because of game day coaching blunders is not acceptable. I don’t know who it is that keeps f#cking up but whoever it is needs to not be allowed to make game decisions anymore even if we have to hire a consultant to come to the games specifically for the purpose of making the calls. Actually, I’m happy with CMR and CMB except for this issue and roster mismanagement (i.e. not using all the scholarships to sign real recruits). Is pretending everything is just fine when it isn’t the mark of support–or merely blind acceptance?

          • MinnesotaDawg

            +1. The simple difference between the offensive and defensive failures at the end of the MSU game is that the defensive staff TRIED to win when they got their chance to stop MSU on their last possession, while the offensive staff took a pass (figuratively, of course) and stepped aside when they got their chance to win the game–thus, putting all the responsibility on the D at the end of regulation (and later, in OT, on the kicker). In my book, the defensive failure is disappointing, but acceptable, given the effort by the coaches and the players. The offensive failure is stupid and gutless because the coaches didn’t even give the offensive players a realistic opportunity to succeed.

  6. SlobberKnocker

    I hate it when facts get in the way of opinion!

  7. AusDawg85

    Ok, Ok…jeesh. No one is blaming Bobo. We did not have the talent nor depth healthy and available to beat BSU and LSU last year. We simply gave away the games to USCe and MSU.

    Really, with our schedule and talent coming back on both sides of the ball, how can you not be pumped about this season!

    I’m looking forward to the Mizzou game. Crowell, Marshall and Gurley all ready to go. Of course, the game plan will be:

    1st & Bomb attempt to King (overthrown…AM gets a little hyped sometimes.)
    2nd down Dive with Carlton Thomas from the spread formation gain 2 yards (hey, he’ll have earned the right with seniority and practice to start, plus that look really fools defenses)
    3rd down draw to Crowell (can’t be chucking the ball around deep on your own side of the field.)

    Who’s our punter?

    • AusDawg85

      DISCLAIMER: Before the bashing begins, the above was submitted only as contextual humor and not intended for mature audiences, increasing the Senator’s web hits, or seeing if DawgVent will come out of hiding.

      No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

      • Cojones

        Just because of your rep for posting positively, I took it the way you intended. That and your disclaimer are point on and funny. And if we all can’t look toward next year positively, there’s not much hope for us, especially by lingering in the mud of last season.

    • Ghost of Dawg's Past

      That there is funny, I don’t care who you are!

  8. Every time that I see new sets of statistics, It reinforces my opinion that Bobo & the Offense are not the main reason for any of the Dawg’s losses.
    Lots of blame all around but i believe that the Offense has not been the primary cause of the losses. Watching the Games & listening to Richt also verifies this, at least in my opinion.

  9. LovinFork

    Garbin and Coach by the #’s both need to learn, their stats are meaningless unless computed against ranked teams.

    How many points you beat a 2 win team means nothing, as everyone knows. Grantham finished 11th in SEC points against ranked teams in 2011, about the same in 2010, no sugar coating.

    • Two things: first, if you’re going to make a “context” argument, you need to come up with one that doesn’t involve Grantham getting charged with scores that result from screw ups on special teams and offense.

      Second, by my count this makes the tenth handle you’ve used this month. Pick one and stick to it, please.

    • AthensHomerDawh

      May I suggest the “EyoreDog”. Or “TheNastySanchez”?

    • DawgFaithful

      Why are some people always looking for the negative in everything? You my friend are what gives Georgia fans a bad name. We had the #3 defense in the SEC and the country dude. You can twist it however you want to but those are the facts.If you think Arkansas has the defense we have then you’re crazy. You’re one of these people that are impossible to reason with. Even if we won the NC you would still find problems.

  10. LovinFork

    Defense has averaged 8th in SEC in scoring against ranked teams over last 2 seasons, offense has averaged 6th last 2 seasons.

    Hard to spin an average of 6th or 8th as positive.

    But many still try.

    • BCDawg97

      I won’t sugar coat it. I just recommend buying a hat and shirt of every team in the land so that each and every year, you can be a 100% satisfied fan of the NC team…

      • LovinFork

        Some SEC teams get top level performance and consistency against ranked teams out of their offense or defense.

        Arkansas’ offense has finished in top 3 against ranekd teams, last 2 seasons.

        Alabama & LSU’s defenses have both finished #1 or #2 against ranked teams last 2 seasons.

        Want to be ok or champions?

        • Normaltown Mike

          How many championships has Arkansas won?

          And if you think LSU is some program to set as a benchmark, perhaps you’d be surprised to learn that LSU took 50 years off from being a relevant program in the late 50’s until Saban turned them around a few years back.

          Further, Alabama fans have had the pleasure of suffering through:
          (1) Mike Dumbo pinching asses around the Athletic Ass’n office and paying Albert Means to come to Bammer as HC.
          (2) A 2nd tier Mountain West coach as HC leaving in the dead of nite just to get the hell out of T-town
          (3) A 2nd tier Pac 10 coach as HC running up the Athletic Ass’n credit card with a stripper in Destin
          (4) A 2nd tier NFL QB’s coach as HC losing to Auburn 4 consecutive times
          until finally they were rescued by Nick Saban.

          All of the above in less than 10 years! Now I know that time is relative to a girl in middle school (such as yourself), but over the next 10 years Alabama is just as likely to be coached by John Gruden, Jay Barker and Joe Lee Dunn as they are to have Nick Saban pacing the sidelines.

          And did you notice the one common denominator with both Bama and LSU? Nick Saban. Yes, he’s that good. And he’s not coming to Athens. So beyond hiring Nick Saban, I’m all ears as to what you think will “fix” UGA.

          • LovinFork

            On the defensive side, the areas to fix are:
            (Conference ranking against ranked teams):
            7th in run defense
            10th in tackles for loss
            11th in defensive scoring
            12th in fumbles recovered
            12th in red zone td %
            12th in sacks

            • Normaltown Mike

              Ok, so besides pushing the “Better Defense” button, what else do you suggest?

              Hire Dick Jauron maybe?

        • DawgFaithful

          You really think Arkansas’ defense is better than ours?

          • LovinFork

            Against ranked teams, absolutely Ark’s D is better than Georgia’s in most of the above areas sacks, red zone td %, etc.

            • Normaltown Mike

              How many SEC championships has Arkansas won?

              Hint: It’s the same number of SEC Championships that Manchester United has won.

              • DawgFaithful

                Valid points like championships won dont mean a hill of beans to this guy. Its all about how your defense performed in %15 of the games played in a season. That is the only factor to take into consideration when judging a defense’s performance. Didn’t you know?

            • DawgFaithful

              You’re reaching dude. You’ll never be happy. They invented therapy for people like you. Chin up brother. It’s gonna get better.

    • DawgFaithful

      Did you read the Senator’s reply to your first Debbie Downer post? I dont need to try. #3 Defense in America means #3 defense in america. Thats it.

  11. DawgByte

    Call me crazy, but if I’m Mark Richt and Greg McGarity… the second I learned Hines Ward’s dream is to be a coach at Georgia, I’m on the phone with his agent. I’d bring Hines in as our new WR’s coach and give him two years to develop into our new OC.

    Can you imagine having a NFL first round Hall Famer as our OC? The 5 star recruits would be flooding in. Lets hope Richt and McGarity aren’t sitting on their hands on this one. Ward is a UGA PR man’s dream come true.

    • Cojones

      Although I think we all want everyone’s favorite Dawg to coach here, we don’t have any idea how he can communicate what he knows and translate that into a teenager’s mind. I would pray,however, that he could translate the “Meanest Mother in the Valley” to the entire team. But, please, don’t plan his career before he gets a chance to see how he can coach.

      I’m sure that some 5-star players have a team in mind from grade school and God Almighty couldn’t change their minds. I do agree that he would be great PR for recruiting and would want to use every occasion possible to be one-on-one with recruits, but he can do that while occupying the lowest position on the coaching staff. He doesn’t have to push a good coach out in order to be an asset to our football program. I’m more than certain he is in our Athletic Dept’s sights as much as we are in his sights. A way will be found.

    • Hackerdog

      Maybe we could get David Pollack as the DC. And then Hershel as the head coach. We would never lose another game, right?

      I’m not denigrating Hines. He was a great player in both college and the NFL. But being a great player and being a great coach are two different things.

  12. Coweta Dawg

    Interesting stats on the D. I knew Ellis Johnson was good, but, wow, #3 in SEC. UGA being #2 in sacks is nice, too. Thanks, Sir Jarvis.

    • LovinFork

      Look closer.

      Sacks AGAINST RANKED TEAMS, Georgia ranked 12th.

      • Cojones

        Yes, Forked Tongue, and we are sure that all was factored into the rankings. They are what they are and your negative diatribe can’t change it. The fact highlighted by the Senator that you change your name to prevent detection by previous postings spells tons to us. You are a coward posting in shitty clothing very much like a kid in his parent’s basement in Atlanta. Have you turned 13 yet?

  13. charlottedawg

    Every time i see football stats I always wish someone would compile basically the number of points a game the offense or defense nets. So on offense take all points scored by the offense (special teams and def tds don’t count, fgs & extra points do) minus opponents points off offensive turnovers. same thing on defense: points allowed – points scored off turnovers. As for why i would weight all points off turnovers the same (example: pick six counts the same as recover a fumble at the 1 then drive 99 yds) i figure those points wouldn’t have happend if there wasn’t a freebie possesion off the turnover. I think that metric would be very illustrative in evaluating an offense or defense by seeing how they directly impact the scoreboard and thus their team’s chances of winning. Although i guess if i really wanted to see that i could run the damn numbers myself.

    • LovinFork

      A more useful exercise, is figure where Alabama’s excelling, against ranked teams, and where we are not.

      • LMAO. ‘Bama played three games against ranked opponents last season – and two of those were against the same team. Your sample size is a joke, friend.

        That’s not to take anything away from that defense, which was phenomenal. It’s just that your methodology could use some work.

        • LovinFork

          I would do a multi-year average to account for number of ranked teams, example if Alabama faced 6 in 2010, and 3 in 2011, that’s average of 4.5 per year.

          • So now you’re going to use teams with different personnel, different schedules and (possibly) different coaches to draw inferences? I don’t see how that helps make your point about what specific items need improvement.

            • LovinFork

              Some want to consider stats against UNRANKED teams, as being EQUALLY VALID, as stats against RANKED teams, I don’t, nor do I think hardly anyone does, with some rare exceptions.

              • DawgFaithful

                OK so let me see if I’m getting this… Lets say for example in 2012 UCLA gives up 450 yds per game,Plays only 1 ranked team and goes 6-6 but on the night they play USC they play their best game of the year defensively and only give up 10 pts, 200 yds, and win in an upset. Does that mean UCLA has one of the best defenses in the country?

                • LovinFork

                  Use Alabama, since they and Georgia, have both played 9 ranekd teams over last 2 seasons total.

                  • DawgFaithful

                    I’d rather use my scenario. Alabama is just 1 team. The scenario I layed out is very possible and would totally disprove your theory. See thats the thing with hair brained theories. They hold water in some instances but in others they blow up in your face. The total body of work is most important. Besides, 2 season’s ago was Granthams first year. The scheme was brand new. He didnt have the players to fit his scheme. It’s circumstances like those that your theory does not account for. Shouldn’t his 1st yea’rs stats be thrown out. Granthams performance should be based on 2011 and forward.

              • That’s a judgment call you’re making. And it’s one that I think you’re wrong about when you say “hardly anyone does”. Most people look at national rankings, based on the schedule in its entirety, when they describe a team’s effectiveness. By doing so, you avail yourself of a larger and more consistent sample size.

                I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I just think your metrics are flawed, because of the wide variation in sample sizes.

                • LovinFork

                  I’d say 99 out of 100 would consider stats of a team who goes up against LSU’s defense, to be more of a valid test for an offense, than stats compiled against against New Mexico State.

                  • That’s not the point. You’re using a three-game outcome to judge a defense. Most people are going to use an entire season of 12-13 games (or at least an eight-game conference schedule) to make comparisons.

                    • LovinFork

                      No, I’m using Alabama’s D has faced 9 ranked teams in last 2 years, so has Georgia’s.

                      Let’s compare those 2 defenses, figure out where Alabama excelled and Georgia struggled, and try to improve.

                    • So, you’re back to comparing different seasonal pools again.

                      What does your one-on-one LSU vs. New Mexico State comparison have to do with that?

        • DawgFaithful

          He’s totally convinced. Georgia’s defense is average. Not even up to snuff with Arkansas’. There’s no reasoning with him.

          • LovinFork

            average? you’re being too kind to Grantham’s D.

            10th-12th ranked on those 5 areas I mentioned is not average, it’s near the bottom of the conference. 12th in sacks in SEC against ranked teams is last, for example, way worse than average.

            • DawgFaithful

              So I should just ignore the fact that we are ranked #3 nationally? It’s an illusion because our stats against ranked teams was not as impressive? Even though the stats do not account for turnovers and special teams foul ups? Like the SCarolina game for instance… We had a fumble returned to the 2 yd line and subsequently gave up a TD on the next play. Dude, there’s just no way to sneak into the top 5 Defenses nationally if you play below average defense. It’s impossible

              • LovinFork

                Sure there is. How do you sneak into to the top 5?

                Be ranked #1 in sacks against unranked teams, even though your last in conference against ranked teams, and don’t play many ranked teams.

                That way, you end up ranked #2 overall in conference in total sacks.

              • Cojones

                Furthermore, those stats were used for all teams, so they must have more on other team’s plates that can be carved up than is on ours. LoathingFuck, your butt needs wiping. Go see Mommy.

            • Rocket Dawg

              You are an idiot and an asshole. Dangerous combination there son. Might I suggest you hire a crack team of proctologists to follow you around so they can extract you from Saban’s rectum should he make a sudden stop.

    • Cojones

      Charlotte, your last sentence was what I was going to recommend to you. Also, keep them to yourself, would you?

  14. charlottedawg

    @ LovinFork. Where are you getting your numbers and ranked according to which poll(s)? I don’t recall our defense not showing up against ranked teams but if you can provide hard data to back up your claims I’m sure the commentators on this board could respect that, but frankly right now it sounds like you’re making stats up to troll.

    • LovinFork

      I’m using the same reference the Senator did above, cfbstats.com

      • DawgFaithful

        LSU didnt have a 1st down until the 2nd half against us. Special teams, turnovers and dropped passes lost us that game. The defense finally gave out in the 4th quarter from exhaustion.

  15. Scott

    Derek Dooley has 0-17 record against Top 25 teams. Ouch.

  16. LovinFork

    I blame Grantham, that’s the bottom line.

    He better fix those areas, or it’s going to be another season without a Championship.

    Gotta run guys.

    • DawgFaithful

      You’re the only one that blames Grantham. You should try blaming Bobo, I would still hate you but at least you would be in league with the other dumbasses that comment on here. Gotta run? So does Forrest Gump. You may be retarded.

      • Cojones

        DawgFaithful, please don’t insult retarded people.

        Today, the troll and the Mayor are on the same blaming track.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Leave my name out of it regarding the troll. You still haven’t given a cogent response to what I said above–just more “ain’t everything sweet” nonsense. And as for blame, try accepting some yourself. “Fans” who blindly mouth the party line particularly when that line is BS are not a help to the program–they are a hindrance because they encourage mediocrity.

    • Hackerdog

      Say no more. Please.

      If you and the rest of the world disagree, the rest of the world must be wrong, huh?

  17. IveyLeaguer

    All I can say is … keep on looking at the stats, instead of the games themselves and what happens on the field, and keep on getting it wrong.

    You’ll never get the whole picture using stats as a basis.

  18. You can blame THE SPECIAL TEAMS but the likely reason they suck is because BOBO is not allowing his faster players to be on the SPECIAL TEAMS because of his “FEAR” of injuries, whereas it is done in other colleges. So I still blame BOBO.

  19. DawgPhan

    Boy this thing blew up…congrats to LovinFork for the ammo.

    and in my book…forks are a fad and spoons are where it is at.

  20. Rebar

    Bejebus, but how do you go from Blaming Bobo to Blaming Grantham? Our defense has definitely improved, and will be even better next year! Why don’t we see how we do next year before hanging the coaches out to dry.

  21. OKDawg

    This thread took a turn for the bizarre, to say the least. Based on the data the Senator references in post, we should be encouraged with both coordinators (both being above average). The defense made huge strides last season, and I expect more of the same next year. While I have scratched my head over the last few years with some aspects of the offense, they continue to perform well overall in spite of periodic lapses with turnovers, execution, stalling drives. I see room to improve on both sides of the ball, but would point to special teams as the greatest disappointment from last year. I am hopeful that another year with Coach Friend will help our OL develop, as well as help Murray settle down and trust them more. With 2 dynamic RBs to add to the mix, I can’t help but be optimistic for next season. Data can be interpreted and re-interpreted ad nauseum, but I see a higher level of play (and success) well within the Dawgs’ reach based on our solid coordinators and the correctable issues from last year.

    • Cojones

      How about Tavarres King and his performance in the Outback Bowl. Imagine what he has on his mind for performance this year. Over 200yds in his last outing must keep sugarplums dancing and I’ll bet good money he will lead this receiving corps for Murray. He has to see what would have been a so-so year open up to his greatest wish for NFL attention. He will be worth watching along with Mitchell, Conley and other receivers recovering from injury.

      The receiving corps will be fed Murray passes in his huzzah year at Georgia. This whole Offense will be a thing of beauty in it’s coming of age year. Now we just have to have patience for one month for Spring practice to start on March 20.

  22. Hal welch

    Dude, the answer is right there staring us in the face… Look at turnovers lost from us vs the other top 4…

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    CMB may be in the top 3, but he goes brain dead in big games. UCF, Boise, Mich State are just recent collapses. The guy is a good recruiter, a capable QB coach, and at best a mediocre OC – accept the truth.

  24. Claw

    Outside of Arkansas, Bobo the most talented offense in the conference hands down. As such there is no excuse for him not being one of the top 2 coordinators in the SEC. LSU had a better scoring offense than Georgia, and they didn’t even have a legitimate quarterback. Plus, according to this website he’s not in the top 25 nationally. http://coachesbythenumbers.com/coach-rankings/?reportId=2 Here are a list of schools who have higher ranked OC’s according to “coaches by the numbers” San Diego State, Indiana, Missouri, Indiana, and Cincinnati, just to name a few. Yes, Georgia could do worse, but they could definitely do much better so why don’t they? It has to be noted that most of the OC’s ranked behind Bobo don’t have the luxury of coaching the same level of talent. Here’s the most definitive way to tell if a coordinator is any good. How many schools are calling trying to hire him away? The market for Bobo is zero and it has been for his entire career, the reason for this being that Mark Richt is the only person who thinks he’s any good. I love Mark Richt, but his loyalty overshadows his judgment in many situations. He even thinks Tavarres King has good hands.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      This is the same problem as the Willie situation. I am a little surprised that CMR didn’t hire a new OC after ’10 as his own ass was definitely on the line this past season. I like Bobo and think he is a great QB coach but not ready for primetime as OC. That said, he is a smart guy and maybe he will get it soon in which case then he could be be a top level OC. It’s the OTJT that bugs me. How many games are we expected to lose until he gets it right?

  25. Pure statistical analysis is never going to give you the truth on Bobo. He is a master of padding his stats when the game is out of hand or doesn’t matter any more.

    Anyone with an open mind who WATCHES the games can see that Bobo takes his foot off the gas and goes way too conservative for the modern era of college football. He leans far too heavily on his defense instead of pulling his weight equally.