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We know what you are. We’re just haggling over the fee.

Dennis Dodd manages to distill my unease over where the BCS discussion is about to go into two sentences.

Left to their own market-driven desires, the commissioners themselves damaged the history and the tradition of the sport with conference realignment. There is a feeling that a plus-one could slow that process.

Because why, exactly?  Their stellar track record managing postseason play?  Right.  Some sudden enlightenment such that we’re supposed to believe they’ve finally learned their lesson?  That’s highly doubtful.

“Once that first toe goes in the revenue pool, it’s a lot easier to jump in when someone says the water is better in the deep end,” said the high-ranking BCS source. “How quickly does it creep to where no one really wants it to be, but where you can’t say no because of all that potential revenue?”

These people don’t trust themselves to do the right thing.  Why should we?

I’ll leave Roy Kramer to set up the punchline.

“You have to make sure you don’t totally destroy the foundation of the sport for minimal gain,” Kramer said.

But for the right amount of gain…



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Tuesday morning buffet

Time to grab a bite.


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We’ll always have the plan.

This is merely an observation, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a more miserable sports experience than being a fan of Tennessee football over the past four years.


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Putting Georgia’s money where Mark Richt’s mouth is

A formal multi-year scholarship policy is on the way.

“I think it’s good legislation,” McGarity said. “Mark Richt adheres to it anyway. The bottom line is when he signs a kid, he has him around unless they leave on their own accord or they tend to violate team rules. Anybody that conducts their program in the right way, when they sign a young man or young woman to a scholarship, they want to see it through.”

How long can Spurrier and Saban hold out?


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