Tuesday morning buffet

Time to grab a bite.


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29 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. simpl_matter

    Boy, those comments at the bottom of the R&B Commings article are great!


  2. 81Dog

    that’s a pretty breathtaking article. Basically, what she’s saying is “even though I dont know what happened, I am assuming he was guilty and assuming that Coach Richt doesnt care if you “beat women” as long as UGA wins football games.” Because, I guess, any time someone says something happened, it’s impossible that the accuser was wrong, or has their own agenda, exaggerated greatly, or just flat lied. That’s what OTHER witnesses are for, and it sounds like the ones in this case are telling a completely different story than the one this R&B writer has constructed in her head.

    This writer is a perfect example of people who are more interested in how they FEEL about something they think may have happened, than, like, well. what actually happened. Maybe she can get a gig on Nancy Grace’s equally ridiculous show.


  3. What fresh hell is this?

    “Using Commings as an example, Richt has effectively told the rest of his players that not only is beating a woman OK if you don’t get caught, but even if you do, you’ll only sit two games”

    Sarah, put down the crack pipe and back away slowly.


    • Scott W.

      Now, now, before you slander this poor girl you need to try and remember being an undergrad. You knew everything and facts were irrelevant.


      • tduga1

        Don’t forget that she is also working towards her degree in “Women’s Studies.” With expertise like that Mark Richt should hire her as a consultant to hand down all future suspensions involving players and females.


  4. kdsdawg

    Leave her alone, she fits in well with the mainstream media, spouting crap without backing it with facts.


  5. Ginny

    She’s getting hammered in the comments section. I do not feel the least bit sorry for her.


  6. Mark Bradley

    She’s getting the page hits, isn’t she?


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Every day Craig shares his message with voters, he gathers more support,”

    I heard he got a pledge of half a vote yesterday!


  8. Irishdawg

    I bet this R&B chick is a lot of fun; she seems like the type that hates “the patriarchy” and gets really offended if she overhears a dick joke. Do I know she’s a cheerless pain in the ass for sure? No, but an absence of facts is OK for her, so it’s OK for me.


  9. Can she be sued later for defamation of character by both Richt and Cummings? I do not think harmful opinions are protected by the First Amendment.
    She also had some gains in writing this article and therefore profited from it.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR and Sanders Commings are public figures and would have to prove actual malice as the legal standard. Ole Sarah was stating an opinion. No case for defamation here, unfortunately.


    • collegeparkdawg

      Probably not. Been a long time since I took con law but I think NY Times v. Sullivan would apply especially to Richt as a public figure- makes libel cases much more difficult. It was a bad case in my opinion and lets the US media get away with lying, but the plaintiff was highly unsympathetic.


  10. Nate Dawg

    That’s great about back in ’92 (except for the whole Ray-Goff-being-UGA’s-head-coach thing). I wish somebody would wake-up to the fact that competition can make the SEC even better and more dominant. Might even set the bar that a 1 loss SEC = undefeated other conference team and we might still play many a MNC games even if we go to a 9 game conf schdle. I just can’t help shaking the feeling tho – it really is ALL about the money, even moreso than back then – so it’s bye bye barners…


  11. AusDawg85

    Interesting buffet…Gee thinks tOSU is persecuted, Sarah wants Richt and Comming prosecuted, Harvey’s attorney’s don’t think there should be a prosecution, Bianchi forgets the years he left his lips on Urbs ass while now wanting more prosecutions and Craig James thinks he’s worthy of being a Senator.

    Pass the Maalox, please…


  12. Irishdawg

    In this silly myopic twit’s mind, it is simply impossible for a woman to be lying about being hit by a man. Nope, the sisterhood wouldn’t lie about such a thing.

    I abhor the idea of hitting women, but not every woman screaming abuse is Tina Turner.


    • Keese

      I hate the fact that any crazy bitch can come up with a story. In this case i think it was mostly to contrive sympathy and face saving embarrasment in public out of resentment and vindictive retribution. Sanders only fault was ever associating with this girl in the first place. Just my speculation


  13. Cojones

    I recommend that new helmets such as those provided at the BS game should be worn-tested at Spring practice and, if made available later in the year, not worn at all. If another player (opponent) snatches it off, then that player should sit out one play instead of the player who had his helmet snatched or unbuckled. We would have lost Jarvis Jones for a lot of plays in the BS game if this rule had been in play.

    Harvey’s lawyer(s) and Harvey will shit a brick when the prosecutors come back with ” these trees are venerated toilet rolled trees”. They should save the paper from the trees for Harvey’s trial in two years.

    Poor Craig. He wasn’t even worth giving ink concerning the competition he is against. By the time election comes, he will have worn all the national GOP candidates coattails to a frazzle.

    Sarah, consider it a value lesson that you received not one supporting comment for your poorly researched article on Sanders Comming. Now you should have empathy with Sanders. You was done like you did him. Wrong.

    Whatever will they monitor in directional kicking? If the ball is high enough to get the players downfield to cover and the receiver doesn’t call for a fair catch or hit the ground upon catching it, are you looking to see if he is tackled? Whoop-te-doo!


  14. Scott W.

    Gee on the NCAA’s moment in the sun. Maybe if you were better they wouldn’t punish you…am I right?!


  15. 69Dawg

    I think the NCAA looked at the NFL kickoff from this year and noticed that most teams were giving their guys the green light to come out of the endzone if the ball was only 5 yards deep. This usually resulted in the returner barely making the 20. The NCAA must have felt to give the receiving team the 25 would make more kicks in the endzone touchbacks. It still will take balls to go flat out on the kickoffs.


  16. G Marmalarde

    Brings to mind a line from Dan Akroyd to Jane Curtain. But that line was sexist and wrong, and in no way funny.