We’ll always have the plan.

This is merely an observation, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a more miserable sports experience than being a fan of Tennessee football over the past four years.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

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  2. TennesseeDawg

    Don’t worry Kiffie, everything is slowly becoming Dooley’s fault now.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Well, I guess nobody is more miserable than UT fans…and far be it from me to turn the knife, but Kharma is really a bitch. The Vols actually lead the nation in weird coaching changes….Majors for Fulmer, Fulmer for Kiffin…Kiffin for SOD. Whoda thought you would have to scratch yer head to remember the context of the “Fulmer Cup”.

    I have to admit to forwarding Schlabach’s list and a few notes about Chavis to a few folks, most of whom were already avoiding me in the grocery store.

    And, did you note that UT is off the athletic programs-showing-a-profit list for the first time in at least a decade?

    Here’s the real question I have heard more than once….can UT actually come back from this debacle?


    • Hackerdog

      If Alabama can come back from DuBose/Franchione/Price/Shula, I think UT can as well. They just need the right coach. And while I’m not as sour on SOD as many here, and he walked into a hot mess in Knoxville, he isn’t looking very Saban-like so far.


      • Normaltown Mike

        I think that Saban is the only reason Bama came back from the debacle from Stallings’ retirement forward. Sometimes I find myself dreaming that they were successful in hiring RichRod. They’d probably have fired him by now and hired Al Golden!

        And I don’t believe there is another obvious choice for a coach that can do what Saban did. Before turning Bama around, he turned LSU around. And LSU was a program lower than whale shit at the bottom of the ocean before he got there.

        The other factor in Bama’s favor is the number of college athletes that come out of Alabama is significantly higher than that of UT. Oh, and Bama people are willing to cheat at any cost to win and while it pains me to say this, UT people aren’t that bad. Playing criminals might be their signature move. Pay for play is the signature move for both team from Alabama.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I have to admit it at the outset–I hate UT. I hate the toothless, meth addicted, trailor-trash UT fanbase. I hate the criminal element that seems to have become the hallmark of the UT football team. I hate UT more than any other SEC East rival. Even more than Florida. So I am coming from a place that is very happy about where UT football now finds itself. Hackerdog is right. The UT crowd can save themselves by hiring somebody like Saban, but that is what it is going to take. Will UT be able to do that and resurrect its program like Bama did? There are only a few of those coaches around (Saban, Meyer, Spurrier-you run out of names pretty quickly) and I don’t see a line forming to take that job. SOD is clearly not the answer and another lackluster season should cause his immediate departure from KnoxVegas. Then the Vols braintrust (I use the term loosely) can hire another Saban wannabe to guide the Vols deeper into mediocrity or worse. So it is likely that the once proud Vols program is going to be stuck in the mire at the bottom of the SEC East for a while longer. I just hope it is permanent.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oops….Fulmer for Majors, of course. Pontification requires paying attention.


  5. Dante

    I grew up an SMU fan. I don’t exactly feel Tennessee’s pain here.


  6. Irishdawg

    “I don’t exactly feel Tennessee’s pain here.”

    I would imagine Penn State fans are fresh out of give-a-shit as well.


  7. UT is the school I always point to when the dumb masses call to fire Richt. The screaming idiots that wanted Fulmer’s job got it and to paraphrase Dr Phil ,”How’s that working out for them” Change for change sake, or change because its got to be better than what we have is just as illogical and stupid as UT has proven it to be. What percentage of Big Orange suckers would love to have the Pumpkin back or better yet have never left Knoxville. With the benefit of hindsight I bet its the majority.