They had their moments: Georgia 2011 defensive highlights

When they got pressure on the quarterback, they were dynamite.

I think Jarvis Jones just sacked John Brantley again.


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40 responses to “They had their moments: Georgia 2011 defensive highlights

  1. Great way to start the day. After seeing some of those Vandy highlight, you can tell why James Franklin was so pissed. Shawn might have been talkin, but he was makin’ plays!

  2. Ginny

    Pass the kool-aid, please.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    He may cost us 15 yards everyone now and then, but Shawn Williams is damn fun to watch.

  4. Joe Nails

    The player i was most impressed with in those highlights was Jon Jenkins. Watching the season he didnt seem to play that big of a role but he was beastly in those highlights. Looking forward to watching this D next year..

  5. DC Dawg

    Yeah, but look at the numbers against ranked teams…or something…I forget what the line is.

    Seriously though, I could watch John Jenkins blow up Tech’s O line all day.

  6. charlottedawg

    My we’ve come a loooonng way since the Martinez days. I don’t know that the 2008-2009 defenses combined could put together a highlight film that long. Just goes to show that especially at the college level performance all boils down to coaching.

  7. JasonC

    Jenkins, Jones, ‘Tree, Rambo & S. Williams! I’m a little nervous about DB depth, but dang it could be a special year for defense. We’ll just have to sack ’em before they can put it in the air.

  8. Jokey Jokemaker

    So, has Jarvis sacking Brantley officially replaced Howard sacking Brennan as the “joke”?

    Kinda related, about once every 3 months, when I’m talking with my old roommate (a Carolina Panther fan), I’ll throw in a “Jake Delhomme just threw another interception to the Cardinals”. Always riles him up.

  9. dawgfan17

    We are set on defense if we survive Commings’ suspension. On offense we have a 4th year jr and 3rd year starter who is on pace to set all kinds of UGA (and possibly SEC) records. We have all of ours WR’s back and a talented group of TE’s that can thrive with the attention that will be paid to the outside guys. We have a rb that while he has his flaws will be the second leading returning rusher in the SEC Crowell was sixth last year, Ballard, Rainey, Dwyer and Richardson are all gone. Two top ten RB’s in the country coming in to provide depth. The schedule is set up pretty nice outside of having to play Mizzou without Commings and being their SEC home opener.

    The huge question mark is the OL. Can they be better through depth and youth on the line because they will have true tackles playing or will they suffer from their youth? If they perform as one of the top 5-6 lines in the SEC the rest of the talent is so good around them Georgia could do some very special things this fall.

    • NC Dawg

      A 4th year junior and 3rd year starter who seemed to take a slight step backwards last season. Just to be honest.

      • Hackerdog

        Going from 154.5 to 146.4 in QB rating is a step backwards that I choose not to worry about. Especially with those 35 TDs.

      • You do realize he broke the UGA passing touchdown record by 10 touchdowns? That is 40% more than the previous record. Did he turn the ball over too much yes but compared to the number of big plays he made for us and TD’s he put up it was not THAT high. David Greene, Mr. Game manager himself had two seasons, his soph. and SENIOR seasons when he put up 11 interceptions. During those two season he put up a combined 31 TD’s. For his career he threw just barely over 2 tds for every int. Murray this year had 2.5 TD’s for every int. For his career it is 59 TD’s and 22ints which is just a shade under 3 to 1.

        So yes he made some mistakes but he also overall had a really good year and should be even better next year.

  10. Bubs

    Watching those highlights I have only one question. How the hell did we manage to lose to Mich St? SMH.

    • David

      Obviously, Bobo.

    • DC Dawg

      As I recall, a kicker who was 6-16 on kicks longer than 40 yards during the season went 6-17.

    • James Stephenson

      5th year senior QB who was allowed to hang around too long.

      Not too mention missing some FGs.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Bad decision making on O. The Dawgs were 1 first down away from winning the game in regulation, ran 3 straight plays and punted. Then after the fumble recovery in OT presented a golden opportunity the Dawgs again did not try to make a first down but actually lost yardage trying to position the ball in the center of the field thereby making the kick longer and outside the kicker’s effective range when everyone in the stadium knew that he had been having problems with kicks outside 40 yards.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. Including defensive highlights from the Outback Bowl in this highlight package is what is “inappropriate” (not the music) given what happened in the final 2 minutes of that game. Just sayin.’

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Not to mention including defensive highlights from the LSU game.

          • Puffdawg

            Come on, Mayor. The defense surrendered 0 first downs in the first half against LSU. If Mitchell catches that TD pass and special teams doesn’t give up the Mathieu double block in the back assisted punt return, LSU doesn’t have the luxury of sticking with their strength – the running game – in the second half. On top of all that we then put the D in a bad spot to start the second half.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              PD, the D gave 35 points in the second half. I am actually pretty sympathetic about that as I believe that the refs had a lot to do with the outcome. But dog, how can anyone ever feel good about highlights from a 42-10 loss? I guarantee that Ole Miss can put together a highlight package that looks good if it just shows them tackling people and knocking down or intercepting passes but omits all the plays where their players got beat. I’ll compromise with you on this: I’ll think it is fair to show all those UGA defensive highlights from the LSU game if on the same reel they also show Jordan Jefferson running 50 yards untouched for a TD and all the TDs scored by LSU RBs.

  11. WFdawg

    A few observations:

    1. Shawn Williams probably doesn’t get the hype he deserves. Rambo and Jones’ numbers will do that to you. But Williams plays with violence. And he has very good ball skills.

    2. I’m ready to give Chase Vasser a little more credit than I have this year. He’s around the ball an awful lot when he’s in the game.

    3. I still can’t get over Cornelius Washington’s sack in the Miss. St. game where he blows up their tackle on the way to the QB. That’s just plain fun to watch.

  12. Cojones

    My second favorite player (we all have the same first) is Herrera. He hits hard and is tough as nails. I haven’t loked at his total from last year, but followed him as closely as possible when he was in the games. If you saw a blur coming from the D backfield to blow someone up at the line, it usually was Herrera.

    Thanks for the eye candy, Senator , as it seems to get our positive juices flowing for what could be this next year. Sic’em Dawgs!!

  13. The General

    Great reel. Giddy with anticipation. One gripe, however. I’d forgotten how boneheaded it was for Rambo to take a knee on that interception against Vandy. Football gods warned us with the ensuing blocked punt that damn near cost us the game. They made us pay in earnest for a second boneheaded kneeldown in Tampa. Is it September yet?

    • adam

      Rambo probably just didn’t want to fumble and thought the offense could get a single first down to ice the game. I didn’t think it was particularly stupid. Now… The 4 plays the followed him taking a knee are a different story altogether.

  14. adam

    Man. That’s a really awesome. video. So excited about the defense next year. Love these guys.

  15. Rebar

    Love the highlight reel, can’t say the same for the soundtrack though

  16. CLT Dawg

    8:55 of awesome…

  17. Spike

    Can you be careful about the rap music lyrics? My kids started to watch this. Wow.

  18. Spike

    You are forgiven wise one. Go forth and sin no more.

  19. Spike

    Indeed it does. Don’t make my wife call you!!