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Michael Carvell’s head is spinning.

You’ve got to like how the AJ-C‘s recruiting page can go in one day from breathlessly reporting that Alabama stole Tyren Jones right out from under Mark Richt’s nose to the sad story that another in state recruit was told that Georgia isn’t taking any more running backs in its 2013 class because the Dawgs were only taking one (Derrick Henry).

It’s a tough job, keeping those page hits at the AJ-C coming, but somebody’s got to do it.



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Remember, they have your best interests at heart.

Shorter BCS Commissioners and the Notre Dame Athletics Director:  Fans, as we fight over every last postseason dollar we can get our grubby paws on and figure out who we can screw over in the process, just remember we’re doing all this for you… eh, what’s that?… oh, the student-athletes?… yeah, why not, sure, them too, we guess.


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Team speed kills.

If you haven’t read Groo’s summary of where Georgia’s strength and conditioning staff stands, take a minute and do so.  His conclusion is straightforward:

We wish the three members of the staff that are leaving well, but their departure opens up a chance for Tereshinski to add skills and experience that were missing from his program. The athletic admininstration has pledged that they’ll give the program the resources it needs, and this is a big area of need to continue and to build on the gains made in the past year.

It’s also timely.

Sherman Armstrong, a former professional sprinter and the coordinator of V.A.S.T. Sports Performance in Tampa, Fla., confirmed Wednesday night that he has accepted a job as a full-time assistant coach on UGA’s strength staff.

Armstrong told Dawgs247 he plans to start by March 1 and will be filling the spot on Tereshinski’s staff left vacant by Thomas Brown’s recent move to UT-Chattanooga.

“I believe I’m to replace him, but my role is two-fold,” Armstrong said. “My primary role is to help our athletes get faster, loosen their hips up and pretty much improve the team’s overall speed at every position.

“That’s the No. 1 goal. And then to also assist Coach T and the staff in helping our athletes develop strength.”

Armstrong has an impressive list of athletes he’s worked with on speed training, including Aaron Murray.

It’s certainly a different sort of hire than Tereshinski’s made before.  We’ll see how it pays off.


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