Team speed kills.

If you haven’t read Groo’s summary of where Georgia’s strength and conditioning staff stands, take a minute and do so.  His conclusion is straightforward:

We wish the three members of the staff that are leaving well, but their departure opens up a chance for Tereshinski to add skills and experience that were missing from his program. The athletic admininstration has pledged that they’ll give the program the resources it needs, and this is a big area of need to continue and to build on the gains made in the past year.

It’s also timely.

Sherman Armstrong, a former professional sprinter and the coordinator of V.A.S.T. Sports Performance in Tampa, Fla., confirmed Wednesday night that he has accepted a job as a full-time assistant coach on UGA’s strength staff.

Armstrong told Dawgs247 he plans to start by March 1 and will be filling the spot on Tereshinski’s staff left vacant by Thomas Brown’s recent move to UT-Chattanooga.

“I believe I’m to replace him, but my role is two-fold,” Armstrong said. “My primary role is to help our athletes get faster, loosen their hips up and pretty much improve the team’s overall speed at every position.

“That’s the No. 1 goal. And then to also assist Coach T and the staff in helping our athletes develop strength.”

Armstrong has an impressive list of athletes he’s worked with on speed training, including Aaron Murray.

It’s certainly a different sort of hire than Tereshinski’s made before.  We’ll see how it pays off.



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18 responses to “Team speed kills.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Loosen up their hips? Make them faster?
    He needs to be working with women, not football players.


  2. DawgPhan

    Pleased as punch with this type of hire…I like the idea of keeping a spot open in the S&C program for wayward Dawgs looking for a start to their post playing career and then filling the rest with professional trainers.


  3. Hunkering Hank


    The sooner we stop treating the football program like a charity, the sooner it will be run by professionals who can win. I like the idea that we might hire a former DAWG who has developed some strength training experience, but just grabbing a guy who wants to be a coach and putting him in there is a recipe for not looking good in the fourth quarter.


    • DawgPhan

      I disagree. I see having former players on staff as nothing but a positive. It sends all the right messages about the program and you know that players are going to listen to guys that played in the league and at UGA.

      Having Thomas Brown on staff last year was not the reason we lost to LSU.


      • Hackerdog

        Hank is right. We don’t need Bulldogs in those spots. We need experts.

        I think Brown, and the S&C program in general, was an upgrade last year from the year before, but this kind of hire has the potential to help make our S&C program elite.


  4. Cojones

    It’s a start, boys.


  5. Cojones

    I apologize ahead of time for getting off subject, Senator, but how many courts and how many punishments does Commings have to go through for what has been described as a public indescretion by his witnesses? Richt and the University have separate adjudications while he is waiting for the local County appearance. Have we been led wrong by his companions or is there triple jeopardy for student-athletes?



    Hiring a professional D-Coordinator helped. Hiring a professional speed trainer can’t hurt. Now to see about the amateurs on the offensive staff…


  7. Macallanlover

    Three seems a lot of turnover on a staff of that size but I am all-in on making changes within that group. I certainly don’t know enough about their field of expertise to judge any of the individuals but I think I can safely say we haven’t bowled anyone over with our strength or size in recent years. Onward and upward….and good luck to TB at UTC.


  8. Bulldog Bry

    Hips don’t lie.
    (sorry, it had to be said)


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    A fresh face seems in order. I look forward to the return of the day when our O linemen could fend off UCF, Boise and Michigan State defensive linemen. Maybe we’ll even get to where we can push them around.


  10. Dog in Nam


    nice post…and I hate to pick nits, but the use of ‘wayward’ is not a good idea when describing people you don’t want to insult…..some of these words kind of get changed through usage over the years, but that one has some pretty strong negative descriptions remaining. I’m probably wrong about this, but I can tell you are a quality person who wouldn’t want anyone trying to twist something good into a negative. So please take this in the respectful light in which it is intended. There is no doubt you meant no harm in your description of the former players, i just don’t want to give some of these negative guys like you read on AJC make something out of nothing…..Maybe that’s what I am inadvertently now doing, but I’m just trying to help.