Something must be going on in the weight room.

If I’m not mistaken, Orson beat Ben Watson’s combine record there.  Impressive company.

Glenn weighed in at 345, by the way.  Freakish.



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  1. Cojones

    Is that weight and speed a record? A sub 5.0 by a 345pounder is superb! That is great conditioning.


  2. SouthGa Dawg

    There were gains last year. You could see size and speed differences on the field. Things will continue to get better. The Dawgs will be a top 10 team plus we will finally look like one getting off the bus. Let’s hope we play like one.


  3. Sanford222view

    I think Weiser is mistaken on Glenn’s 40 time. I think that was Matt Khalil’s time. Cordy ran a 5.19 which is still impressive for a man his size.


    • DC Dawg

      I think Glenn’s sub-5.00 time was unofficial. I happened to be flipping through the channels and stopped on the combine for a bit to watch the big guys sprint. If I’m not mistaken, he was originally timed at 4.96. The NFL website now has his official time at 5.15.


  4. IndyDawg

    I just met Justin Aderson and Ben Jones at the Indy airport. Combine is over for them and they’re headed out on the same flight to ATL as me. Nice young men big enough to dwarf me. They seem upbeat. Wishing Ben and


  5. SnowCapped

    Orson Charles didn’t run the 40, so I guess the speed program at UGA leaves a bit to be desired.


  6. SnowCapped

    or he thought he’d run too slow and it would hurt his draft stock.


    • He’s already said he’s running at Pro Day.

      Have you not seen him play? Does he really look slow for a TE to you?


      • SnowCapped

        I’m not impressed with Orson,

        he scored 0 td’s against South Carolina, LSU, and Mich St. had a toal of 5 catches in those 3 games.

        just doesn’t play big in big games.


        • Silver Creek Dawg

          Remember, OC was the primary receiving threat returning this season.

          Did you ever stop to think that he drew bracketed coverage against almost every team this season? The only team that didn’t do it was Boise and check his stats for that game (over 100 yds and a TD).

          I’d like to see you get open against double coverage consistently and make big plays. That double coverage he drew allowed MM, TK, et al get single coverage on the outside and have the opportunity to make plays.


        • So you’re blaming his lack of catches in three games on his lack of speed (which is the fault of the S&C program)?

          Dude, that’s the worst troll ever.


      • SnowCapped

        Orson’s been out of shape.

        He didn’t score 1 td in the 4th quarter last year.

        I’m sure the NFL will notice that.


        • Chalk

          I sure hope these comments are tongue and cheek, otherwise you are a fool. Did Orson throw those passes or call the plays?


        • OKDawg

          OC out of shape?!?

          That’s rich. OC voluntarily did offseason conditioning with the UGA ROTC, three mornings each week starting at 5:50am.

          Or you can read this preseason tidbit from April 2011, AJC: “One encouraging sign for the coming season is that the Dogs have among them an example of the kind of player who draws comparisons with the legendary David Pollack, whose motor was never off. That player is Orson Charles, who’s even been known to take offseason early morning exercise with the ROTC cadets at UGA to improve his fitness and who Mark Richt praised recently as “the MVP of the entire spring.” Richt noted that, “Even wind sprints at the end of practice, he goes as hard as he can go. The last guy I can remember giving that kind of effort every play, every day was Pollack.””

          Yeah, that Pollack was a real slacker, too.


        • What round do you anticipate him being drafted, great guru? Assuming you see him being drafted at all, that is.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Wish Charles the best. What more can you ask for – he knocked over and obliterated FU’s mnc trophy, then committed to the Dawgs and started for 3 years. We may never know Bean’s 40 time, because he kept jumping before the gun.


  8. 69Dawg

    Hey Senator you’ve got a troll that keeps changing his name. SnowCrap is the same troll as all the other troll posts that run down every player. He serves no purpose black list him.


  9. John From Texas

    Doing 25 reps of 225 is an accomplishment in itself. Doing 35 for a TE is incredible. And then there’s Jeff Owens a few years back who did like 43 or something. That’s friggin’ crazy.


  10. E dawg

    Blacklist jdjrip while you are at it.