What we did on our offseason

In case you’re wondering what Richt & Co. have been up to lately, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise:

Always be closing:

“We’re always recruiting, brother,” Richt told the AJC.

“We’re always recruiting. As a matter of fact, I’ll tell you, when signing day hits, you think you’re going to get a break from it. But you really don’t. It intensifies for the next year. There are so many things happening for us right now for 2013. It’s a very, very busy time for us right now.”

And in between:

“That’s really what we’re doing right now,” Richt said. “We’re all watching film of offense, defense, special teams. We’re looking to see where we can become better and checking out personnel from a year ago and seeing how everybody really did; how we’ll stack them up in the depth chart in the spring. We’ll try to imagine and figure out the holes we’ve got to fill, too. We’re doing a lot of that right now. We’re also visiting different people around the country to make sure we’re learning and improving as we go.”


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12 responses to “What we did on our offseason

  1. TennesseeDawg

    For those that follow recruiting, we have seen a major shift in how CMR and staff are handling offers. They have been offering much earlier and more often this year instead of waiting until kids get into camp. Won’t be many kids the staff is late on this year.


  2. Zero Point Zero

    I hope Richt & Co are drinking coffee next signing day and wearing a watches worth more than my car.


  3. ChaserRZ

    Get tired of all the ‘happy talk’.

    Said same garbage last year.

    Special teams got worse, defense couldn’t stop any ranked teams and got worse, and Murray got worse.

    Richt has got to be worst in sec at off season adjustments.

    and half time adjustments.


  4. ChaserRZ

    7 out of last 9 seasons, Mark Richt’s team wins less games than year before.

    Richt is atrocious at off season adjustments.

    Richt has hard time figuring out which changes are needed most.


    • sUGArdaddy

      You can’t be serious. Dude, I’ll say it: UGA doesn’t need fans like you.

      If you don’t understand how good Murray is, then you simply don’t understand much about college football. In his sophomore year, he had a season that put him in a category with names like Couch, Manning, and Wuerffel. That’s without throwing it 50 times a game and wihout Fred Taylor or Jamal Lewis to hand the ball to. That ain’t easy to do.

      For the first time in 31!!!!!! Years we beat UT, fla, aub, and tech in the same season. Dooley didn’t do that in his last 7 years, goff and Donna never did it, and there ain’t many in the conference that have done that in the last 30 yrs.

      Do we want to keep getting better? Yes. If you can’t see the improvements on defense and S & C, the magic we worked on offense without a running game most of the year, and somehow getting through one of the worst seasons by a UGA kicker ever, the stop commenting or go take a football 101 class somewhere.

      Sorry, Senator. I’m no Pollyanna, but I’m tired of people who don’t understand football or our program. Get. On. The. Bus…or get off.


      • AusDawg85

        He’s just a troll or he would have known to blame Bobo.


      • Macallanlover

        That guy is not a fan of our program, just another negatron trying to be an Energy Vampire. There are plenty of concerns to raise on any program, but their lack of balance eliminates them as true fans (unless it is of other programs).


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    You don’t have to ask whether saban is recruiting during the off season. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was in the background of this interview speaking to one of our targets. I don’t care for saban’s ethics, but you better get up early if you’re going to out work the guy. CMR definitely has his work cut out for him if he’s going to keep players like Ramsey, Nkemdiche and Foster in Georgia.


  6. Don’t you think Richt is talking to targets. As he stated yesterday, “we never stop recruiting”. Facts are facts, and the big fact is Georgia is the Southeast’s hotbed for football talent. If any coach hopes to win, he better get some Georgia talent. So, expect the Sabans and Spurriers to be going toe to toe with us. Just look at last year. We missed on two OL, but picked up two LBs we weren’t supposed to. Sure we’d like to have all the great ones, but we are going to lose some we should win and gain some we should lose. I am enamored that Richt has changed his philosopy on early recruiting offers. That is a step up in getting a young student athlete’s attention. One thing about recruiting, the methodology changes every year as technology adds tools. Who would have believed 5 years ago that coaches are constantly twintering their recruits? Obviously, no one as there was no “twittering”. Wake up and smell the coffee! Our recruiting team is still putting together top ten classes. Credit is due for that accomplishment given the state of competion for Georgia players.


  7. South FL Dawg

    Agree with the regulars on this board; happy with the apparent changes in how things are being done in Athens. What I’d say to Coach Richt if he told me that would be, they do pay your salary in the off-season right? Then I’d smile so he doesn’t get upset. But the job heck yeah it’s year round!


  8. OldDawg55

    Just a note for Chaser RZ or whatever the Hell his handle is. Would like to know his real name so UGA can hire him since he’s so damned knowledgable about how to run a Div 1 football team. I’m sorry, but I just get tired of these experts that roll off the couch to get to the computer to give us the benefit of their in depth knowledge. Do you guys ever feel kinda stupid when you trudge into the office come Monday to push whatever product it is you handle from insurance to hamburgers and realize what a waste of talent you are when you know more than a Div 1 coach with a decade of experience behind him and an AD with the same background whose job it is to evaluate said coach? Just STFU and either enjoy the product CMR puts out or go play with your video game. Jeez!!!


  9. collegeparkdawg

    Judging by the size of the chip on his shoulder I would say chaser is either a techie or a cock.