One difference between Spurrier and SOD

… is that the Evil Genius doesn’t try to blow smoke up anybody’s ass about oversigning being good for the kids:

What did you think about Alabama asking two longtime commitments to take grayshirts a few weeks before signing day? “That happened to us last year [in February 2011], and we caught a little grief for it. We had two players that had not qualified yet. We were waiting on Jadeveon Clowney [who announced more than a week after signing day]. Of course, we weren’t going to call Clowney and say ‘By the way, we’ve got a player down in central Florida. He hasn’t qualified yet and it doesn’t look like he’s going to but we have to save a spot for him. So we’re not going to recruit you anymore, Clowney.’ Now would that have made sense? Of course not. So we called the player down there who had not qualified and told him ‘We’re still going to take you. But if you qualify, you’re going to have to wait to come in January. So he didn’t qualify, as well as another player didn’t qualify. But we did have to tell them that. We picked actually two young men that were the furthest from qualifying – that’s how we handled it. Because of all of sudden, you get a top player like Jadeveon Clowney, and sometimes you have to take bad press on that. That’s what happened with Alabama. I read the story about the kid who had the knee operation or something. Alabama thought he wouldn’t be ready to play next year, so they asked him to come in January. But he didn’t want to do that, I guess. What would you do? You’ve got a great player coming, and then you’ve got a player injured or may not qualify. That’s a tough call right there.”

I also find it interesting that Spurrier isn’t having a cow over the new 25-player limit rule the conference imposed, unlike a certain urnge pants-wearing fellow I could mention.



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5 responses to “One difference between Spurrier and SOD

  1. mwo

    SOS has a team of lawyers poring over the rulebook as we speak. looking for loopholes


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    FWIT, SOS handles this right. I still don’t like the guy, though.


  3. Cojones

    We have allowed injury interruptions to recruits without pulling their scholarship (Murray is the first to come to mind, but there are several others). Why does Spurrier continue to pose a question of ethics that he doesn’t live by? If the timing of a player’s injury doesn’t occur until he’s on campus:- what is that? Bad luck? Pome de Rue! Whether it occurs before he gets to campus or after, if you offer the scholarship and he accepts, he should be treated as a team member that will heal and take his place with the team after rehab. If it is career ending, the scholarship should still be honored and the medical exemption applied. A football scholarship opening would occur.

    If you claim that he is taking up valuable team space…Wrong! A hardship scholarship, separate from the football scholarship, would let him continue his journey at UGA. Sometimes, I think that Spurious can’t see beyond the golf ball between his legs.